Intro to Alteryx Up Running with Alteryx Designer

Build automated, repeatable workflows for extracting, transforming, analyzing & visualizing data with Alteryx Designer
Intro to Alteryx Up Running with Alteryx Designer
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Intro to Alteryx Up Running with Alteryx Designer

What you’ll learn

Build professional-quality ETL workflows with Alteryx Designer
Connect to flat files, text, and databases for importing and exporting data
Prepare for analysis by organizing, cleaning, and modifying data with workflows
Leverage tools to parse, join, transform, and summarize data
Create reporting outputs including tables, interactive charts, maps, and emails
Develop basic macros and applications for advanced automation or custom workflows

Intro to Alteryx Up Running with Alteryx Designer


Alteryx Designer (free trial available)
We’ll walk through the download & installation process (you do NOT need to have Alteryx Designer already installed)
No prior experience with Alteryx required


This is a hands-on, project-based course designed to help you build automated workflows for extracting and transforming raw data.We’ll start by introducing and installing Alteryx Designer and exploring options for importing and exporting data from flat files, folders, text, and databases.Next, we’ll apply tools to prepare our data for analysis, including filtering, sorting, sampling, cleansing, and more. We’ll dive into data transformation, and use joining tools to combine data from multiple streams, parsing tools to modify and extract text, spatial tools to create maps and distance calculations, and transpose tools to aggregate, transform, and reshape our data into new formats.Last but not least we’ll use visualization and automation to bring our workflows to life, with custom layouts, interactive charts, maps, macros, and more.Throughout the course, you’ll play the role of Senior Alteryx Developer for MavenData, a company that collects and aggregates food and beverage data from retailers across the US. Your role? Help the company build automated workflows to prepare its raw data for reporting and analysis.COURSE OUTLINE:Intro to Alteryx DesignerReview the Alteryx Designer workspace, tools, and engineData Import & ExportInput and output data to and from flat files, text, and databasesData PreparationSelect, clean, classify, sort, and create columns/rowsData TransformationLeverage tools to parse, join, transform, and summarize dataReports & VisualsCreate reporting outputs including tables, maps, images, and emailsMacros & ApplicationsDevelop basic macros and interactive applicationsJoin today and get immediate, lifetime access to the following:8 hours of high-quality videoAlteryx Designer PDF ebook (90+ pages)Downloadable project files & solutionsExpert support and Q&A forum30-day Udemy satisfaction guaranteeIf you’re a data professional looking to get up and running with Alteryx Designer, this is the course for you!Happy learning!-Dustin Cabral (Maven Analytics)


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Course Structure & Outline

Lecture 2 Course Project

Lecture 3 Setting Expectations

Lecture 4 READ ME: Important Notes for New Students

Lecture 5 DOWNLOAD: Course Resources

Section 2: Intro to Alteryx Designer

Lecture 6 Meet Alteryx Designer

Lecture 7 Alteryx Product Suite

Lecture 8 Downloading Alteryx Designer (Trial)

Lecture 9 Installing Alteryx Designer (Trial)

Lecture 10 Alteryx Designer Workspace

Lecture 11 Example Alteryx Workflow

Lecture 12 Alteryx File Types

Lecture 13 Alteryx Engine vs. AMP

Section 3: Data Import & Export

Lecture 14 Connecting to Data

Lecture 15 Input Data – Flat Files

Lecture 16 Input Data – Databases

Lecture 17 Text Input

Lecture 18 Directory & Dynamic Input

Lecture 19 Browse

Lecture 20 Output Data – Flat Files

Lecture 21 Output Data – Databases

Lecture 22 Tableau Output

Lecture 23 Date Time Now

Lecture 24 In-Database Tools

Lecture 25 Adding Comments

Lecture 26 Tool Container

Lecture 27 Explorer Box

Lecture 28 Key Takeaways

Section 4: Data Preparation

Lecture 29 Data Preparation

Lecture 30 Select

Lecture 31 Sort

Lecture 32 Record ID

Lecture 33 Data Cleansing

Lecture 34 Auto Field

Lecture 35 Filter

Lecture 36 Formula

Lecture 37 Multi-Field Formula

Lecture 38 Multi-Row Formula

Lecture 39 Unique

Lecture 40 Sample

Lecture 41 Select Records

Lecture 42 Imputation

Lecture 43 Key Takeaways

Section 5: Data Transformation

Lecture 44 Data Transformation

Lecture 45 Join (Part 1)

Lecture 46 Join (Part 2)

Lecture 47 Join Multiple

Lecture 48 Union

Lecture 49 Append Fields

Lecture 50 Find & Replace

Lecture 51 Text To Columns

Lecture 52 DateTime

Lecture 53 RegEx

Lecture 54 Create Points

Lecture 55 Distance

Lecture 56 Trade Area

Lecture 57 Summarize (Part 1)

Lecture 58 Summarize (Part 2)

Lecture 59 Crosstab

Lecture 60 Transpose

Lecture 61 Running Total

Lecture 62 Weighted Average

Lecture 63 Key Takeaways

Section 6: Reports & Visuals

Lecture 64 Reports & Visuals

Lecture 65 Report Text

Lecture 66 Table

Lecture 67 Interactive Chart

Lecture 68 Report Map

Lecture 69 Map Legend Splitter & Builder

Lecture 70 Report Headers & Footers

Lecture 71 Image

Lecture 72 Insight

Lecture 73 Overlay

Lecture 74 Layout

Lecture 75 Visual Layout

Lecture 76 Render Tool

Lecture 77 Email

Lecture 78 Key Takeaways

Section 7: Macros & Applications

Lecture 79 Macros & Applications

Lecture 80 Macro Types

Lecture 81 Standard Macros

Lecture 82 Batch Macros

Lecture 83 Analytic Apps

Lecture 84 Key Takeaways

Section 8: Wrapping Up


Anyone looking for a hands-on, project-based introduction to Alteryx Designer,Data professionals who want to build automated, repeatable ETL workflows for analysis or reporting,Analysts, data scientists or data engineers looking for enterprise-grade tools for data prep and transformation,Students who want a comprehensive, engaging, and highly interactive approach to training

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Udemy | English | 8h 1m | 2.77 GB
Created by: Maven Analytics

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