Introduction to Capital Markets

Equities, Fixed Income and Derivative market
Introduction to Capital Markets
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Introduction to Capital Markets

What you’ll learn

Students will learn about the products, players and jargon of the capital and derivative markets. The capital markets are a place to raise money or invest money and students will learn about the two key capital markets – equities and fixed income. The derivative markets are a place to manage risk. Students will learn about futures, forwards, options and swaps.

Introduction to Capital Markets


No prior knowledge is required.


This course is a foundation programme in financial markets. It covers the major capital markets – equities and debt and the main derivative markets – futures, forwards, options and swaps.Students will learn about each of the main products and how they are used by companies and institutions such as fund managers and banks.Through the course students will:Gain confidence in understanding the terminology used in the markets.Learn distinct features of equity product and its marketLearn distinct features of fixed income productsLearn to price a simple bond and read bond yield curveUnderstand working of range of derivative products and its application in financial marketUnderstand the dynamics of different market structures


Section 1: Introduction to Equities

Lecture 1 Equities, Shares and Ownership

Lecture 2 Equities as a form of funding

Lecture 3 Accounting Equity

Lecture 4 Shares in Issue and market capitalization

Lecture 5 Growth and value stocks

Lecture 6 Cyclical and defensive stocks

Lecture 7 Introduction to Equity BETA

Section 2: Introduction to Fixed Income

Lecture 8 What is a bond ?

Lecture 9 Key features of a bond

Lecture 10 Issuers of a bond

Lecture 11 Who invests in bond ?

Lecture 12 Types of bonds based on coupons

Lecture 13 Other types of bonds

Lecture 14 What is a credit rating ?

Lecture 15 What drives the price of a bond?

Lecture 16 Understanding yield

Lecture 17 The yield Curve

Section 3: Introduction to Derivatives

Lecture 18 Physical, Capital and Derivative market

Lecture 19 What is a derivative?

Lecture 20 Types of derivatives

Lecture 21 Over the counter vs exchange driven derivatives

Lecture 22 Long vs short positions

Lecture 23 Hedgers, arbitrators and arbitrageurs

Lecture 24 What is a futures contract?

Lecture 25 The role of the futures exchange

Lecture 26 What is a forward contract?

Lecture 27 Call option basics

Lecture 28 Put options basics

Lecture 29 Interest rate swaps

Lecture 30 Different types of swaps

Students studying the financial markets and anyone hoping to further their career in financial services.

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