International Launching

“Secrets of Unleashing Global Success on Amazon”
International Launching
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International Launching

What you’ll learn

How to expand into international marketplaces
To learn what you need to do to sell on Amazon in the UK and Canada (and beyond)
To create your international selling empire
Learn best practices for launching on Amazon in global markets.

International Launching


No experience needed. You will learn everything in this course (International Launching)


An international launching course on Amazon is an online program designed to help sellers set up their own store on the Amazon website, create an attractive online presence, optimize product listings, and increase sales from international customers. This course takes a comprehensive approach to teaching sellers how to take their products globally. It typically includes modules on collecting and analyzing data to determine appropriate international selling markets, creating a product-launch strategy, localization of listings, and compliance with global regulations. Amazon’s global marketplace provides access to vast customer populations in many different countries, and this course helps sellers understand how to capitalize on these opportunities. The course also covers campaigns and promotions for international markets. Amazon offers tools to help sellers create campaigns that target customers in other countries. It also teaches sellers how to develop relationships with partners from a new territory and how to use language-translation software to successfully market products abroad. It gives strategies to drive traffic to international versions of a seller’s store, advice on shipping operations, and tips on how best to manage returns. The course should also provide access to Amazon’s global selling resources, such as the Fulfillment by Amazon platform, access to global PPC optimization tools, exclusive offers and promotions, and access to Amazon experts and customer service reps in multiple countries.


Section 1: Welcome-Let’s Get Started

Lecture 1 Welcome / What You Will Learn

Lecture 2 Meet Your Instructor

Lecture 3 Disclaimer

Section 2: Why Sell Internationally

Lecture 4 Waterfall Principle

Lecture 5 Potential Results

Lecture 6 Deciding Next Opportunity for Growing Business

Lecture 7 Amazon International vs Walmart

Lecture 8 Verdict Is In – international vs Off-Amazon

Lecture 9 Amazon International vs Own Store

Lecture 10 Path to International Domination

Lecture 11 Overview of How to Do It

Section 3: Phase 1 – Register

Lecture 12 Step 1 – Register

Lecture 13 How International Selling Affects Your Taxes

Lecture 14 How GST Works in Canada

Lecture 15 Register for Business Number and GST/HST in Canada

Lecture 16 Canadian Revenue Agency Links

Lecture 17 How VAT Works in the UK

Lecture 18 Register for VAT and EORI in the UK

Lecture 19 Get Help with VAT Compliance

Lecture 20 Product Compliance Considerations

Lecture 21 Product Compliance

Section 4: Phase 2 – Setup

Lecture 22 Mindset – Setup

Lecture 23 Adding Your Listings

Lecture 24 Pricing Your Products

Lecture 25 Inventory Planning

Section 5: Phase 3 – Manage Your International Empire

Lecture 26 Handling Taxes Ongoing

Lecture 27 Running PPC Internationally

Lecture 28 Maximizing Foreign Currency

Lecture 29 Rinse and Repeat

Section 6: International Launching Exam

Amazon Sellers,Store Owners,Business Owners,Entrepreneurs

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Created by: My Amazon Guy

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