Instrument Calibration Training for Torque Wrench

Certified Instrument Calibration Training for Torque Wrench
Instrument Calibration Training for Torque Wrench
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Instrument Calibration Training for Torque Wrench

What you’ll learn

Understanding the fundamentals of calibration, such as calibration requirements, why we need to perform calibration, equipment selection, equipment types, and
Identify the importance of instrument measurements, such as the use of a torque wrench
Understand the preparation of calibration certificates and worksheets
Recognize the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements for measurement uncertainty
Know all the essential technical requirements and calibration methods for torque wrench
Know the measurement uncertainty theory, the selection of measurement uncertainty factors, and the calculations of measurement uncertainty

Instrument Calibration Training for Torque Wrench


Those individuals who support a lab’s measurement and calibration processes, including those who work in the quality lab or calibration lab. Along with the technicians, engineers, inspectors, operators, and office support staff might all fall under this category.


To maintain successful business operations, top-quality goods, and satisfied customers, Punyam Academy provides a variety of e-learning courses that encourage efficient measurement practices for instrument calibration. The “Instrument Calibration Training for Torque Wrench” e-learning course instructs engineers and technicians on how to perform the duties of calibration engineers. It will provide them with instructions on how to calibrate the torque wrench correctly by using the appropriate techniques. An instrument is calibrated by adjusting its configuration so that it can generate findings for samples that fall within an acceptable range. Eliminating or decreasing circumstances that result in inaccurate measurements is an important aspect of instrumentation design. by enrolling in the torque wrench calibration course, where you will study the principles of calibration, technical requirements, and torque wrench calibration techniques.This online course on certified instrument calibration for torque wrenches was created to improve student understanding of the calibration technique, methodology, and report creation.Topic Cover in this training: -Introduction to the calibrationUnderstand the uncertainty of measurement.Calibration Demonstration of Torque WrenchCalibration Method for Torque WrenchCalibration Worksheets and Measurement Uncertainty Calculation for Torque WrenchCalibration Report Preparation for Torque WrenchWho should attend the course?Professionals and managers involved in measurement or related rolesMetrology managersQuality managersQuality engineersCalibration engineersManufacturing engineersCo-ordinate measurement users and programmersCalibration TechnicianProfessionals working in inspection departmentsStudents, apprentices, and graduate engineersAnyone who is interested in calibrationsCOURSE OBJECTIVESAfter completion of this certified instrument calibration training for torque wrench – E-learning course, you will be able to:The basic understanding of calibration such as requirements of calibration, why we need calibration, equipment selection, types of equipment, mechanical, thermal & electro technical traceability, selection of calibration agency, etcUnderstand the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for measurement uncertaintyUnderstand the theory of uncertainty of measurement, selection of uncertainty measurement factors, and calculation of measurement uncertaintyUnderstand the relevance of instrument measurement, including the use of a torque wrenchUnderstand technical requirements and calibration methods for torque wrenchUnderstand how to prepare calibration certificates and worksheets


Section 1: Introduction to the Calibration

Lecture 1 What is calibration?

Section 2: Understand the Uncertainty of Measurement.

Lecture 2 Understand the uncertainty of measurement.

Section 3: Calibration Demonstration of Torque Wrench

Lecture 3 Demonstration of Torque Wrench

Section 4: Calibration Method for Torque Wrench

Lecture 4 Method for Torque Wrench

Lecture 5 Calibration Method for Torque Wrench Preview

Section 5: Calibration Measurement Uncertainty Calculation for Torque Wrench

Lecture 6 Measurement Uncertainty Calculation for Torque Wrench

Section 6: Calibration Report Preparation and Worksheets for Torque Wrench

Lecture 7 Report Preparation for Torque Wrench

Lecture 8 Worksheets for Torque Wrench

Section 7: Final Exam of Instrument Calibration training on Torque Wrench

Professionals and management in measurement or related roles like metrology managers, quality managers, quality engineers, calibration engineers, manufacturing engineers, Co-ordinate measurement users, programmers, and calibration technician,Professionals working in inspection departments,Students, apprentices, and graduate engineers,Wider audience (with interest in torque wrench calibration)

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Created by: Punyam Academy

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