Introduction into Typescript 49 2023

Learn how to use the new possibilites in typescript version 4.9
Introduction into Typescript 49 2023
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Introduction into Typescript 49 2023

What you’ll learn

You learn what is new in typescript version 4.9
You will learn how to use new things in your project
Satisfies Operator
Powerful in operator

Introduction into Typescript 49 2023




This course should help you to learn how to use the new possibilites in typescript version 4.9Introduction into Typescript 4.9 is intended to introduce you to best new possibilties you have with the new typescript version and it should advance your coding skill in total. People with JavaScript knowledge and Typescript knowledge who want to do more with their projects and want to stay up to date with their TypeScript skills. While new frameworks seem to come and go every day, TypeScript is here to stay. TypeScript will likely continue to be a reliable means to develop any JavaScript application for many years to come.Even if you are a JavaScript developer, and you are learning TypeScript at the moment it will prepare you for a potential project in the future with the have-to-know new features in version 4.9.It is a very fast paced course and you should be already into typescript. This course is not the best for beginners to start, even if you want to start with this new version but never have done a project with typescript.Im quite new on udemy and I am always happy to receive feedback, I hope you enjoy my new course and can support me on my way starting here!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Theoretical overview of the most important new features

Lecture 2 Satisfies operator

Lecture 3 Powerful “in” operator

Lecture 4 Improvements with NaN Check

Section 3: Examples of the most important new features

Lecture 5 Introduction to our little project

Lecture 6 Satisfies operator usage

Lecture 7 Review of the satisfies operator usage

Lecture 8 Powerful in operator usage

Lecture 9 How to use correct NaN check and how typescript supports us now

Section 4: Conclusion and some words on other improvements

Lecture 10 Conclusion

Typescript Developers,Web-Developers,Front-End-Developers

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Udemy | English | 0h 50m | 259.39 MB
Created by: Luca D

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