Interactive Visualization in Unreal Engine 5 for ArchViz

Interactive Visualization, Cinematic Animation for Architecture and Interior Design Unreal Engine 5, UE 5.2
Interactive Visualization in Unreal Engine 5 for ArchViz
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Stanislav Zhuikov


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Interactive Visualization in Unreal Engine 5 for ArchViz

What you’ll learn

Preparation of a 3D Model of Project
Draw Calls and Geometry Optimization in Unreal Engine
Realistic interior and exterior light settings
Problem solving with Lumen Light. Surface Cache
Realistic Procedural and HDRI sky and Clouds
Geometry Optimization and Editing in with Unreal Engine tools
Efficient Copying, Merging and Placing Assets in the scene
Post Process Volum, Sun Light and Fog settings
Solving the problem with Light Artifacts
Creation Materials for Exterior and Interior
Static Mesh and Procedural Grass for Envariment
Foliage and Plants with Megascans
Post Process Volume settings for different parts of the project
Optimization for Interior and Exterior Artificial light
Final Project Improvements
Blueprint. Project Optimization. Creation of Interactive Project features
Final Project Setup. Problem Solving
Packaging Project for distribution
Photorealistic Architecture Cinematic Rendering and Animation
Final Video Editing. DaVinci Resolve

Interactive Visualization in Unreal Engine 5 for ArchViz


System with the recommended requirements: Windows 10 build 1909.1350 and newer with DirectX 12 support Windows 10 version 1909 — The revision number should exceed or be equal to .1350. One of the following graphics cards: NVIDIA RTX-2000 series or newer AMD RX-6000 series or newer Intel® Arc™ A-Series Graphics Cards or newer
Basic skills of working with Unreal Engine 5


Unlock the full potential of Unreal Engine in Architectural Visualization with my comprehensive online course on interactive visualization in Unreal Engine 5. Whether you’re an architect, designer, or visualization professional, this course will empower you to create awe-inspiring, photorealistic, and interactive visualizations of architectural projects.In today’s rendering and presentation landscape, Unreal Engine has emerged as the leading platform. By mastering the skills to develop remarkable interactive projects, you’ll gain a competitive edge over your peers in the industry. Through this course, we offer you a unique opportunity to leverage my real-world experience working on a project, guiding you through every stage of the process.Throughout the course, you will acquire a diverse range of skills, enabling you to bring your architectural visions to life:- Prepare your 3D model of the project, ensuring it is optimized for Unreal Engine.- Learn to optimize draw calls and manage geometry to achieve optimal performance.- Discover techniques for creating realistic interior and exterior lighting setups.- Solve challenges related to Lumen Light and Surface Cache, ensuring your visuals are flawless.- Master the art of creating realistic procedural environments, including HDRI skies and clouds.- Utilize Unreal Engine’s powerful tools for geometry optimization and editing.- Efficiently copy, merge, and place assets within your scene for seamless integration.- Explore post-process volume, sun light, and fog settings to enhance your visuals.- Overcome obstacles related to light artifacts, ensuring a polished final result.- Craft high-quality materials for both interior and exterior elements of your project.- Incorporate static meshes, procedural grass, foliage, and plants using Megascans.- Optimize lighting for interior and exterior artificial elements, ensuring a realistic atmosphere.- Make final improvements to your project, fine-tuning every detail for maximum impact.- Leverage blueprints for project optimization and create interactive project features.- Set up your final project, troubleshoot any issues, and prepare it for distribution.- Explore techniques for achieving photorealistic architecture cinematic rendering and animation.- Master the art of final video editing using DaVinci Resolve, adding the perfect finishing touches.Join my course and embark on a journey to become a master of interactive visualization in Unreal Engine 5. Unleash your creativity, elevate your architectural projects, and leave a lasting impression on your clients and audience. Enroll now and unlock the power of Unreal Engine for architectural visualization success.


Section 1: Beginning

Lecture 1 Software Installation

Lecture 2 Preparation of 3D Model

Lecture 3 Draw Calls and Geometry Optimization

Lecture 4 Datasmith. Scene export to Unreal Engine

Section 2: Unreal Engine

Lecture 5 Initial setting of exterior light

Lecture 6 Interior light. Glass material setting

Lecture 7 Lumen Surface Cache. Problem solving

Lecture 8 Procedural and HDRI Clouds

Section 3: Working with geometry in Unreal Engine

Lecture 9 Geometry Optimization in Unreal Engine

Lecture 10 Geometry Editing in Unreal Engine

Lecture 11 Copying, Merging and Placing Assets in the scene

Lecture 12 Post Process Volum. Interior Sun Light. Fog

Lecture 13 Solving the problem with Light Artifacts

Section 4: Materials, Static Mesh and Procedural Grass

Lecture 14 Exterior Materials – Part 1 –

Lecture 15 Exterior Materials – Part 2 –

Lecture 16 Static Mesh and Procedural Grass

Lecture 17 Interior Materials – Part 1 –

Lecture 18 Interior Materials. Two-sided Materials – Part 2 –

Lecture 19 Interior Materials – Part 3 –

Lecture 20 Interior Materials – Part 4 –

Lecture 21 Interior Materials. Recessed Lighting Material – Part 5 –

Section 5: Environment and Post Process Volume Final settings

Lecture 22 Foliage and Plants. Megascans

Lecture 23 Post Process Volume. Final settings

Section 6: Final Light settings. Fire in fireplace. Final Project Improvements.

Lecture 24 Interior Artificial light Settings

Lecture 25 Fire in the Fireplace

Lecture 26 Exterior Artificial light Settings

Lecture 27 Final Project Improvements

Section 7: Blueprints. Creating Interactive Project Features

Lecture 28 Getting started with Blueprints. Character and Collision

Lecture 29 Blueprint Doors Opening

Lecture 30 Scene Optimization with Levels

Lecture 31 Changing a Position of the Sun with Blueprint

Lecture 32 Foliage Optimization with Blueprint

Lecture 33 Interactive Furniture Replacement

Lecture 34 Camera Zoom with Blueprint

Lecture 35 Main Menu

Lecture 36 Preloading Screen

Lecture 37 High Resolution Screenshot

Lecture 38 Reminder Bar and Quit the Project

Lecture 39 Project Icon

Lecture 40 Packaging Project

Lecture 41 Final Project Setup. Problem Solving

Section 8: Сinematic rendering and Animation

Lecture 42 Architecture Cinematic Rendering and Animation

Lecture 43 Video Editing. DaVinci Resolve

Architects,Designers,Interior Designers,3D Visualizers,CG Artists,3D Artist

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 12m | 19.24 GB
Created by: Stanislav Zhuikov

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