Introduction to Market Forecasting Strategy PlainSimple

Discover tools for mapping out your market strategy. Learn how to forecast your market size.
Introduction to Market Forecasting Strategy PlainSimple
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Introduction to Market Forecasting Strategy PlainSimple

What you’ll learn

Become familiar with various techniques for forecasting overall market size and trends
Learn what to do what not to do when forecasting
Learn about various models for choosing a market strategy
Learn how to optimize your market position.

Introduction to Market Forecasting Strategy PlainSimple


There are no course requirements or prerequisites. This course in a foundation course.


SPECIAL NOTEThis is the 2nd in a series of 2 courses on New Product Marketing Basics. This course was completely rewritten (Jan 2023)WHY IS THIS COURSE IMPORTANT?For many of us, the brainstorming, development and testing of our new products and services are exciting times. Equally as important is a firm understanding of the market and customer for which these innovations are intended. Without this our products/services will surely fail. This course will provide a solid foundation upon which we can build our successful market strategy. It introduces a variety of tools for be successful.WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THIS COURSE?In THIS course you will learn:Market Forecasting ModelsUsing TrendlinesATAR ModelBass ModelsThe HypecycleCrossing the ChasmUsing CRM tools for ForecastingProfessional Forecasting ModelsForecasting Lessons LearnedTools for Choosing the Right StrategyVoting TechniqueConsensus TechniqueAffinity DiagramEase of Implementation GridMarket Attractiveness GridBCG GridThe 1st (of 2) course in this series focused on the fundamental marketing building blocks of SWOT, Value, Mission and Vision. It also discussed market sizing.WHO IS THE IDEAL STUDENT FOR THIS COURSE?You will learn a lot from this course if you areOn the development team and want a basic understanding about how to understand the market and how you will position your product in that marketAre new to marketing and want a pragmatic, practical description of all the important steps in building and executing a marketing strategyAre experienced in marketing but need a better understanding of those aspects of marketing related to the development and marketing of new products and servicesConsidering marketing as a career choiceWHAT IS YOUR TEACHING STYLE?My teaching style is a very pragmatic one. I assume you know nothing about this topic and start with the foundation and build from there. Some of these concepts could be challenging, so I sprinkle in as many examples as I can, both non healthcare and healthcare, to assure full understanding of the topic. This is why I have appended “Plain and Simple” to all my courses.WHY ARE YOU QUALIFIED TO TEACH THIS COURSE?I spent 35 + years in the design and launch of medical imaging products and services. My career evolved from leading engineering teams, to becoming VP Marketing and then to president of a Healthcare IT firm. It is also based on 15 years of university teaching experience.


Section 1: Marketing Forecasting Models

Lecture 1 Intro to this Section

Lecture 2 Using Trendlines

Lecture 3 ATAR Model

Lecture 4 Bass Model

Lecture 5 The Hypecycle

Lecture 6 Crossing the Chasm

Lecture 7 Using CRM Tools for Forecasting

Lecture 8 Professional Forecasting Models

Lecture 9 Forecasting Lessons Learned

Section 2: Choosing the Right Strategy

Lecture 10 Intro to this Section

Lecture 11 Voting Technique

Lecture 12 Consensus Technique

Lecture 13 Affinity Diagram

Lecture 14 Ease of Implementation Grid

Lecture 15 Market Attractiveness Grid

Lecture 16 BCG Matrix

Section 3: Quizzes & Assignments

Section 4: Library of resources for this course

Lecture 17 Books on Strategy

Lecture 18 Relevant articles on Strategy

Lecture 19 Other courses related to this topic (Bonus Lecture)

Those who are in the process of creating new product ideas.,Engineers who want to get a broader view of the value of new products and services,Marketing folks who drive new product management,The eternally curious.

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Created by: Thomas Giordano

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