Introduction to Financial Planning CFP Certification

CFP – Module 1
Introduction to Financial Planning CFP Certification
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Introduction to Financial Planning CFP Certification

What you’ll learn

Implement the Financial Planning process by appropriately using financial planner competencies and by following the prescribed code of ethics, practice standards and professional conduct
Understand the economic, social, political, and technological environment and be able to determine how financial plans should accommodate those environments
Understand the potential goals a client may have, help them enunciate their goals and evaluate strategies to help clients achieve their goals
Understand basic tools of financial management and financial mathematics applications, and devise simple strategies and mechanisms to achieve realistic goals
Understand various regulations which need to be adhered to while making and implementing financial plans for the clients

Introduction to Financial Planning CFP Certification


A candidate must be grade 12th cleared at the time of enrollment having knowledge of Finance will be an add-on


This module would serve as an Introduction to Financial Planning. The module wouldcover in detail the Financial Planner Competency Profile, the six step process whichincludes Financial Planning process, client interactions, general principles of financialmanagement, financial mathematics, personal financial statements, cash flow anddebt management, asset acquisition, FPSB India’s Code of Ethics and ProfessionalResponsibility and Model Rules of Conduct, and the regulatory environment relatedto the Financial Planning domain.


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Section 1: The 6-Step Financial Planning Process

Lecture 4 Financial Planning Introduction – 1

Lecture 5 Financial Planning Introduction – 2

Lecture 6 Financial Planning Process – 1

Lecture 7 Financial Planning Process – 2

Section 2: Financial Management- General Principles and Behavioral Finance

Lecture 8 Brief Overview to Financial Markets

Lecture 9 Debt Management

Lecture 10 Personal Financial Statement Analysis

Lecture 11 Forms of Business Ownership

Lecture 12 Concepts in Behavioral Finance

Lecture 13 Economic Environment Analysis

Section 3: Financial Mathematics

Lecture 14 Introduction to Financial Mathematics

Lecture 15 Introduction to FC-200V Calculator

Lecture 16 Creating Timelines

Lecture 17 Basics of Time Value of Money

Lecture 18 Compounding & Time Value of Money – Future Value

Lecture 19 Time Value of Money – Future Value

Lecture 20 Time Value of Money – Present Value

Lecture 21 Time Value of Money – Number of payments

Lecture 22 Time Value of Money – Rate of Return

Lecture 23 Various Rates and CAGR Calculation

Lecture 24 Calculations of Perpeuity, NPV and IRR

Lecture 25 XIRR

Lecture 26 Nominal And Effective Rate Calculation

Lecture 27 Annunity Calculations

Lecture 28 Home Loan Introduction

Lecture 29 Home Loan Calculation

Lecture 30 Practice Question – Home Loan

Lecture 31 Total Assets, Net Worth and Financial Ratios

Section 4: FPSB India’s Financial Planner Code of Ethics

Lecture 32 Code of Ethics – 1

Lecture 33 Code of Ethics – 2

Section 5: Regulatory Environment Related to Financial Planning

Lecture 34 Regulation relating to Individuals

Lecture 35 Functions and Regulations of Financial Institutions and some other Regulations

Working Professionals, Finance students, Financial Planners/Advisers, Mutual Fund Brokers, Financial Consultants

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Created by: International College of Financial Planning

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