Injection Mold Part Design

Design your own products with our Injection Mold Design Course
Injection Mold Part Design
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Injection Mold Part Design

What you’ll learn

The ability to create production ready CAD for injection molded parts.
In depth knowledge of how injection molded parts get produced and the “Rules of Thumb” to succeed.
Understand the inner workings of an injection mold machine
Complete 4 real world case studies on injection mold designs

Injection Mold Part Design


Familiarity with a CAD program is recommended.


Creating your own product is a rewarding experience, but it can be challenging to know where to start. Our Injection Mold Design Course is the perfect solution for anyone looking to learn how to create their own products without breaking the bank. This course covers everything you need to know about designing and creating injection moldable parts. With our course, you’ll be able to create your very own products in no time – and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant!Who is this course for?Anyone with an idea for a hardgoods product. Typical success stories are individuals or small teams that want to sell somewhere between $10,000 and 10 M $ in product. Below 10k and you’re likely doing more custom/bespoke projects, above 10 M and you will likely need a larger team with their own experience and processes/systems. Solopreneur and small teams.Inventor – An individual with a product idea they wish somebody would create and release to the marketInnovator – Someone who knows a product category and wants to create a custom solution to Serve that marketBusiness/sales – Someone who again realizes a markets need for a specific product and would like to better understand the process in going from an idea to a reality.Licensor – Someone who needs a prototype to sell their concept to a larger company. Being informed about the process of product development. Showing up to a licensing agreement pitch with a wholistic understanding of howWho is this course not for?Drop Shippers/importers-This course focuses on creating new products for new market opportunities.Software products-Software products have their own development pipelines and best practices. Some hardgoods products have software components, we will talk briefly about these but it will not be a focusLARGE projects-Many Inventors have project ambitions that require MANY key relationships to be established with large existing corporations. This course can help you create the necessary products but communicating with those big companies is hard.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Module Overview

Lecture 3 Injection & Clamping

Lecture 4 Tool, Cooling, Part Ejection

Lecture 5 Part (Sprue, Runner, Gate, Part)

Lecture 6 Practical Mold Examples

Section 2: Injection Mold Design Principles

Lecture 7 Module Overview

Lecture 8 Why do we Draft Parts

Lecture 9 Why do parts need uniform Wall Thickness

Lecture 10 What about undercuts

Lecture 11 Mold Function Review

Lecture 12 Aesthetic Considerations Overview

Lecture 13 Gate Types

Lecture 14 Surface Textures

Lecture 15 Weld Lines

Lecture 16 Mold Degredation

Lecture 17 Part Count Planning

Lecture 18 Mold Design Tools

Section 3: CAD Modeling

Lecture 19 Module Overview

Lecture 20 CAD Program Options

Lecture 21 Draft and Parting Line

Lecture 22 Shell

Lecture 23 Ribs

Lecture 24 Bosses

Lecture 25 Shut offs

Lecture 26 Threads

Lecture 27 Living Hinges

Lecture 28 Text/Decoration

Lecture 29 Interfacing with External Parts

Lecture 30 Undercuts

Lecture 31 Snap Fits

Lecture 32 Injection Mold Design Workflow

Lecture 33 W.I.D.G.E.T. Checklist

Section 4: Practical Examples

Lecture 34 Module Overview

Lecture 35 Measuring Cups

Lecture 36 Fork

Lecture 37 Rotary Tool Housing

Lecture 38 Steam Controller Review

Section 5: Production

Lecture 39 Module Overview

Lecture 40 Design Checklist & Prototyping

Lecture 41 Quoting

Lecture 42 Cost Reduction Options

Lecture 43 Mold Design & Pilot Run

Lecture 44 Mold Modifications

Section 6: Wrap Up

Lecture 45 Wrapping things up

Inventors, Business owners, and Makers who want to bring their products to life in production.

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Udemy | English | 5h 18m | 8.96 GB
Created by: Ryan Kelly

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