Intro to Entrepreneurship Get started as an Entrepreneur

Learn everything you need to know to become an Entrepreneur. Master the concepts and coming up with great business ideas
Intro to Entrepreneurship Get started as an Entrepreneur
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Intro to Entrepreneurship Get started as an Entrepreneur

What you’ll learn

Understand and apply all the core concepts of Entrepreneurship
Tell the difference between the realities of Entrepreneurship & the common myths
Assess their own personality through the lens of Entrepreneurship & know how to find partners that have what they are lacking
Focus in on the key traits and aspects needed to be successful as an Entrerpreneur
Understand the Optimistic Deterministic framework of the future
Understand and focus their Entrepreneurial efforts according to the correct venture process flow
Align their efforts with the correct type of entrepreneur they want to become
Understand the roles and expectations from them as their idea conceptualizes and grows
Pick between what type of business best suits them
Understand the concept of business modeling, and how new business models are creating exponentially more opportunity
Understand and apply the concept of Scalability as an assessment tool
Understand the correct & factual nature of business idea creation and set their expectations realistically
Assess what skills and passions they have and apply them towards ideation
Use 3 common techniques to come up with great business ideas
Use 5 different techniques for easy validation of a business idea
Understand the core concepts behind the Lean Startup Framework
Understand how to create a pitch experiment & MVP based off their business idea
Understand what options are available for financing their business
Plan a strategy for attracting and pitching angel investors and venture capital
Assess the viability of taking a small business loan and whether or not this is a good option strategically
Generate business ideas that are insightful and actionable
Understand business dynamics as they relate to idea generation
Analyze 4 different sections of the business value chain for potential opportunities
Understand the 5 different types of core innovation and how to apply them
How to objectively assess their skills, passions, hobbies, & interests
Understand the difference between business types and which one to aim for
Use common techniques like problem identification to come up with ideas
Use advanced techniques like disintermediation, local modifiers, market enablers to craft ideas
Understand how to apply new, disruptive business models like Saas, Sharing economy, & PWYW
Create business ideas that are not only specific but are complete
Quickly evaluate and re-prioritize ideas based off 5 dimensions
Understand the value of their ideas and what to focus on first
Bring context into their environment and not get discouraged

Intro to Entrepreneurship Get started as an Entrepreneur


Familiarity with common companies will help but is not necessary


Starting your own business is scary. Really scary.How do you know if your idea is any good? Or if your customers will ever show up?How do you know… what you’re doing AT ALL?There’s no place, degree, or university that can teach you how to become a successful Entrepreneur.You just have to get out there and learn everything for yourself. One step at a time….Right?Wrong.Entrepreneurship is not a mythical, illusive creature and it’s not a secret that’s hidden behind doors.You CAN learn how to become a successful Entrepreneur and you CAN learn how to prepare yourself.In this course, we’re going to do just that.You’re going to learn everything you need to know about being an Entrepreneur, like:The core conceptsHow to think like an EntrepreneurWhat you should care about and conversely ignoreHow to go about gathering the resources you need to tackle your dreamAnd when you’re completely ready to go toe to toe with any “veteran” business owner out there, you’re going to learn something they wish they knew: How to consistently come up with insightful, actionable business ideasIt’s everything you need to get started. You’ll go from 0  to Entrepreneur in no time. ——————————————————————————————————————–About the instructor:Top rated Udemy Instructor with over 30,000 five star reviews.Teaches 11 different courses on Entrepreneurship, with over 500,000 students enrolled.All courses by the instructor have are rated an average of 4.97 out of 5 stars.+ Worked as a VC and was in charge of deal flow in Silicon Valley. Oversaw investments in large companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, & Tesla.+ Startup founder for 5 years, raised 3 rounds of capital worth several millions of dollars.+ Currently Director of a Digital Agency that specializes in taking ideas from raw concept all the way to launch.


Section 1: Introduction to the course (10 minutes)

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Join our community on Slack!

Lecture 3 Get matched to other Entrepreneurs using our companion app

Lecture 4 Review sheets, activities, resources – all in one PDF

Section 2: What is an Entrepreneur? (18 minutes)

Lecture 5 What is an entrepreneur?

Lecture 6 Myths about entrepreneurship

Lecture 7 Common personality traits

Lecture 8 The most important trait of all

Lecture 9 Age & Entrepreneurship

Lecture 10 ACTIVITY: Test your Entrepreneurial Aptitude

Lecture 11 Section 2 review material

Section 3: The Entrepreneurial Mindset (20 minutes)

Lecture 12 Intro to Section 3

Lecture 13 The entrepreneurial mindset

Lecture 14 Understanding the business life cycle

Lecture 15 The different types of income

Lecture 16 The process of opportunity recognition

Lecture 17 RESOURCES: Suggested reading for Entrepreneurship

Lecture 18 Section 3 review material

Section 4: The different paths you can take (16 minutes)

Lecture 19 Intro to section 4

Lecture 20 Lifestyle entrepreneurs

Lecture 21 Side businesses

Lecture 22 Startup founders

Lecture 23 Social entrepreneurs

Lecture 24 Section 4 review material

Section 5: Core concepts & frameworks (24 minutes)

Lecture 25 Intro to section 5

Lecture 26 Service vs. Product businesses

Lecture 27 What is a business model?

Lecture 28 Old business models

Lecture 29 New, disruptive business models

Lecture 30 Scalability

Lecture 31 Section 5 review material

Section 6: Validating your idea (35 minutes)

Lecture 32 What is validation?

Lecture 33 Surveys

Lecture 34 Talking to experts

Lecture 35 The lean startup framework

Lecture 36 Pitch experiments

Lecture 37 Creating an MVP

Lecture 38 Section 6 review material

Section 7: Fundraising (50 minutes)

Lecture 39 Know your options

Lecture 40 Bootstrapping

Lecture 41 FFF & Angels

Lecture 42 Equity & Debt

Lecture 43 Loans

Lecture 44 Venture capital

Lecture 45 Incubators

Lecture 46 Business plans & One pagers

Lecture 47 Section 7 review material

Section 8: Introduction to Idea Generation (6 minutes)

Lecture 48 Your most important tool – the scratchpad

Lecture 49 ACTIVITY: Idea lister builder

Lecture 50 WORKSHEET: Idea Lister Builder

Lecture 51 Section 8 review material

Section 9: Laying the groundwork (44 minutes)

Lecture 52 The idea equation

Lecture 53 Areas to isolate & target

Lecture 54 5 types of innovation

Lecture 55 Recap of idea dynamics

Lecture 56 Section 9 review material

Section 10: Making it fit (60 minutes)

Lecture 57 Intro to Section 10

Lecture 58 The Fit quadrant: Hobbies & Passions

Lecture 59 The Fit quadrant: Skills & Experiences

Lecture 60 ACTIVITY: Hobbies, Passions, Skills, & Experience

Lecture 61 WORKSHEET: Hobbies, passions, skills, & experience

Lecture 62 ACTIVITY: List out your goals

Lecture 63 WORKSHEET: Fill out your goals

Lecture 64 The 3 business types: Pick yours

Lecture 65 How good does my idea have to be?

Lecture 66 The Eureka Myth

Lecture 67 Section 10 review material

Section 11: Ways of coming up with ideas (61 minutes)

Lecture 68 Problem-based business ideas

Lecture 69 Wouldn’t it be great if

Lecture 70 Imagine the future

Lecture 71 Reverse imagination

Lecture 72 The Fit generator

Lecture 73 Cater to power users

Lecture 74 Reposition Good / Fast / Cheap

Lecture 75 Section 11 review material

Section 12: Business models (61 minutes)

Lecture 76 Saas: Software as a Service

Lecture 77 Subscriptions & Memberships

Lecture 78 PWYW: Pay what you want

Lecture 79 The sharing economy

Lecture 80 Marketplaces

Lecture 81 On Demand

Lecture 82 Curated Boxes

Lecture 83 DTC: Direct to Consumer

Lecture 84 Crowdsourced catalogs & inventory

Lecture 85 Section 12 review material

Section 13: Evaluate & test (33 minutes)

Lecture 86 Intro to Section 13

Lecture 87 Matching Fit

Lecture 88 Sustainability

Lecture 89 Path to validation

Lecture 90 Section 13 review material

Section 14: Bonus Section

Lecture 91 Bonus Lecture

Anyone interested in starting their own business and becoming self employed,Anyone interested in becoming an Entrepreneur

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Udemy | English | 14h 16m | 7.97 GB
Created by: Evan Kimbrell

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