Introduction to Confined Space Assessment Theory

Learn the basics required to be a confined space assessor
Introduction to Confined Space Assessment Theory
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Introduction to Confined Space Assessment Theory

What you’ll learn

Roles and Responsibilities when working in a Confined Space
Determine hazards when working in a Confined Space
Determine measures to prevent harm when working in a Confined Space
Able to understand procedures for gas testing to enter the Confined Space
Able to understand the work entry permit requirements
Able to understand the procedures that needs to be undertaken during an emergency
Able to undertake control measures to enter a safe working environment in a confined space

Introduction to Confined Space Assessment Theory


No prior experience needed – I’ll teach you everything you need to know


Welcome to the Introduction to Confined Space Assessment (Theory) course, the only course you need to learn all the basics required to be a confined space assessor. The course is taught by our instructor John who has more then 10 years working in the construction industry. This course is taught using the method similar to Khan Academy which allows students to grasp the lessons taught easily. There will be quizzes as well to test students on their understanding on a specific topic. This video lectures are in bite-size lessons to allow students to concentrate and retain the knowledge better. The course will be constantly updated if there is any new content or breakthrough in the industry. The curriculum was developed over many months in order to provide the best way to deliver a well though course.Throughout this course, we cover a many topics such as:Confined Space AssessmentPPEGas TestingRoles and ResponsibilitiesSafety ManagementTypes of HazardTypes of Confined SpacesCharacteristics of Confined SpacesMeasures to prevent harm when working in a Confined SpaceConfined Space Health EffectsRisk ManagementCorrection FactorInstrument CalibrationEntry PermitEmergency Response PlanControl MeasuresMessage from our instructor John:”Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well. This is the fifth course ever made by me and I wish that you will find it enjoyable. The course outline was carefully planned out and I hope it will be able to deliver as much value as possible to you”So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and begin learning!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Introduction to Confined Space

Lecture 2 What is Confined Space?

Lecture 3 Assessment of Confined Space

Lecture 4 Confined Space Stakeholders

Lecture 5 Safety Management

Section 3: Types Of Hazards

Lecture 6 Types of Hazard

Lecture 7 Physical Hazard

Lecture 8 Electrical Hazard

Lecture 9 Mechanical Hazard

Lecture 10 Structural Hazard

Lecture 11 Ergonomic Hazard

Lecture 12 Atmospheric Hazard

Lecture 13 Fire and Explosion Hazard

Lecture 14 Chemical Hazards

Lecture 15 Radiation Hazard

Lecture 16 Biological Hazard

Lecture 17 Work At Heights Hazard

Lecture 18 Activity Hazards

Section 4: Dangers Of Confined Space

Lecture 19 Dangers Of Confined Space

Section 5: Types Of Confined Spaces

Lecture 20 Types Of Confined Spaces

Lecture 21 Confined Spaces in Various Industries

Lecture 22 Characteristics of Confined Spaces

Section 6: Confined Space Injury Prevention

Lecture 23 Injury Prevention Introduction

Lecture 24 Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

Lecture 25 Isolation

Lecture 26 Removal of Hazardous Content

Lecture 27 Atmospheric Hazard Control Introduction

Lecture 28 Purging

Lecture 29 Ventilation Introduction

Lecture 30 Natural Ventilation

Lecture 31 Mechanical Ventilation Introduction

Lecture 32 Forced Ventilation

Lecture 33 Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

Lecture 34 Ventilation Equipment

Lecture 35 Ventilation Problems

Lecture 36 Ventilation Hazards

Section 7: Confined Space Harmful Health Effects

Lecture 37 Health Effects Introduction

Lecture 38 Asphyxiation

Lecture 39 Fire and Explosion

Lecture 40 Toxic Substances

Lecture 41 Falls

Lecture 42 Heat Strains

Lecture 43 Noise

Lecture 44 Engulfment

Lecture 45 Cuts and Amputation

Lecture 46 Electrocution

Section 8: Risk Management

Lecture 47 Risk Management Introduction

Lecture 48 Risk Management Approach

Section 9: Confined Space Gas Testing

Lecture 49 Gas Testing Introduction

Lecture 50 Gas Testing

Lecture 51 Types of gas testing methods

Lecture 52 Oxygen measurement

Lecture 53 Flammable Gas Measurement

Lecture 54 Toxic Gas Measurement

Lecture 55 Instrument Calibration

Lecture 56 Instrument Calibration Procedures

Lecture 57 Calibration Gas

Lecture 58 Correction Factor

Lecture 59 Selection of Instrument

Lecture 60 Confined Space Periodic Retesting

Section 10: Confined Space Entry Permit

Lecture 61 Confined Space Entry Permit Introduction

Lecture 62 Confined Space Work Permit

Lecture 63 Information Required On Permit

Lecture 64 Application of Work Permit

Lecture 65 Revocation of Work Permit

Section 11: Risk Control

Lecture 66 Risk Control

Lecture 67 Emergency Response

Section 12: Confined Space Rescue

Lecture 68 Confined Space Rescue Introduction

Lecture 69 Self Rescue

Lecture 70 Non Entry Rescue

Lecture 71 Entry Rescue

Lecture 72 Rescue Plan

Lecture 73 Time

Lecture 74 Victim

Lecture 75 Space

Lecture 76 Rescuer

Lecture 77 Emergency Preparation

Lecture 78 Gather Information

Lecture 79 Action Plan

Lecture 80 Prepare Rescue Equipment

Lecture 81 Hazard Control

Lecture 82 Deploy Rescue Equipment

Lecture 83 Performing Rescue

Lecture 84 Terminating Rescue Operation

Lecture 85 Emergency Rescue Drills

Section 13: Control Measures

Lecture 86 Measuring Effectiveness of Control Measures

Lecture 87 List of Control Measures

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