Introduction To Fire Protection System Theory

Learn the basics of a fire protection system
Introduction To Fire Protection System Theory
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Introduction To Fire Protection System Theory

What you’ll learn

Understand the basics of fire and how it forms
Be familiar with fire symbols and diagrams to interpret drawings
Be familiar with all types of fire detection sensors
Be familiar with the functionality of a fire alarm system
Be familiar with all types of fire protection system
Be familiar with all types of fire suppression system

Introduction To Fire Protection System Theory


No prior experience needed – I’ll teach you everything you need to know


Welcome to the Introduction To Fire Protection System Course, the only course you need to learn all the basics required to work in the fire protection system industry. The course is taught by our instructor John who has more then 10 years working in the construction industry. This course is taught using the method similar to Khan Academy which allows students to grasp the lessons taught easily. There will be quizzes as well to test students on their understanding on a specific topic. This video lectures are in bite-size lessons to allow students to concentrate and retain the knowledge better. The course will be constantly updated if there is any new content or breakthrough in the industry. The curriculum was developed over many months in order to provide the best way to deliver a well though course.Throughout this course, we cover a many topics such as:Work Health and SafetyFire SymbolsFire DiagramsFire ScienceFire DetectionFire Alarm SystemHeat DetectorsSmoke DetectorsFlame DetectorsManual Call PointAudible and Visual AlarmHose ReelDry RiserWet RiserFire HydrantSprinkler SystemType of SprinklersSprinkle Control ValveAncillary EquipmentSprinkler system water supplyVoice Communication SystemFire ExtinguisherFire Suppression SystemClean AgentsTroubleshooting, Servicing and MaintenanceFire Alarm PanelMessage from our instructor John:”Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well. This is the fifth course ever made by me and I wish that you will find it enjoyable. The course outline was carefully planned out and I hope it will be able to deliver as much value as possible to you”So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and begin learning!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Work Health Safety

Lecture 2 Work Health Safety

Lecture 3 Safety Guide

Lecture 4 PPE

Section 3: Fire Symbols And Diagrams

Lecture 5 Fire Symbols

Lecture 6 Layout Drawing

Lecture 7 Schematic Drawing

Section 4: Fire Science

Lecture 8 Fire Behaviour

Lecture 9 Fire Extinguishing Methods

Lecture 10 Stages Of Fire

Lecture 11 Fire Classification

Section 5: Fire Detection and Alarm System

Lecture 12 Fire Alarm System

Lecture 13 Fire Detection

Lecture 14 Decentralized Alarm Monitoring Station

Lecture 15 Fire Alarm Panel

Lecture 16 Fire Alarm System Circuitry

Lecture 17 Wiring Classification

Lecture 18 Main And Sub Alarm Panel Comparison

Lecture 19 Addressable Alarm Panel

Lecture 20 Conventional and Addressable Alarm Panel Comparison

Lecture 21 Fire Alarm Panel Catalog

Section 6: Heat Detector

Lecture 22 Heat Detector Introduction

Lecture 23 Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

Lecture 24 Rate Of Rise Heat Detector

Lecture 25 Heat Detector Testing And Inspection

Lecture 26 Heat Detector Catalog

Section 7: Smoke Detector

Lecture 27 Smoke Detector Introduction

Lecture 28 Photoelectric Smoke Detector Introduction

Lecture 29 Light Obscuring Smoke Detector

Lecture 30 Light Scattering Smoke Detector

Lecture 31 Ionization Smoke Detector

Lecture 32 Disadvantages Of Smoke Detectors

Lecture 33 Smoke Detectors Testing And Inspection

Lecture 34 Smoke Detector Catalog

Section 8: Flame Detector

Lecture 35 Flame Detector Introduction

Lecture 36 Disadvantages Of Flame Detectors

Lecture 37 Infrared Detectors

Lecture 38 Ultraviolet Detectors

Lecture 39 Disadvantages Of UV and IR Detectors

Lecture 40 Flame Detector Catalog

Section 9: Audible And Visual Fire Alarm

Lecture 41 Manual Call Point

Lecture 42 Alarm Bell And Strobe Light

Lecture 43 Alarm Bell And Strobe Light Catalog

Section 10: Hose Reel

Lecture 44 Hose Reel Introduction

Lecture 45 Types Of Hose Reel

Lecture 46 Hose Reel Characteristics

Lecture 47 Hose Reel Water Supply

Lecture 48 Hose Reel Testing And Inspection

Lecture 49 Hose Reel Catalog

Section 11: Dry Riser

Lecture 50 Dry Riser Introduction

Lecture 51 46) Dry Riser Components

Lecture 52 Dry Riser Vertical Stack

Lecture 53 Dry Riser Breeching Inlet

Lecture 54 Dry Riser Landing Valve

Lecture 55 Dry Riser Air Release Valve

Lecture 56 Dry Riser Testing And Inspection

Section 12: Wet Riser

Lecture 57 Wet Riser Introduction

Lecture 58 Wet Riser Components

Lecture 59 Wet Riser Schematic

Lecture 60 Wet Riser Requirements

Lecture 61 Wet Riser Testing And Inspection

Section 13: Fire Hydrant

Lecture 62 Fire Hydrant Introduction

Lecture 63 Fire Hydrant Location

Section 14: Sprinkler System

Lecture 64 Automatic Sprinkler System

Lecture 65 Wet Pipe System

Lecture 66 Dry Pipe System

Lecture 67 Pre-action System

Lecture 68 Deluge System

Section 15: Types Of Sprinkler

Lecture 69 Types Of Automatic Sprinkler Introduction

Lecture 70 Quartzoid Bulb Sprinkler

Lecture 71 Soldered Strut Sprinkler

Lecture 72 Types Of Sprinkler Forms

Lecture 73 Occupancy Hazard

Section 16: Sprinkler System Components

Lecture 74 Main Stop Valve

Lecture 75 Alarm Valve

Lecture 76 Drain Pipe

Lecture 77 Pressure Gauge

Lecture 78 Sprinkler Pump

Lecture 79 Sprinkler Pump Requirements

Lecture 80 Water Flow Switch

Section 17: Emergency Voice Communication System

Lecture 81 Emergency Voice Communication System Introduction

Lecture 82 Emergency Voice Communication System Scenario

Lecture 83 One Way Communication System

Lecture 84 Two Way Communication System

Section 18: Fire Extinguisher

Lecture 85 Fire Extinguisher Introduction

Lecture 86 Water Extinguisher

Lecture 87 Foam Extinguisher

Lecture 88 Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Lecture 89 Halon Extinguisher

Lecture 90 Chemical Dry Powder Extinguisher

Lecture 91 Fire Extinguisher Ratings And Classification

Lecture 92 Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Lecture 93 Fire Extinguisher Testing And Inspection

Section 19: Fire Suppression System

Lecture 94 Fire Suppression System Introduction

Lecture 95 Foam Suppression System

Lecture 96 Water Mist Suppression System

Lecture 97 Dry Chemical Suppression System

Lecture 98 Carbon Dioxide Suppression System

Lecture 99 Clean Agent Suppression System

Lecture 100 Clean Agent Components: Fixed Nozzle

Lecture 101 Clean Agent Components: Pipework

Lecture 102 Clean Agent Components: Control Panel

Lecture 103 Clean Agent Components: Detectors

Lecture 104 Clean Agent Components: Manual Activation Device

Lecture 105 Clean Agent Components: Cylinder

Lecture 106 Clean Agent Components: Alarm

Lecture 107 Inergen

Lecture 108 FM200

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