Industrial Pneumatics Basics best online course

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Industrial Pneumatics Basics best online course
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Catalin Suceveanu


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Industrial Pneumatics Basics best online course

What you’ll learn

How a industrial pneumatic system is structured
How each and every component works in the compressed air chain (production to utilization)
How to make smart choices for saving energy and meeting requirements.

Industrial Pneumatics Basics best online course


Medium or above English level.
Basic notions of mechanics.


Hello dear future student and welcome to Cerebro Switch!Are you looking for classical, theoretical, run of the mill course?Then you are not really going to find it here!  There are plenty on the internet.We are working hard to design learning experiences, using scientific studies as our basis for you to retain and understand information very easy.This course is dense in information, smart thinking and logical decision making advice which will make your life a lot easier. It is not a course for people advanced in the pneumatics world, but if you need a quick refresher of knowledge you will also find value.You will be buying a video course, but also a PDF Bonus (will receive a message after buying with instructions).Primarily it is aimed at engineering students, engineers and technicians which are using, designing, maintaining or upgrading the pneumatic system in their factory, or for those who are looking to expand their engineering knowledge so that they can make the best decisions between different types of actuators found in manufacturing industry.It is less of a theoretical course, we apply very few formulas, and more of a practical, experience based course where we explore the thinking and functions behind the systems.If you have any questions we will answer ASAP.We hope to see you enrolled in our course, have a nice day!P.S. Upon finishing the course we will send you a certificate for finalizing it.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: 2. Basic Pneumatic System

Lecture 2 2. Basic Pneumatic System

Section 3: 3. Actuators

Lecture 3 3. Actuators

Lecture 4 3.1 Actuator Working Principle

Lecture 5 3.2 Differences Between SA And DA Cylinders

Lecture 6 3.3 Usual Linear Cylinders

Lecture 7 3.3B Cushioning

Lecture 8 3.4 Rotary Cylinders

Lecture 9 3.5 Mistakes To Avoid

Section 4: 4. Valves

Lecture 10 4. Valves

Lecture 11 4.1 Directional Control Valves

Lecture 12 4.1.1 2/2 Directional Control Valves

Lecture 13 4.1.2 3/2 Directional Control Valve

Lecture 14 4.1.3 5/2 Directional Control Valve

Lecture 15 4.2 Aditional Valves

Lecture 16 4.2.1 Speed Controllers

Lecture 17 4.2.2 Binary Functions

Section 5: 5. FRL Group

Lecture 18 5. FRL Group

Lecture 19 5.1 Filter

Lecture 20 5.2 Pressure Regulator

Lecture 21 5.3 Lubricator

Section 6: 6. Compressed Air Production And Preparation

Lecture 22 6. Compressed Air Production And Preparation

Lecture 23 6.1 Air Compressor

Lecture 24 6.2 Air Tank

Lecture 25 6.3 Centralized Air Preparation

Lecture 26 6.3.1 Dewpoint

Lecture 27 6.3.2 Dehumidifiers

Lecture 28 6.3.3 Main Line Air Filter

Lecture 29 6.3.4 Air quality standard

Section 7: Thank you!

Lecture 30 Bonus Lecture

Industrial workers,Technicians,Engineers,Students

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 10m | 534.14 MB
Created by: Catalin Suceveanu

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