Introduction to FixedWing Drone Design

Learn how to design fixed-wing drones for specific missions. Explore tradeoffs in aircraft design and performance.
Introduction to FixedWing Drone Design
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Introduction to FixedWing Drone Design

What you’ll learn

How to design fixed-wing drones to mission requirements
How to perform basic sizing of the airframe
How to select an appropriate propulsion system
How to do basic airfoil analysis
How to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of your airframe
An understanding of tradeoffs for mission requirements

Introduction to FixedWing Drone Design


Access to a computer with a web browser.
Basic background in algebra and some trigonometry.
Understand the definitions of basic aircraft parts.


Now is the best time in history to be involved in aircraft design.Drones are used for agriculture, search and rescue, package delivery, and will be used for many missions not even thought up yet. Because drones have to be specially designed for each mission, this means that now is the best time in history to be involved in aircraft design. Today we have the best tools and methods and can design aircraft like never before. Come explore the world of aircraft design and get involved in this exciting industry!You will learn:The basics of aircraft design with an emphasis on the drone industry needs and missionsSizing for mission requirementsPropulsion system selectionDesign tradeoffs3D modelingAirfoil analysisPointers on detailed aerodynamic designBy taking this course, you’ll see the world of aircraft design differently and have a deeper understanding of the exciting challenges that await in this burgeoning world of drone design.This course includes:45 LessonsOver 2 hours of instructionExercises to get your mind turningYour instructors, Doug and Sam, love talking about airplanes. They have both been heavily involved in this industry for years.The industry needs new minds and fresh ideas. Companies are born every day that need the skills this course offers. Don’t wait – be a part of this exiting wave of next-generation aircraft.Let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Comments about Aircraft Configurations

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 3 Make a copy of the General Sizing spreadsheet

Lecture 4 Overview of General Sizing Spreadsheet

Lecture 5 Getting access to MachUp

Lecture 6 Introduction to MachUp and Instructional Videos

Section 3: Initial Aircraft Design

Lecture 7 Overview of Mission Requirements

Lecture 8 Payload and Structure Weight

Lecture 9 Sizing the Main Wing

Lecture 10 Propulsion

Lecture 11 Packing Constraints and Other Considerations

Lecture 12 Sizing Stabilizing Surfaces

Lecture 13 Battery Selection

Section 4: Important Trends

Lecture 14 Wing Loading

Lecture 15 Aspect Ratio

Lecture 16 Weight

Lecture 17 Battery Capacity

Lecture 18 Propulsive Efficiency

Lecture 19 Stall Estimation

Section 5: 3D Modeling

Lecture 20 Lifting Surface Geometry

Lecture 21 Control Surfaces

Lecture 22 Fuselage Modeling

Lecture 23 Battery volume

Lecture 24 Payload volume

Lecture 25 Exporting STL

Lecture 26 Other Objects and STL Files

Section 6: Airfoil Definition and Analysis

Lecture 27 Introduction to Airfoils in MachUp

Lecture 28 Basics of Using Xfoil for Airfoil Analysis

Lecture 29 Formatting Airfoil Data for MachUp

Section 7: Detailed Design

Lecture 30 Forces and Moments

Lecture 31 Trim

Lecture 32 Aerodynamic Angles

Lecture 33 Stability

Lecture 34 Non-Dimensional Expressions

Lecture 35 The Aerodynamic Center and Pitch Stability

Lecture 36 The Aerodynamic Center – A Deeper Dive

Lecture 37 Forces and Moments in MachUp

Lecture 38 Intro to Detailed Wing Design

Lecture 39 Using Taper and Twist

Lecture 40 Effects of Sweep and Dihedral

Lecture 41 Wing Design – A Deeper Dive

Lecture 42 Main Wing Mounting Angle

Lecture 43 Prop and Motor Selection

Section 8: Ending Section

Lecture 44 Congratulations!

Anyone who wants to learn how to design fixed wing drones,Anyone who is curious about aircraft design,Those who just want to learn something new!

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Udemy | English | 2h 5m | 1.15 GB
Created by: Doug Hunsaker

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