Introduction to Business Process Modeling

Learn how to analyze, model, and improve your organization’s business processes.
Introduction to Business Process Modeling
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Don Hussey


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Introduction to Business Process Modeling

What you’ll learn

Manage, improve and reengineer business processes
Model processes using flowcharts, UML activity diagrams and BPMN business process diagrams
Apply their knowledge to real-world processes

Introduction to Business Process Modeling


Prerequisite: “Fundamentals of Business Analysis” (available on Udemy) or a similar course


This course will teach you the fundamentals of business process modeling. The course starts with an overview of business process management, then dives into modeling techniques. The course wraps up with a detailed case study on improving operational processes of an airport. The course should take no more 90 minutes to complete. This is a great next step for students taking “Fundamentals of Business Analysis.” UPDATE: The audio issue has been resolved! Some of you found that the last few seconds of some lectures were being cut off. Now fixed.


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 Overview

Section 2: Business Process Management

Lecture 2 Business Processes

Lecture 3 Business Process Management

Lecture 4 The Business Process Life Cycle and Methodologies

Section 3: Business Process Modeling

Lecture 5 Business Process Modeling Concepts

Lecture 6 Swim Lane Flowcharts

Lecture 7 UML Activity Diagrams

Lecture 8 BPMN Business Process Diagrams

Section 4: Scenario

Lecture 9 Overview

Lecture 10 Define

Lecture 11 Measure

Lecture 12 Analyze

Lecture 13 Improve

Lecture 14 Control

Lecture 15 Conclusion

Section 5: Course Conclusion

Lecture 16 Conclusion

Business Analysts,Project Managers and Product Managers,Systems development and QA professionals,Functional staff interested in process management

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 40m | 550.68 MB
Created by: Don Hussey

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