Introduction to Oracle Database Backup and Security

A Practical hands-on guide to backing up and restoring Oracle Databases and Implementing security
Introduction to Oracle Database Backup and Security
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Introduction to Oracle Database Backup and Security

What you’ll learn

Download and Install Oracle Database
Backup a database
Restore a database
Secure a database
Manage database user priviledges and roles
View deleted historical data with flashback
Recover dropped tables

Introduction to Oracle Database Backup and Security


You should have an understanding of database concepts like Table|Row|Columns
Basic SQL knowledge


Oracle Database  is a relational database management system -RDBMS that is widely used by a lot of organisations to store and manage their data.Database backup and recovery as well as securing the database from unauthorized access are key tasks performed by Database administrators or anyone that closely works with  or looks after databases.As a backup administrator, your principal duty is to devise, implement, and manage a backup and recovery strategy. In general, the purpose of a backup and recovery strategy is to protect the database against data loss and reconstruct the database after data loss.The Oracle database provides security in the form of authentication, authorization, and auditing. Authentication ensures that only legitimate users gain access to the system. Authorization ensures that those users only have access to resources they are permitted to access.This course is a practical hands-on that will teach you how to:    • Perform a  full database backup    • Perform a database  restore and recovery    • View and retrieve historical data using Flashback technology    • Recover and retrieve dropped tables    • Establish security measures to protect the database    • Manage user roles and privileges to the database       • Enabling Archive log mode    • Auditing Oracle Database users    • Predefined Oracle user accountsAfter the end of this course , you will know how to :  • Backup and restore a database  • Manage database user access and security  • Recover dropped tables  • Use Oracle flashback technology.


Section 1: Setting up Your Test Environment

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Hardware Requirements

Lecture 3 Software Requirements

Lecture 4 Download Oracle Database

Lecture 5 Install Oracle Database

Lecture 6 Unlock Sample HR Schema Account

Lecture 7 Download and install Java JDK

Lecture 8 Download Oracle SQL Developer

Lecture 9 Install Oracle SQL Developer

Lecture 10 Starting Oracle SQL Developer

Lecture 11 SQLplus

Section 2: Backing Up and Restoring Oracle Database

Lecture 12 Introducction

Lecture 13 Enabling ARCHIVELOG Mode

Lecture 14 Backing up the database

Lecture 15 Restoring and Recovering Database

Lecture 16 Viewing and Restoring Historical Data using Flashback

Lecture 17 Recovering Dropped Tables

Section 3: Managing Users and Database Security

Lecture 18 Establishing Security Policy on a Database

Lecture 19 Database Privileges and Roles

Lecture 20 Managing Oracle database users

Lecture 21 Creating new database user

Lecture 22 Auditing database activities

Lecture 23 Predefined Oracle user accounts

Lecture 24 Thank You

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