Instagram Marketing 2022 Hashtags Live Stories Ads &more

Watch me take an account from an idea to 40k followers in 4 months. 14 hours instruction, 8 hours of BTS videos
Instagram Marketing 2022 Hashtags Live Stories Ads &more
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Instagram Marketing 2022 Hashtags Live Stories Ads &more

What you’ll learn

Learn how to create a successful themed, business, or personal account on Instagram
Be able to pick an effective name for their account
Understand the platform specific and growth marketing jargon associated with Instagram
Create an attractive logo and further optimize their profile bio, name, & call to actions.
Use and operate analytics tools like Iconosquare & HypeAuditor
Analyze and understand why content on other accounts work
Design a cost & time effective content strategy that works for long term growth
Research and network with other competitor accounts in their space
Create their own first batch of high quality content optimized for attention on Instagram
Find the best images for use on Instagram and prevent copyright complications
Use scheduling tools like Buffer & Later to better control & manage their future posts
Use Photoshop to create custom images
Use Pablo to rapidly create quote & motivational images
Use Final Cut Pro and adobe Premiere to successfully put together and export Instagram videos
Shoot their own personal video for Instagram
Identify strong performing posts that complement their content strategy and re-gram them
Identify, research, and pick the best hashtags for each of their posts
Increase engagement in their posts with effective caption and CTA strategies
Create and deploy an effective “dummy account strategy”
Create a high performing and low effort habit schedule for growing their account
Find and select the best opportunities for growing their accounts through shoutouts
Setup and monitor follow, like, & comment bots in a tasteful way that brings attention to their account
Create a workflow and design a system for their content production
Post an effective job ad online to find help in scaling their content production
Trial and decide which freelancers are right for their account and their content strategy
Make money through their account in 4 different ways
Use mobile optimized tools like Linktree for lead generation
Design and execute an effective Instagram Story strategy
Design and monitor Instagram ads designed to accelerate their account growth
Navigate the Facebook advertising platform and use it effectively for Instagram
Design and run effective Instagram Live sessions that result in account growth & engagement
Use advanced tools like Jarvee for coordinating multiple accounts and automating content
Use advanced tools to automate outreach for promotional strategies, like shoutouts
Design and run successful competitions that are legal and cost effective

Instagram Marketing 2022 Hashtags Live Stories Ads &more


Have access to a smartphone and a consistent internet connection
No prior experience with Instagram required


***Join the over 8,900 students that have joined this course in the first 4 days of being live!***** This course was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine**This is the most comprehensive course on Instagram Marketing anywhere.  With over 23 hours of video and 165+ custom resources & guides, you won’t find a more thorough and up to date course out there.  We cover everything you need to know to start from scratch and grow an account to 20k, 40k, even 100k followers. This course is for both beginners to Instagram and more advanced students that have some experience with the platform. We’ll first start by teaching the basics of: • Setting up and optimizing an account • Developing a content strategy • Creating your first batch of content • Learning how to post & how to optimize hashtags After that, we’ll start exploring intermediate growth strategies like: • Shoutouts • Bots & automated systems • Top post targeted hashtags After we establish a consistent system for growing our audience we’ll start diving into advanced concepts: • Hiring low-cost content producers and designing a production system • Introducing automation into content production, posting, and even outreach • Using stories to increase engagement through your feed and expand your reach • Designing an Instagram Live strategy to consistently create spikes in follows • Creating zombie accounts that help drive traffic to your main account • Design effective Instagram ads and how to incorporate them into your overall growth strategy • How to run competitions to grow engagement and follows. And much much more! This course is designed to apply to both individuals that want to grow a following for themselves, but also businesses that want to start a presence on the platform and use it to grow their brand.                                                   —————————————————- Are you tired of courses that just repeat information you could have found on a blog or YouTube? Or maybe you’ve been stuck with instructors that TELL you what to do but have no idea what it takes to really accomplish what they’re teaching? In this course, we don’t just TALK the TALK. We will actually DO what we are teaching. Follow along as we take an account from complete scratch to 47,000 followers. UPDATE: The account currently has 141,000 followers!We start from the absolute beginning with conceptualizing the account, and we end with a well-defined content strategy, over 700 posts, and have even started to generate revenue with our account. @innovationstation <


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course overview

Lecture 2 Join our community on Slack!

Lecture 3 Review sheets, resources, activities – all in one PDF

Section 2: Setting up your account

Lecture 4 Intro to section 1

Lecture 5 The 3 types of accounts

Lecture 6 What goes into a great account + jargon

Lecture 7 UI walkthrough – Creating a dummy account

Lecture 8 Picking a name

Lecture 9 Naming pro-tips

Lecture 10 Follow Along – What to do when a name is taken

Lecture 11 Follow Along – How I got my name

Lecture 12 Name vs username

Lecture 13 What goes into a good logo

Lecture 14 Getting design done for your profile picture

Lecture 15 Follow Along – How I got my logo

Lecture 16 What goes into a good bio

Lecture 17 What you should say in your bio

Lecture 18 CTAs & links

Lecture 19 Follow Along – Putting it all together

Lecture 20 Instagram Insights & Iconosquare

Lecture 21 EXTRA: Optimizing your bio link (how to get pretty links)

Lecture 22 EXTRA: Protecting your account

Lecture 23 Review & Recap: Section 2

Section 3: Planning your content strategy

Lecture 24 Intro to section 2

Lecture 25 The 3 types of content

Lecture 26 What works on Instagram + common themes

Lecture 27 EXTRA: Planning for aesthetics

Lecture 28 8 accounts worth studying

Lecture 29 Follow Along – InnovationStation content strategy

Lecture 30 Review & Recap: Section 3

Section 4: Laying the groundwork

Lecture 31 Intro to section 3

Lecture 32 Researching competitors

Lecture 33 Follow Along – Listing out competitors

Lecture 34 List out people to reach out to

Lecture 35 UI walkthrough – laying the groundwork

Lecture 36 Review & Recap: Section 4

Section 5: Creating your first batch of content

Lecture 37 Intro to section 4

Lecture 38 Image best practices

Lecture 39 Alternate image sizes

Lecture 40 How to find good images

Lecture 41 Quick add apps

Lecture 42 Using Canva

Lecture 43 Follow Along – Using Canva

Lecture 44 Using Pablo to make images

Lecture 45 Using Photoshop

Lecture 46 Intro to creating video posts

Lecture 47 How to use other people’s videos

Lecture 48 Shooting your own video

Lecture 49 Using Final Cut Pro (part 1)

Lecture 50 Using Final Cut Pro (part 2)

Lecture 51 Follow Along – Using Final Cut Pro (part 1)

Lecture 52 Follow Along – Using Final Cut Pro (part 2)

Lecture 53 Follow Along – Hyperlapse of putting together a video in Adobe Premiere

Lecture 54 UI walkthrough – creating your first batch of content

Lecture 55 Follow Along – Creating your first batch of content

Lecture 56 Review & Recap: Section 5

Section 6: Posting

Lecture 57 Intro to section 5

Lecture 58 Elements of a good post

Lecture 59 Writing a killer caption

Lecture 60 How to add invisible line breaks

Lecture 61 Calls to action

Lecture 62 What are hashtags?

Lecture 63 Picking the best hashtags

Lecture 64 When is the best time to post?

Lecture 65 Follow Along – Posting

Lecture 66 Review & Recap: Section 6

Section 7: Setting successful habits

Lecture 67 Setting up a habit schedule

Lecture 68 Using your dummy account correctly

Lecture 69 Curating your posts

Lecture 70 Using Followers GoLike

Lecture 71 5 ways to up your comments

Lecture 72 Review & Recap: Section 7

Section 8: Growth #1 Shoutouts

Lecture 73 Intro to shoutouts

Lecture 74 Shoutout best practices

Lecture 75 How to find shoutout partners part 1

Lecture 76 How to find shoutout partners part 2

Lecture 77 Paid shoutouts (optional)

Lecture 78 Follow Along – Paid shoutouts 1

Lecture 79 Follow Along – Paid shoutouts 2

Lecture 80 Advanced strategies for shoutouts

Lecture 81 Review & Recap: Section 8

Section 9: Growing and automating content production (Optional)

Lecture 82 Intro to growing and automating content production

Lecture 83 Creating a workflow for content production

Lecture 84 Dividing your workflow

Lecture 85 Follow Along – Dividing your workflow

Lecture 86 Writing requirements

Lecture 87 Deciding what help you need

Lecture 88 Finding freelancers online

Lecture 89 Writing a job post for Upwork

Lecture 90 Running trials & posting on Upwork

Lecture 91 Using Later for scheduling posts

Lecture 92 Review & Recap: Section 9

Section 10: How to make money off Instagram

Lecture 93 Intro to making money on Instagram

Lecture 94 #1 Selling shoutouts

Lecture 95 Building a price list for shoutouts

Lecture 96 #2.1 Affiliate marketing

Lecture 97 #2.2 Selling your own stuff

Lecture 98 #3 Flipping your account

Lecture 99 #4.1 Leads – Linktree

Lecture 100 #4.2 Leads – Landing pages

Lecture 101 Review & Recap: Section 10

Section 11: Using stories to grow

Lecture 102 Intro to stories

Lecture 103 The anatomy of a story

Lecture 104 Strategies for stories

Lecture 105 How to post stories – UI walkthrough

Lecture 106 Follow Along – Posting a story

Lecture 107 Follow Along – Innovationstation story strategy

Lecture 108 Stories best practices

Lecture 109 Review & Recap: Section 11

Section 12: Instagram ads

Lecture 110 Intro to Instagram ads

Lecture 111 3 types of Instagram ads

Lecture 112 Boosted posts

Lecture 113 Instagram feed ads (part 1)

Lecture 114 Instagram feed ads (part 2)

Lecture 115 Story ads

Lecture 116 Review & Recap: Section 12

Section 13: Instagram live

Lecture 117 Intro to Instagram live

Lecture 118 What is Instagram live and what does it work for

Lecture 119 Instagram live UI walkthrough

Lecture 120 Promoting your live

Lecture 121 Follow Along – Setting up the giveaway for Instagram live

Lecture 122 Follow Along – Screen recording of live session

Lecture 123 Reviewing live performance

Section 14: Automated outreach

Lecture 124 Intro to automated outreach

Lecture 125 Types of outreach

Lecture 126 Semi-automatic S4S outreach

Lecture 127 Semi-automatic S4S outreach – followup

Lecture 128 Using Jarvee for automated outreach

Lecture 129 Jarvee outreach – followup

Lecture 130 Review & Recap: Section 14

Section 15: Competitions

Lecture 131 Intro to competitions

Lecture 132 Giveaways vs. competitions

Lecture 133 How to run competitions

Lecture 134 Giveaways

Lecture 135 Follow Along – Innovationstation giveaway

Lecture 136 Review & Recap: Section 15

Section 16: Growth #2 Bots

Lecture 137 Intro to bots

Lecture 138 Options for creating bots

Lecture 139 Setting up Instavast

Lecture 140 Review & Recap: Section 16

Section 17: Zombies

Lecture 141 Intro to zombies

Lecture 142 Creating a zombie account

Lecture 143 Proxy vs VPN

Lecture 144 Coming up with names and bios for zombies

Lecture 145 Follow Along – Setting up a zombie account

Lecture 146 How to get phone numbers for zombies

Lecture 147 Adding logos to zombies

Lecture 148 Setting up a VPS & Jarvee preview

Lecture 149 Setting up AWS

Lecture 150 Intro to Jarvee

Lecture 151 Jarvee tools (part 1)

Lecture 152 Jarvee tools (part 2)

Lecture 153 Jarvee tools (part 3)

Lecture 154 Review & Recap: Section 17

Section 18: Follow Along with the growth of InnovationStation

Lecture 155 Follow Along – 425 followers

Lecture 156 Follow Along – 557 followers

Lecture 157 Follow Along – 2,374 followers

Lecture 158 Follow Along – 3,961 followers

Lecture 159 Follow Along – 4,237 followers

Lecture 160 Follow Along – 5,894 followers

Lecture 161 Follow Along – 11,242 followers

Lecture 162 Follow Along – 12,900 followers

Lecture 163 Follow Along – 25,000 followers

Lecture 164 Follow Along – 34,000 followers

Lecture 165 Follow Along – 40,000 followers

Lecture 166 Follow Along – 45,000 followers

Lecture 167 Follow Along – 60,000 followers

Section 19: Bonus Section

Lecture 168 Bonus Lecture

Anyone interested in starting an Instagram account for theirself or their business,Anyone with an already existing account that they want to improve and grow

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 22h 47m | 32.90 GB
Created by: Evan Kimbrell

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