Informatica MDM Provisioning Tool

Learn configuration of Entity 360 with Provisioning tool in simple way
Informatica MDM Provisioning Tool
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Informatica MDM Provisioning Tool

What you’ll learn

Data Model in Provisioning Tool
Basic concepts in Provisioning Tool
Create Business Entity
Create Business Entity View
Understanding Deletion and Checking strategies
Configure Triggers
Create Starting page for Entity 360
Configure Entity 360 Application

Informatica MDM Provisioning Tool


Basic knowledge of Informatica MDM Hub
Basic understanding of Subject Area based Informatica Data Director application
Good to have understanding of Workflow and task management
Optional – Scripting language knowledge


The Informatica Master Data Management Provisioning Tool course is for all levels who would like to enhance their knowledge about Informatica MDM Developer. The course focuses on various concepts used in the Provisioning tool along with architecture. This course also helps to understand how to configure Entity 360 application using Business Entities and other important components for the successful implementation of MDM Entity 360.At the end of this course, you should be able to learnKey concepts in the Provisioning ToolArchitectureRoot Node, Business Entity Node, and Reference Entity NodeBusiness Entity StrategiesConfiguration of Many to Many RelationshipsSearch and Task configurationEntity 360 Application overview and configuration


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Pre-Requisites

Lecture 3 What is Provisioning Tool

Lecture 4 How to access Provisioning Tool

Lecture 5 Provisioning Tool Overview

Section 2: Building blocks of Provisioning Tool

Lecture 6 Key Terms

Lecture 7 Architecture of Provisioning Tool

Lecture 8 Business Entity Data Model and Physical Data Model

Section 3: Understanding Nodes

Lecture 9 What is Root Node

Lecture 10 Root Node Properties

Lecture 11 Configure Root Node

Lecture 12 Field Properties

Lecture 13 Business Entity Root Node fields

Section 4: Reference Entity Overview

Lecture 14 Reference Node and Field Properties

Lecture 15 Reference Entity

Lecture 16 Lookup and Field Filter configuration for Business Entity

Section 5: Overview of Child Business Entity

Lecture 17 Child Node and Field properties

Lecture 18 Child Business Entity

Lecture 19 Delete Strategies

Lecture 20 Identifying Strategies

Section 6: Relationships in Business Entities

Lecture 21 Relationship Introduction

Lecture 22 Configure Relationships

Lecture 23 Copying Business Entity

Section 7: Business Entity Views and Transformations

Lecture 24 Business Entity View

Lecture 25 Configure Business Entity View

Lecture 26 Understanding Transformations

Lecture 27 Transformation Flows

Lecture 28 Business Entity to View Transformation

Lecture 29 View to Business Entity Transformation

Lecture 30 Transformations with Cleanse functions

Section 8: Task Configuration

Lecture 31 Task Template Configuration

Lecture 32 Task Workflow Trigger Configuration

Lecture 33 Task Type Configuration

Lecture 34 Task Default Values

Section 9: Security Filters and Elastic Search Configuration

Lecture 35 Security Filters

Lecture 36 Elastic Search Configuration

Lecture 37 Localization

Section 10: Design and Create User Interface

Lecture 38 Create Home Page

Lecture 39 Layout Designer

Lecture 40 Component Designer

Lecture 41 Application Editor

Section 11: Entity/Customer 360 Overview

Lecture 42 Home Page Overview

Lecture 43 Task Overview

Lecture 44 Search Record using Query

Lecture 45 Smart Search

Lecture 46 Overview of the Record

Lecture 47 Create and Update Record

Lecture 48 Bulk Data Upload

Lecture 49 Ad Hoc Match Process

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 50 Thank You!

Anyone who would like to start their career as Informatica MDM Developer,Anyone who would like learn Informatica Provisioning Tool,Anyone who would like to seek better career opportunities in Informatica MDM

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Udemy | English | 4h 24m | 1.57 GB
Created by: Sandip M

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