Instructional Design for Learning and Development

Develop your skills to become an Instructional Designer and create engaging online courses
Instructional Design for Learning and Development
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John Hinchliffe


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Instructional Design for Learning and Development

What you’ll learn

What is Pedagogy and the different ways in which people learn
Be able to quantify your own learning style
Understand how to immerse an individual in their learning
Get access to hundreds of free images to help you create great looking courses
Top tips on how to effectively deal with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Instructional Design for Learning and Development


No experience necessary!


This bite-sized course has been specially designed to give anyone in Learning and Development the most well-rounded knowledge of what Instructional Design really means and how they can effectively create meaningful E-Learning.The course is broken down into useful instructor-led videos and hand picked resources to give you the very best educational introduction to this subject. Everything is in ‘plain English’ and gives you all the information that I wish I would have been given when I started out in the industry. I have also included access to hundreds of free assets in order to give you the best start possible and save you from hours of searching the internet.Within this course we take a detailed exploration into the ADDIE framework to provide you with a well-rounded understanding of how you analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate your online courses through the production of multiple mediums to transfer knowledge to your learners.No matter whether you are creating learning for education or corporates, these skills provide a transferable base to effectively understand what solutions are required as well as direction as to which medium might be best utilised.The techniques that are explored have been successfully tried and tested through hundreds of courses to ensure that you are setup for success in Learning and Development.So why not start your Instruction Design journey the right way?!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is Instructional Design

Lecture 3 10 Key Instructional Design Skills

Section 2: Pedagogies and Learning Methodologies

Lecture 4 What is Pedagogy and why is it so important

Lecture 5 Kolb’s Theory of Experiential Learning

Lecture 6 Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

Lecture 7 Malone’s Theory of Intrinsically Motivating Instruction

Lecture 8 Flipped Classrooms

Lecture 9 Blending Pedagogies together

Section 3: What is E-Learning?

Lecture 10 What do we mean by e-learning?

Lecture 11 A brief insight into Video

Lecture 12 A brief insight into Audio

Lecture 13 A brief insight into Curated Content

Lecture 14 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Lecture 15 A brief insight into Authoring tools

Lecture 16 Basic elements of an e-learning course

Section 4: Designing Resources To Help People Learn

Lecture 17 Ebbinhaus’ Forgetting Curve

Lecture 18 Continuous Learning

Lecture 19 Bite-sized Learning

Lecture 20 Variety

Lecture 21 Things to Avoid

Section 5: Using the ADDIE Model

Lecture 22 The ADDIE model

Section 6: Analysis

Lecture 23 Action Mapping

Lecture 24 Learner Personas

Lecture 25 What do you want to measure for your ROI/KPIs

Section 7: Design – Methods of Providing The Content

Lecture 26 Creating a Storyboard

Lecture 27 Gain information effectively with a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Lecture 28 Implementing Continuous Learning Design

Lecture 29 Micro-Learning

Lecture 30 Interactive Video

Lecture 31 Storytelling

Lecture 32 Gamification

Lecture 33 Look and Feel: What does it mean?

Lecture 34 Free graphic resources

Lecture 35 Setting your Style Guide

Lecture 36 E-Learning Authoring Tools Comparison

Section 8: Development

Lecture 37 Introduction to Development

Lecture 38 Know your limitations

Lecture 39 Creating Videos

Lecture 40 Camtasia Tutorials for Screen simulations and other useful functions

Lecture 41 Creating animated videos easily with Vyond

Lecture 42 19+ Free tools for creating podcasts

Lecture 43 Curated Content and Creating a Paper.Li page

Lecture 44 The difference between Personalized and Adaptive Learning

Lecture 45 Audience Participation

Lecture 46 Standardization and File Structures

Lecture 47 Reflective Exercises

Lecture 48 Is it learning?

Section 9: Implementation

Lecture 49 Introduction to Implementation

Lecture 50 The process of Quality Checking

Lecture 51 Customer Sign Off

Lecture 52 Setting Review Dates

Section 10: Evaluation

Lecture 53 Introduction to Evaluation

Lecture 54 Formative and Summative Assessments

Lecture 55 Evaluating engagement with Kirkpatrick

Lecture 56 Measuring your ROI using the V Model

Anyone who wants to be able to create meaningful online courses

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Created by: John Hinchliffe

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