Introduction to Futures Options

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Introduction to Futures Options
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Introduction to Futures Options

What you’ll learn

Develop and clear understanding of derivatives, including the building blocks of futures and options
Define what derivatives are and differentiate between different types
Explain the features of futures contracts, as well as trading and cash flows
Describe the features of options and futures, including their contract terms and conditions, and pricing
Apply futures and options in real business risk management (or speculation) circumstances
Analyze the risks and benefits of using futures and options in risk management strategies.
Determine the appropriate futures and options contracts and strike prices for different hedging, speculation, and arbitrage strategies.
Evaluate the role of futures and options in portfolio construction and asset allocation strategies.

Introduction to Futures Options


Knowledge of the English language.
Participants are expected to have basic math knowledge coming into this course.
A financial calculator is recommended to get the most out of this course.


This course focuses on foundational derivative products: futures and options.  To start, we introduce you to what these products are and how they work, in general. We demonstrate the common features of all derivatives and their essential characteristics that differentiate them from other sorts of financial instruments. With this understood, the course will then segues into a detailed  discussion:     First, about how futures contracts, and then     Second, on options contracts.In each case, we explain clearlyThe key characteristics and features of these derivative contracts;How pricing works, including detailed examples and explanations;What are the most common uses of futures and options in businessHow risk can be managed (hedged) and taken (speculation).  This course is composed of 27 lectures within 6 sections:  Introduction to derivativesIntroduction to futures contractsFutures contracts trading and cash flowsFutures pricingIntroduction to optionsOption pricing and applicationsThis course is for you if you are involved in finance at a small, medium or large business; work in a financial institution of any type (retail bank, business bank, commercial bank, investment bank, hedge fund, family office, investment management firm, insurer and/or reinsurer).  More about this course and StarweaverThis course is led by a seasoned capital markets industry practitioner and executive with many years of hands-on, in-the-trenches financial markets sales, trading and analysis work. It has been designed, produced and delivered by Starweaver. Starweaver is one of the most highly regarded, well-established training providers in the World, providing training courses to many of the leading financial institutions and technology companies, including:Ahli United Bank; Mashreqbank; American Express; ANZ Bank; ATT; Banco Votorantim; Bank of America; Bank of America Global Markets; Bank of America Private Bank; Barclay Bank; BMO Financial Group; BMO Financial Services; BNP Paribas; Boeing; Cigna; Citibank; Cognizant; Commerzbank; Credit Lyonnais/Calyon; Electrosonic; Farm Credit Administration; Fifth Third Bank; GENPACT; GEP Software; GLG Group; Hartford; HCL; HCL; Helaba; HSBC; HSBC Corporate Bank; HSBC India; HSBC Private Bank; Legal & General; National Australia Bank; Nomura Securities; PNC Financial Services Group; Quintiles; RAK Bank; Regions Bank; Royal Bank of Canada; Royal Bank of Scotland; Santander Corporate Bank; Tata Consultancy Services; Union Bank; ValueMomentum; Wells Fargo; Wells Fargo India Solutions; Westpac Corporate Bank; Wipro; and, many others.Starweaver has and continues to deliver 1000s of live in person and online education for organizational training programs for new hires and induction, as well as mid-career and senior level immersion and leadership courses.If you are looking for live streaming education or want to understand what courses might be best for you in technology or business, just google:starweaver journey builder starweaver[dot]comHappy learning.


Section 1: Introduction to Derivatives

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Types of Derivative Contracts and Their Characteristics

Lecture 3 Derivatives Compared to Securities

Lecture 4 Derivatives Defined

Section 2: Introduction to Futures Contracts

Lecture 5 Futures Terminology and Contract Features

Lecture 6 Physical Delivery to Close a Futures Position

Lecture 7 Cash Settlement, OTC Derivatives

Lecture 8 Futures Clearinghouse and Third Party Contracts

Lecture 9 Futures Margins and Futures Contracts

Section 3: Futures Contracts Trading and Cash Flows

Lecture 10 Clearinghouse and Futures Trades

Lecture 11 Comparing Futures Versus Underlying Positions

Lecture 12 Futures Positon Cash Flows and Hedging with Futures

Lecture 13 Futures Positions: Risk and the Cost Taking Position

Section 4: Futures Pricing

Lecture 14 Cost of Carry/Carrying Charges

Lecture 15 Cost of Carry Pricing and The Forward Pricing Curve

Section 5: Introduction to Options

Lecture 16 Option Fundamentals: Contract Features and Terminology

Lecture 17 Option Contract Example: Long Call Positions

Lecture 18 Option Pricing Basics

Lecture 19 Time Value, Instrinsic Value and Moniness

Lecture 20 Short Option Positions

Lecture 21 Investment Characteristic of Options

Lecture 22 Overview of Long Put, Short Call and Short Put Positions

Section 6: Option Pricing and Applications

Lecture 23 Option Pricing and Sensitivities (Option “Greeks”)

Lecture 24 Option Deltas

Lecture 25 Delta Hedging

Lecture 26 Delta Neutral Hedging Example

Lecture 27 Black-Scholes and Option Volatility (Vega)

Lecture 28 Implied Volatility and Volatility Trading

Section 7: Closing Remarks

Lecture 29 Take-aways

All levels of participants are encouraged to take this course.

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