Introduction to Milvus Vector Database Using Python

Learn the basics of Milvus (Vector Database), learn to work with Milvus using PyMilvus and more !
Introduction to Milvus Vector Database Using Python
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Vijay Anand Ramakrishnan


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Introduction to Milvus Vector Database Using Python

What you’ll learn

Basics of Vector databases
Introduction to Milvus and Installing Milvus
Collections, Partitions and Indexes in Milvus
PyMilvus – Python SDK for Milvus
A Real world Example using Milvus
Role Based Access Control in Milvus
Attu – UI based tool for managing Milvus

Introduction to Milvus Vector Database Using Python


Docker and Docker Compose
Basic Linux Commands


Milvus is the world’s first open-source vector database system that can store, index, and search across Billions of vectors! Vector databases are one of the emerging technologies of the decade supporting modern AI tools and learning Milvus to build highly scalable and real-time AI applications can help you progress faster in your career.This course will provide you with solid practical Skills in Milvus using its Python SDK (PyMilvus). Before you begin, you are required to have basic knowledge onPython ProgrammingLinux CommandsDocker and Docker ComposeSome of the highlights of this course areAll lectures have been designed from the ground up to make the complex topics easy to understandAmple working examples demonstrated in the video lecturesDownloadable Python notebooks with the examples that were used in the coursePrecise and informative video lecturesQuiz at the end of important video lecturesCovers a wide range of fundamental topics in Milvus After completing this course, you will be able toInstall and work with Milvus using PythonManage Collections and indexes in MilvusPerform vector search on vectors stored in Milvus Manage users and roles in MilvusUse Attu, a web-based UI that can be used to manage MilvusUse Milvus to build scalable AI appsThis course will be updated periodically and enroll now to get lifelong access to this course! Course Updates:04-11-2023 – Added a new section with working examples04-07-2023 – Added quiz on Flat, IVF, Scalar quantization, Product Quantization, and HNSW Indexes25-06-2023 – Added a new chapter of video lectures on Milvus Indexes11-06-2023 – Updated the quiz questions


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Prelude

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Introduction to vector Databases

Lecture 4 Components of a Vector Database

Lecture 5 Embedding vectors

Lecture 6 Vector Similarity Metrics

Lecture 7 Introduction to Milvus

Section 2: Milvus

Lecture 8 Milvus Architecture

Lecture 9 Milvus – Storage Concepts

Lecture 10 Installation

Lecture 11 PyMilvus

Lecture 12 Collections

Lecture 13 Partitions

Lecture 14 Data management

Lecture 15 Indexing the data

Lecture 16 Querying & Searching

Lecture 17 An Example Using Tensorflow

Lecture 18 Role Based Access Control

Lecture 19 Attu

Lecture 20 Milvus Lite

Section 3: Indexes in Milvus

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 Flat Index

Lecture 23 Inverted File Index (IVF)

Lecture 24 Scalar Quantization

Lecture 25 Product Quantization

Lecture 26 HNSW Index (Hierarchical Navigable Small World graphs)

Section 4: Working Examples – Optional

Lecture 27 Introduction

Lecture 28 Find the similar sheeps – PyTorch

Lecture 29 Song Search – OpenAI

Lecture 30 Answering the Questions – LangChain

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 31 Conclusion

Data Scientists,AI Engineers,Machine learning Engineers,MLOps Engineers,Anyone who is motivated to learn and work with a Vector database

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Created by: Vijay Anand Ramakrishnan

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