Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Excel 2010
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010
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Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010

What you’ll learn

Entering text and numbers into a spreadsheet.
Using the order of operations for formulas.
How to save an Excel spreadsheet file and the different file formats.
Using the freeze pane option to freeze rows or columns in a spreadsheet.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010


Microsoft Excel 2010


During this introductory course on using Microsoft Excel 2010, we’ll teach the basics of using Microsoft Excel 2010.Your professional instructor will talk you through Excel 2010’s features, starting with the basics, from creating files to editing existing documents. You’ll start with creating a new workbook and entering text and numbers, moving onto saving and printing your documents.The course is designed for individuals and office professionals who need to learn the basics of Microsoft Excel 2010.


Section 1: Introduction to Excel

Lecture 1 Introduction and Overview of Excel 2010 Course

Lecture 2 READ ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 3 Overview of the Excel Window

Lecture 4 Working with the Mouse

Lecture 5 Excel Options

Section 2: Creating a New Workbook

Lecture 6 Entering Text and Numbers

Lecture 7 Creating Basic Formulas

Lecture 8 Relative References

Lecture 9 Order of Operations

Lecture 10 Working with Ranges

Section 3: Saving Workbooks

Lecture 11 Working with Save and Save As Commands

Lecture 12 File Extensions

Section 4: Navigating Workbooks

Lecture 13 Opening a File

Lecture 14 Working with Larger Files

Lecture 15 Freeze Panes Options

Lecture 16 Split Screen Option

Lecture 17 Course Review

Lecture 18 Bonus lecture

Anyone new to Microsoft Excel or upgrading from an earlier version.

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Udemy | English | 1h 17m | 5.56 MB
Created by: Simon Sez IT

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