Inkscape Beginners Level learn imagine and create

This Inkscape course is presented in such an easy, understandable format, you’ll be navigating the editor in mere hours!
Inkscape Beginners Level learn imagine and create
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5h 28m



Michael DiGregorio


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Inkscape Beginners Level learn imagine and create

What you’ll learn

Navigate the Inkscape vector graphic editor, and create with confidence!

Inkscape Beginners Level learn imagine and create


There are no real requirements other than a computer and access to the web. You will follow along as we download the free Inkscape editor together. So, come as you are and jump right in!


Anyone who would like to learn the Inkscape vector graphic editor, whether for profit or fun, would be a perfect candidate for this course.
While other courses teach art using the Inkscape editor, this course teaches the Inkscape editor in and of itself.  We will demo all the tools, learn how they function independently, and in conjunction with other tools, bars, and panels. We will also customize the Inkscape page, learn to access, adjust and collapse frequently used panels, take a look at guidelines, grids, and the canvas itself.  We will discuss the color palette, examine each of the command bar icons, as we basically walk through the entire interface tool by tool and bar by bar.
By the end of this 4+ hour course, you will have the knowledge to navigate the Inkscape editor and create with confidence. Congratulations!


Section 1: Download

Lecture 1 Download_Lecture_1

Section 2: Overview, Bars & Rectangle Tool

Lecture 2 Interface_Overview

Lecture 3 Command_Bar_Part_1

Lecture 4 Command_Bar_part_2

Lecture 5 Tool_Bar_Lecture

Lecture 6 Selector_Tool_Tool_Control_Bar

Section 3: Nodes, Clones, Tweaks & Shapes

Lecture 7 Node_Tool_Lecture_Part_1

Lecture 8 Node_Tool_Lecture_Part_2

Lecture 9 Clone_Lecture_Part_1

Lecture 10 Clone_Lecture_Part_2

Lecture 11 Tweak_Tool_Lecture_Part_1

Lecture 12 Tweak_Tool_Lecture_Part_2

Lecture 13 Zoom_Tool_Lecture

Lecture 14 Measurement_Tool

Lecture 15 Ellipse_Tool_Lecture

Lecture 16 Star_Polygon_Lecture

Lecture 17 Spiral_Tool_Lecture

Section 4: Text & Drawing Tools

Lecture 18 Pencil Tool

Lecture 19 Bezier Tool

Lecture 20 Calligraphy Tool

Lecture 21 Text Tool

Section 5: Guidelines, Spray, Paint Bucket and Eraser Tools

Lecture 22 Guidelines & Grids

Lecture 23 Spray Tool

Lecture 24 Eraser Tool

Lecture 25 Paint Bucket Tool

Section 6: Gradient, Dropper & Connector Tools

Lecture 26 Gradient Tool

Lecture 27 Dropper Tool

Lecture 28 Connector Tool

Section 7: Saving & Exporting

Lecture 29 Saving & Exporting

Section 8: Bonus Area

Lecture 30 Course BONUS

Lecture 31 Node Manipulation (Practice Exercise)

Lecture 32 Inkscape Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 33 Celtic_Lecture_1

Lecture 34 Celtic_Lecture_2

Lecture 35 Celtic_Lecture_3

This Inkscape course is designed for beginners, but it is also ideal for intermediate and advanced creatives who would like to quickly familiarize themselves with the Inkscape interface. This course would not be for those who are seeking any type of graphic arts lessons.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 28m | 3.10 GB
Created by: Michael DiGregorio

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