Informatica Master Data Management Concepts MDM

Deep dive into Informatica MDM concepts
Informatica Master Data Management Concepts MDM
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Informatica Master Data Management Concepts MDM

What you’ll learn

Informatica MDM Architecture
Informatica MDM Framework
Delta Detection Process
Stage and Load job basics
Match and Merge
Trust Calculation

Informatica Master Data Management Concepts MDM


Basic understanding MDM hub tool
Basics of Database modeling


The Informatica Master Data Management Concepts course is for all levels who would like to enhance their knowledge about Informatica MDM Developer. The course focuses on various features of the MDM hub and how to use those for the successful implementation of MDM Solution. If you are planning to start your career as Informatica Developer or would like to clear your Informatica MDM concepts then this course will be the best start. This course will also act as the foundation course for Informatica MDM Certification.  This introductory course will help to understand various concepts in the Informatica Master Data Management (Informatica MDM).  At the end of this course, you should be able to learnMDM Architecture MDM FrameworkTables in MDM such as Landing Tables, Staging Tables, and Base Object tablesMatch Column configurationMatch Rule SetupUnderstanding Exact and Fuzzy matchStage, load, and Match-Merge jobsRaw Retention at Stage TableDelta Detection processTokenizationConsolidation ProcessIn this course, we will be using Informatica MDM hub tool for demonstration. For hands-on practice, you need to have Informatica MDM Hub installed in your system. The advanced courses such as Business Entity Services, Entity 360, Active VOS Designer, Services Integration Framework (SIF), Informatica Data Director (IDD) will be covered as part of the separate courses.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Master Data Management

Section 2: MDM Architecture

Lecture 2 MDM Architecture Overview

Lecture 3 MDM System Architecture

Lecture 4 MDM Batch Job Overview

Lecture 5 Data Flow

Section 3: Tables in MDM

Lecture 6 Infrastructure Tables in the MDM Hub

Lecture 7 Important Repository Tables

Lecture 8 CMX SYSTEM tables

Section 4: MDM Table Configurations

Lecture 9 Landing Process

Lecture 10 Configure Landing table

Lecture 11 Landing Job Processing

Section 5: Stage Process

Lecture 12 Stage Job

Lecture 13 Configure Base Object Table

Lecture 14 Configure Stage Table

Lecture 15 Pkey_Src_Object Explained

Lecture 16 Data Flow in Stage Tables

Lecture 17 Cleansing and Standardization

Section 6: Stage Job Sub Processes

Lecture 18 How to filter the data?

Lecture 19 Deduplication Process

Lecture 20 Delta detection process

Lecture 21 Raw Retention Process

Lecture 22 Record Rejection

Section 7: Load Process

Lecture 23 What is load process

Lecture 24 Data Flow in BO Tables

Lecture 25 Understanding Data Lineage

Lecture 26 Batch Groups and Repos Tables

Section 8: Tokenization

Lecture 27 What is Tokenization

Lecture 28 Understanding Tokenization Tables

Lecture 29 Understanding Tokens with Data

Section 9: Match Process Overview

Lecture 30 Match and Merge settings overview

Lecture 31 What is HUB_STATE_IND column

Lecture 32 Significance of CONSOLIDATION_IND column

Lecture 33 Understanding Match Process with Example

Section 10: Trust and Validation Rules

Lecture 34 Theory of the Trust

Lecture 35 Understanding Trust and Validation tables

Lecture 36 Configure the Trust and Decay

Lecture 37 Validation Rules

Lecture 38 Configure Validation Rules in MDM

Section 11: Consolidation Process

Lecture 39 What is consolidation Process

Lecture 40 Survivorship Rules

Lecture 41 Execution of consolidation Process

Section 12: Hierarchy Manager

Lecture 42 Introduction to Hierarchy

Lecture 43 Basic concepts in Hierarchy

Lecture 44 How to configure Hierarchy

Section 13: Conclusion

Lecture 45 Thank You!

Anyone who would like to start their career as Informatica MDM Architect, Developer or Tester,Anyone who would like clear their concepts about Informatica MDM internal processing

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Created by: Sandip M

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