Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Word 2013
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013
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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013

What you’ll learn

Learning the Word 2013 interface
Creating a word document
Entering text into your word document
Using different views
Keyboard shortcuts

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013


Microsoft Word 2013


During this introductory course for using Microsoft Word 2013, we’ll teach the basics of using Word 2013. We’ll start with navigating the Word 2013 interface, including the Ribbon, Backstage View and the Quick Access Toolbar. Discover concepts to help you create a word document, entering data, different views, and keyboard shortcuts.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Acquiring Word 2013; Information about Installing and Upgrading

Lecture 2 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 3 Course Exercise Files

Lecture 4 What’s New

Section 2: Using Touch

Lecture 5 Overview of Principles

Section 3: Getting Started

Lecture 6 Starting and Exiting; Templates; Creating, Opening and Saving Documents

Lecture 7 Word Workspace; Backstage View

Section 4: Help

Lecture 8 Online and Offiline Help

Section 5: Word Options

Lecture 9 Settings and Preferences

Section 6: The Ribbon and Toolbars

Lecture 10 The Ribbon

Lecture 11 Quick Access Toolbar

Lecture 12 Mini Toolbar/Bar

Section 7: Backup, AutoSave and AutoRecover

Lecture 13 Course Review

Lecture 14 Setting Up AutoSave and AutoRecover Preferences

Section 8: Entering and Editing Data

Lecture 15 Typing, Editing, and Deleting Text; Customizing Status Bar

Lecture 16 Navigation; Word Wrapping; Making a Selection

Lecture 17 Inserting Symbols, Date and Time, and Document Property

Section 9: Copy, Cut and Paste

Lecture 18 Various Methods of Copying, Cutting and Pasting

Section 10: Navigation and Find

Lecture 19 Uses of Navigation Pane

Lecture 20 Find and Replace; Go to

Section 11: Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 21 Keyboard Shortcuts and Key Tips

Section 12: Views

Lecture 22 Print Layout, Web Layout and Draft Views; Ruler and Gridlines; Split and Switch

Lecture 23 Zoom

Lecture 24 Read Mode

Section 13: Spell Checker

Lecture 25 Spelling and Grammar Errors; Language Settings

Lecture 26 AutoCorrect; Proofing Settings; Spell Checking

Section 14: Formatting

Lecture 27 Fonts, Font Size, and Font Colors; Text Effect and Text Highlight

Lecture 28 Alignment; Line and Paragraph Spacing; Indent

Lecture 29 Fill/Shading; Border Tab; Format Painter

Section 15: Lists

Lecture 30 Bulleted, Numbered and Multilevel Lists

Section 16: Managing Document

Lecture 31 File Formats

Section 17: Page Setup and Printing

Lecture 32 Printing

Lecture 33 Page Layout, Sections and Margins

Lecture 34 Headers, Footers and Page Numbers

Section 18: Templates, Themes and Styles

Lecture 35 Using Templates

Lecture 36 Using Themes and Styles

Section 19: PDF in Word

Lecture 37 Opening and Editing PDFs

Section 20: Tables

Lecture 38 Creating a Table; Inserting, Selecting and Deleting Rows and Columns

Lecture 39 Formatting Tables

Section 21: Graphics

Lecture 40 Inserting, Cropping, Resizing and Positioning Pictures

Lecture 41 Picture Styles; Picture Adjustments, Corrections and Effects

Lecture 42 Online Pictures and Clipart

Lecture 43 Inserting and Formatting Shapes and Textbox

Lecture 44 Smart Art and WordArt

Lecture 45 Screenshots

Anyone new to Microsoft Word or upgrading from a previous version.

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Created by: Simon Sez IT

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