Instagram Marketing Lead Generation Nurturing and growth

Instagram Growth, Instagram lead generation for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Learn how to nurture and covert
Instagram Marketing Lead Generation Nurturing and growth
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Instagram Marketing Lead Generation Nurturing and growth

What you’ll learn

This course is going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about lead generation and dm nurturing on Instagram
For the Small Business owner/coach just getting started or for the established business owner/coach who isnt getting sales from Instagram
Get tools to build connections and trust which in turn builds sales and returning customers
Learn how to work Instagram to its full potential with these tried and true easy to digest methods

Instagram Marketing Lead Generation Nurturing and growth


Take this course as you are, no experience needed.


This course is going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about lead generation and dm nurturing. The goal for this course is you walking away with the skills to get people into your DMs and turn them into loyal and paying followers.Stop waiting for leads to come to you! Start building connection and trust. The things people crave from a business! My non slimey methods really do build relationships and are the reason I have a high touch client list, have built a team and have made so many amazing connections on the gram! These processes also work with LinkedIn minus the story feature TikTok ( but remember Direct messaging people on TikTok is harder and works for Facebook as well. You’ll receive not only the training that’s taken me years to figure out but also the strategy and tools I use and have created to make the job so much easier and more fun! I am qualified to teach you this as I have helped over 200 Entrepreneurs and Small shops grow their Sales via lead generation, engagement and building relationships in the DMs in the most authentic way. This has led to over 1 million in sales generated for clients over the last 3 years.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction. Why I am qualified to teach you.

Section 2: Nailing Down Your Niche

Lecture 2 Module 2.1

Lecture 3 Module 2.2

Lecture 4 Module 2.3

Section 3: Nurturing Strategy: The top mistake sellers make

Lecture 5 Module 3

Section 4: Script Frameworks: How to build a script framework to use in the dms to convert

Lecture 6 Module 4.1

Lecture 7 Module 4.2

Section 5: Lead Generation: How to find leads and nurture to convert

Lecture 8 Module 5.1

Lecture 9 Module 5.2

Section 6: Using the Dm’s to nurture and convert

Lecture 10 Module 6

Section 7: Learning how to audit your Instagram strategy

Lecture 11 Module 7.1

Lecture 12 Module 7.2

Section 8: How to create healthy phone and Instagram habits

Lecture 13 Module 8.1

Lecture 14 Module 8.2


Lecture 15 Onboarding questions for new clients and Small Business Guide

Beginner to semi skilled entrepreneurs with little IG sales growth knowledge

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 55m | 1.67 GB
Created by: Hayleye Edwards

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