Introduction to HighAvailability HA Solutions in Azure

A high-level overview of how to approach high-availability solutions in the cloud.
Introduction to HighAvailability HA Solutions in Azure
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Introduction to HighAvailability HA Solutions in Azure

What you’ll learn

The concepts of availability and high availability
Azure’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
High availability services in Azure
Five steps to a high availability solution in Azure

Introduction to HighAvailability HA Solutions in Azure


An interest in designing a high availability solution in Azure
No hands on experience required as this course is an overview of the topic


In late 2022, I was asked to present to a local Azure User Group in Portugal. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to video record the talk to release it for people to view after the event. If you did not see it in person, or live online at the time, then you would have missed it. So I decided to record it myself from home and post it here at Udemy.Some important caveats before you enroll in this course:I created this presentation for an in-person event. If I was making it as a course, I might have structured things a bit differently. But ultimately, this is a presentation with slides and talking.Unlike my other Azure courses, this course does not prepare you for any official Microsoft certification or exam. None of the content aligns with any official Microsoft exam.And given only an hour or so to present, I could not get into deep technical details like building a solution inside Azure itself. This is intended to be an overview to inspire further research.The course covers four overall topics:The concepts of availability and high availability (HA)The concept of Service Level Agreement (SLA)High availability services in AzureFive Steps to a High-Availability SolutionYou should be able to watch the course all at once, and you are not expected to have an Azure account or follow-along with any hands-on demos.


Section 1: Course Welcome

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 What is the Concept of Availability?

Lecture 3 What is the Concept of High Availability?

Section 2: SLAs in Azure

Lecture 4 What are Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Lecture 5 Virtual Machine (VM) SLA Example in Azure

Lecture 6 Azure Virtual Machine (VM) SLAs In Detail

Lecture 7 Other SLAs in Azure

Section 3: High Availability Concepts

Lecture 8 Azure High Availability Components

Lecture 9 Load Balancers and Other HA Components

Section 4: Five Steps to a High Availability Solution

Lecture 10 Step 1: Gather HA Requirements

Lecture 11 Step 2: Design the Solution

Lecture 12 Step 3: Test the Solution

Lecture 13 Step 4: Deploying in an HA Environment

Lecture 14 Step 5: Ongoing Operations HA Concerns

Section 5: Wrapup

Lecture 15 Thank you!

Lecture 16 Bonus Lesson

Cloud application designers looking to make their solutions highly available,Those interested in the topic of high availability in the cloud,Non-technical business stakeholders interested in the concepts of high availability

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Udemy | English | 1h 34m | 379.30 MB
Created by: Scott Duffy • 800.000+ Students

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