Introduction to Design Sketching

Learn to draw objects from your imagination using proven Industrial Design techniques
Introduction to Design Sketching
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Christopher Corrigan


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Introduction to Design Sketching

What you’ll learn

How to use Design Sketching to draw objects from your imagination
How to draw objects in perspective
Advanced techniques like how to mirror or repeat features in your drawings
How to draw straight lines, freehand!

Introduction to Design Sketching


A pen and paper!


Do you want to get ideas out of your head and onto the page? Do you want to be able to explore shapes or concepts quickly and clearly? Do you want to learn a professional skill set used by Industrial Designers every day? Then you’ve come to the right place! Drawing is a learned skill — that means anyone can learn it, and I’ll show you how.In this class, we start from zero — no previous experience required. We’ll go over the basics and work our way up to complex shapes. Along the way you’ll be given tons of exercises designed to build muscle memory, train technique, and increase your comfort level. Let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Design Sketching

Lecture 2 Materials

Lecture 3 How to Use This Class

Lecture 4 Practice and Making Mistakes

Lecture 5 Exercise Workbook

Section 2: Fundamentals

Lecture 6 2-1 Drawing Straight Lines

Lecture 7 2-2 Line Drawing Exercises

Lecture 8 2-3 Value

Lecture 9 2-4 Line Weight

Section 3: Announcement From the Future

Lecture 10 New Upcoming Content, New Business, Change to Q&A

Section 4: Perspective

Lecture 11 3-0 Intro to Perspective

Lecture 12 3-1 One-Point Perspective

Lecture 13 3-2 Two Point Perspective

Lecture 14 3-3 Three Point Perspective

Lecture 15 3-4 Practical Perspective

Lecture 16 3-5 Tweening

Section 5: Planes

Lecture 17 4-1 Planar Deformations Part 1

Lecture 18 4-2 Planar Deformations Part 2

Lecture 19 4-3 Extruding from Center-Planes

Lecture 20 4-4 Drawing A Stapler with Center-Planes

Lecture 21 4-5 Demo: Working from a Ground Plane (Aircraft Drawing)

Section 6: Ellipses

Lecture 22 5-1 Intro to Ellipses

Lecture 23 5-2 Ellipse Exercises

Section 7: Constructing Primitives

Lecture 24 6-1 Boxes

Lecture 25 6-2 Pyramids

Lecture 26 6-3 Cones

Lecture 27 6-4 Cylinders

Lecture 28 6-5 Spheres

Lecture 29 6-6 (Bonus) Ellipsoids/Revolved Shapes

Section 8: Box Deformations

Lecture 30 7-1 Box Deformations

Lecture 31 7-2 Demo: Dice

Section 9: Sketching Toolbox

Lecture 32 8-1 Finding Centerlines and Mirroring Shapes

Lecture 33 8-2 Repeating Shapes

Section 10: Drawing Cast Shadows

Lecture 34 9-0 Intro to Cast Shadows

Lecture 35 9-1 Box Shadows

Lecture 36 9-2 Cone and Pyramid Shadows

Lecture 37 9-3 Cylinder Shadows

Lecture 38 9-4 Sphere Shadows

Lecture 39 9-5 Complex Shadows

Section 11: Comprehensive Demos

Lecture 40 10-0 Intro to Demos

Lecture 41 10-1 Pencil Sharpener

Lecture 42 10-2 Wifi Router

Lecture 43 10-3 Spaceship

Lecture 44 10-4 SciFi Racer

Industrial Design Students,Engineers, architects, concept artists, or other creatives looking to add to their toolbox,Anyone who wants to learn how to draw from their imagination

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Udemy | English | 6h 57m | 13.96 GB
Created by: Christopher Corrigan

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