Introducing Semarchy xDM MDM for Beginners

Complete Semarchy Master Data Management Course
Introducing Semarchy xDM MDM for Beginners
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Rahul Ghai


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Introducing Semarchy xDM MDM for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Semarchy xDM installation
Semarchy Data Model
Match and Merge Rules
Web User Interface/Application Design
Discovery/Source Data Analysis

Introducing Semarchy xDM MDM for Beginners


Basic understanding of MDM concepts
SQL basics


This course is for anyone who wants to learn Semarchy xDM. Semarchy Master Data Management and Data Governance, is recognised for the third consecutive year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions. This year, Gartner has positioned the Semarchy in the leaders’ quadrant. Semarchy provides features like data quality, data validation, data matching, de-duplication, data authoring, workflows, and more in one single platform.We will achieve the below in this course:Installation of SemarchyUnderstanding Data Model components and building it step by stepDeploying our data model to Oracle databaseDesigning our Application which will be used by End Users/Data StewardsUnderstanding Semarchy discovery to profile data sourcesCreating our first Dashboard with Metrics and chartsSetting up integration with SemarchyUnderstanding Security (users and roles)Workflows for collaboration between different teamsIf you have experience in other MDM products and you want to add Semarchy to your profile or you have some knowledge of Semarchy but wants to learn more or you want to create a Semarchy proof of concept(POC) within few hours for a sales pitch, this is the course for you.We will use all free available resources in this course so you can also have hands on experience with myself during this course. By the end of this course you should be confident to work in any Semarchy implementation.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 MDM Introduction

Section 2: Installation

Lecture 2 Semarchy Installation Part 1

Lecture 3 Semarchy Installation Part 2

Lecture 4 Post Installation and License

Section 3: Semarchy Documentation

Lecture 5 Online xDM Documentation

Section 4: Semarchy Data Model

Lecture 6 Data Model and Entity

Lecture 7 Entities(cont.), LOV’s and Complex Types

Lecture 8 Entities(cont.),References and Diagram

Lecture 9 Enrichers and Validations

Lecture 10 Match and Merge Part 1

Lecture 11 Match and Merge Part 2

Lecture 12 Matcher(updated)

Lecture 13 Publishers and Survivorship Rules

Section 5: Deployment

Lecture 14 Datasources

Lecture 15 Data Locations

Lecture 16 Deployment Process

Section 6: Design Application

Lecture 17 Introduction to Application

Lecture 18 Display Cards

Lecture 19 Forms

Lecture 20 Collections

Lecture 21 Remaining Application Design Components

Lecture 22 Application Wizard

Lecture 23 Default Application Configuration

Section 7: Semarchy Integration And Monitoring

Lecture 24 Integration Introduction

Lecture 25 Continuous Loads

Lecture 26 Load Countries

Lecture 27 Load Marital Status

Lecture 28 Load Customers

Lecture 29 Semarchy Data Hub Structures

Lecture 30 Load Customers via Continuous Loads

Lecture 31 REST API

Lecture 32 Monitoring

Section 8: Discovery

Lecture 33 Analyse Source Systems

Section 9: Dashboards

Lecture 34 Creating Semarchy Dashboards

Section 10: Security

Lecture 35 Users and Roles

Lecture 36 Auditing and History

Section 11: Workflows

Lecture 37 Creating our first workflow

Section 12: Additional Videos

Lecture 38 Merge,Unmerge from UI

Lecture 39 Other Data Model Components

Anyone who wants to learn Semarchy MDM

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 19m | 3.99 GB
Created by: Rahul Ghai

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