Introduction to Google Spreadsheet No Formula or Functions

First step towards learning about data and Google Spreadsheet
Introduction to Google Spreadsheet No Formula or Functions
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Introduction to Google Spreadsheet No Formula or Functions

What you’ll learn

What is a Spreadsheet
Why Google Spreadsheet is powerful
What are different features on Google Spreadsheets
Complete multiple Projects for hands on Experience

Introduction to Google Spreadsheet No Formula or Functions


No prior Experience needed. Come with a fresh mind.


This course is your first interaction with Google Spreadsheet. Without going into complex topic like Function and Formulas, you will walk through all the tools and features available that you can start using immediately. Majority of the companies across the globe uses Spreadsheet and with everything going cloud, Google Spreadsheet is a great skill to master.This course is only an introduction to Google Spreadsheet and data. This is a good starting point if you plan to explore Data related fields as a career or want to improve your productivity at work place with a new tool.Who is this course designed forStudents who want to learn a new toolWorking professional who want to add a skill to their routineJob Seeker who want to strengthen their resumeWhat you will learn in this courseUnderstand what is DataWhy Spreadsheets are good way to handle dataDifferent features in Google sheetsAlmost all menu items one by oneGraphs, Pivot Tables and MacrosCreating Live ProjectsImportantThis is a very beginner level course. So if you have been using Sheets, then you would already be familiar with most of the things covered in this course and this might be of not much help. Please consider taking advance courses from the list.See you on the other side.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is Data

Lecture 3 History of Google Spreadsheet

Lecture 4 Getting started with Google Sheets

Lecture 5 New User Interface

Section 2: Interface of Google Spreadsheet

Lecture 6 File, Edit & View: Part 1

Lecture 7 File, Edit & View: Part 2

Lecture 8 Insert, Format, Data & Toolbars: Part 1

Lecture 9 Insert, Format, Data & Toolbars: Part 2

Lecture 10 Insert, Format, Data & Toolbars: Part 3

Lecture 11 Insert, Format, Data & Toolbars: Part 4

Lecture 12 Insert, Format, Data & Toolbars: Part 5

Lecture 13 Insert, Format, Data & Toolbars: Part 6

Section 3: Sharing & Access Settings

Lecture 14 Sharing & Access: Part 1

Lecture 15 Sharing & Access: Part 2

Section 4: Projects

Lecture 16 Project 1: Maintaining Daily Expenses

Lecture 17 Project 2: Recording Monthly Sales

Lecture 18 Project 3: Employee Database

Lecture 19 Project 4: Designing Invoice

Section 5: Graph, Pivot Tables & Macros

Lecture 20 Graphs

Lecture 21 Pivot Table

Lecture 22 Macros

Lecture 23 Macros: Part 2

Section 6: Final Project & Conclusion

Lecture 24 Final Project

People who want to get into Data and Analytics,Professional who want to upgrade with new skill,Job Seekers who want to improve their resume

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Udemy | English | 5h 46m | 2.43 GB
Created by: Shahbaz Haidar

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