International Trade 101

Physical Trade :- Import, Export & Cross Trade. Logistics, Incoterms, Trade Documentations, HS Code and much more….
International Trade 101
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Judy Thomas


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International Trade 101

What you’ll learn

How to trade in an International Market.
How to be a Successful Trader.
How to overcome the operational challenges in physical International Trade.
How to Export/Import your products to other countries.

International Trade 101


No, This is a complete A-Z course


Welcome to International Trade 101. This course explains the step by step procedure to do a physical trade, it could be export or import or buy from one country and sell in another country. All the process has been explained with the right examples with trainer’s 16 years international trading experience. The opportunities and challenges are well explained, how an entrepreneur can start his trading business from a single step to become a million-dollar revenue global trader. The trading steps, its process, its documents and its risk are well explained. This will be a reference guide for anyone in the trading industry or pursue their trading business. the backgrounds are explained for clear understanding, the process is well narrated, specimen documents have given for an easy reference.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Basic Terminologies In International Trade

Lecture 2 Types of trades.

Lecture 3 Import, Export & Cross Trade.

Lecture 4 How to Initiate a Trade?

Lecture 5 What is in a Contract?

Lecture 6 What is a Product Description?

Lecture 7 Pricing in an International Trade

Section 3: Activities & Processes in International Trade

Lecture 8 Documents used in the International Trade

Lecture 9 What is Purchase in Trading?

Lecture 10 Payments Terms in a Trade

Lecture 11 What is operations in Trading?

Lecture 12 What is selling in Trading?

Section 4: Final Section

Lecture 13 Vertical Integration in Trading

Lecture 14 Horizontal Integration in Trading

Lecture 15 Demand Vs Supply

Lecture 16 Trade Economics – Global View

Lecture 17 Further Reading

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 18 Conclusion

Entrepreneurs who are into Export, Import & Global Trade,Employees of Trading Organizations,Student who wants to launch their career in the Trading Industry.,Students who wishes to become an importer / exporter

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Created by: Judy Thomas

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