International Logistics Transportation in Supply Chain

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International Logistics Transportation in Supply Chain
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International Logistics Transportation in Supply Chain

What you’ll learn

Understanding different modes of International Transport and Logistics in Shipment Planning.
Calculating Freight Rate for Less Container Load and Full Container Load.
Volume calculation for cargo in Sea and Air Logistics.
Learn the INCOTERM and understand the best suited as a Exporter and Importer and Logistics Professional
Understand the Importance of Cargo Insurance in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Role of Freight Forwarder and their importance in Logistics and Supply Chain Management .
Custom Clearance and H.S Code System in Logistics.
Calculate Custom Duty for Export and Import Logistics
Documents Involved in International Shipping and Logistics.
Air Logistics Freight Calculation
Practical Case Study and Charge Calculations with examples of Logistics.
Logistics in Supply Chain Management

International Logistics Transportation in Supply Chain


Hunger to improve yourself and enhance your Logistics and Supply Chain Career
Positive attitude! to learn in-depth about Logistics and Supply Chain : )
A desire to master Logistics and Supply Chain Business and learn practical applied knowledge


This Course will prove to be a boon to you and help you boost your supply chain and logistics management knowledge. Its a base for Inventory Movement and is ideal for Amazon FBA, Drop Shipping, Outsourcing , Retail business owners, Inventory, Logistics and Supply Chain Manager as it is prepared with focus on practical knowledge which you can use in you day to day work as the instructor himself is a Supply Chain and Logistics Management professional managing Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Surface Transport, Aviation Logistics for many exporters and importers.5 Key reasons to enroll this course1) This course has reached 180 countries and professionals in logistics and supply chain management have shown great interest and have request for more course on the said domain,2) About 29000 students have enrolled in over course in a short span making this course on logistics and supply chain a complete package for all those who desire to become Logistics and Supply Chain Management professionals3) “Regular update” the course is being updated on regular intervals to keep up with the standards of logistics and supply chain industry 4) We have received appreciation by our students with 50% five star ratings 5) You will be supported by the instructor in case if you have any doubts as soon as possible Why is Logistics Management and Supply Chain the Future The logistics and supply chain aspect is vital for any business in terms of supply of quality raw materials, efficient manufacturing process, as well as tracking, transport and storage of the finished goods. Companies implementing well-designed supply chain practices are able to meet consumer needs in a more expeditious and timely manner.Logistics & Supply chain digitization is the process of using the latest tech solutions together with other physical and digital assets to redesign logistics practices. This way, they can adjust better to the fast-paced, highly competitive, omni-channel business environment.Why is Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management a good career?Job opportunities for Supply chain and Logistics Management are projected to grow by a whopping 22 percent between 2012 and 2022. This is significantly faster than the average rate for all other occupations. With this growth comes job security, along with the possibility of increased compensation due to the in demand status of professionals in this field. While the median annual wage for  Supply Chain and Logistics Management  profession is $72,780, top earners can make upwards of $112,000.By the end of this you will complete understanding of the Business of Logistics Management in Supply Chain , from a day to day operational point of view. The Modules in this course are 1) Introductory video to the  Supply Chain and Logistics Management 2)Understanding the meaning of Export and Import of Inventory before kick starting the  Supply Chain and Logistics Management  Modules3)How to organize a shipment and its importance in  Supply Chain and Logistics Management 4)Learning about International commerce terms rule for export, import and logistics of Inventory5)The Importance and the role of Freight forwarder in Logistics movement and Supply chain of inventory6)Calculation in Logistics Management i. What is FCL vs LCL in Logistics Management ii. Real life example of Cotton vs Iron for Volume Calculation of cargo and Why one should know volume calculation in Logistics Managementiii. Calculation in LCL and Air Logistics Management(Aviation Logistics and Supply Chain)iv. Case Study to understand Logistics Management and Supply chain better v. LCL vs Air Freight which is better in Logistics Management solution for Inventory transportvi. Comparing freight rate on different Logistics carriers for competitive freight rates with real examplevii. Documents involved in Logistics Management and Shipping of Inventoryviii. Managing Risk in Logistics and Supply Chain of good by Cargo (Inventory) insurance and Calculating cargo insurance ix. Harmonized Code and Custom Duty for Export and Import of cargo and Logistics service providersx. Bonus Lecture for next step towards Logistics Management and Supply Chain At the end of this course the students will understand which is the Best Mode of Transport for Exporting and Importation of Inventory for said value and dimension as they will learn about Freight Calculation in Logistics , Volume Calculation of Cargo(Inventory) , How to Save Cost in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, INCOTERMS, The Impact of Incoterms on Invoice value of Cargo, The Role of Freight Forwarder cum Custom Broker in Logistics and Supply Chain, Harmonized system code (H.S Code) for Calculation of Custom Import Duty, Cargo Insurance to avoid loss due to catastrophe and piracy, Whom and why to consult before placing an order, Selection of Transport mode in emergency or high valued cargo and Charge wise study of  Logistics chain.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: What is Export Import and How to Plan a Shipment

Lecture 2 What is Export and Import ?

Lecture 3 Why do we Export and Import ?

Lecture 4 Modes of Transport

Lecture 5 Main Player in International Logistics

Lecture 6 Choosing a Warehouse Location

Lecture 7 Logistics Flow

Lecture 8 How to Organize a Shipment?

Section 3: Surface Transport ( Road and Rail)

Lecture 9 Road and Rail Shipping

Lecture 10 Road Freight Planning

Lecture 11 Full Truck Load and Less Than Truck Load

Lecture 12 Rail Wagons

Section 4: Air Cargo

Lecture 13 Air Cargo Shipping

Lecture 14 Types of Airlines

Lecture 15 Airport Connectivity

Lecture 16 Air Freight Calculations

Lecture 17 Types of Air Freight

Section 5: Ocean Shipping

Lecture 18 What is Container Shipping ?

Lecture 19 Sizes of Container

Lecture 20 1. Full Container Load(FCL) Vs Less Container(LCL)

Lecture 21 Calculating volumetric weight

Lecture 22 FCL vs LCL

Lecture 23 FCL LCL flow

Lecture 24 LCL vs Air Freight

Lecture 25 FCL vs LCL vs Air Freight

Lecture 26 Choosing Between LCL and FCL

Lecture 27 Comparing Rates on Different Carriers.

Lecture 28 Hazardous Cargo

Lecture 29 Regulatory Bodies

Section 6: Customs and Custom Duty

Lecture 30 Introduction to Customs

Lecture 31 HS and HTS coding and calculations

Lecture 32 Custom Bonded Warehouse

Section 7: International Commercial Terms ( INCOTERM) in Export and Import

Lecture 33 What are Incoterms?

Lecture 34 Exworks and Flow

Lecture 35 EXW Trade Simplified

Lecture 36 FOB Trade Simplified

Lecture 37 CIF Trade Simplified

Lecture 38 DPU Trade Simplified

Lecture 39 DDP Trade Simplified

Section 8: Role of Freight Forwarder in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Lecture 40 Freight Forwarder

Section 9: Documents In International Logistics and Supply Chain Management .

Lecture 41 Documents in International Logistics and Transport.

Lecture 42 Commercial Invoice

Lecture 43 Commercial Invoice Format in detail

Lecture 44 Packing List

Lecture 45 Certificate of origin

Lecture 46 Airway Bill

Lecture 47 Bill of Lading

Section 10: Importance of Cargo Insurance in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Lecture 48 What is Marine Cargo Insurance?

Lecture 49 Cargo Insurance Calculations

Section 11: International Trade Basics

Lecture 50 Barter Trade

Lecture 51 Balance of Trade

Lecture 52 Balance of Payment

Lecture 53 Importer on Record

Lecture 54 Commodities in International Trade

Lecture 55 Trade Agreements

Lecture 56 Unions

Section 12: H.S Code and Custom Clearance

Lecture 57 Logistics: How is it a good career choice for you?

Section 13: Bonus Section

Lecture 58 Bonus Lecture

Anyone interested in learning about International Shipping and Logistics business (only practical concepts that you can use and no boring theory + we won’t cover business topics that are common sense).,Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals. Working in Operations, Manufacturing, Retail or Service sectors, Production and Industry,Financial Controllers, Accountants, Business Analysts & Consultants for Freight forwarding , Logistics and Supply Chain,MSME business owners in Export and Import, Freight Forwarding, Logistics,This is must course beginners and intermediate students/professionals in logistics, supply chain and operations management who want to improve and broaden their scope of knowledge on the subject.

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