Introduction to Oracle Transportation Management OTM Cloud

Understand how OTM is used for shipment planning, execution, and more (SCM) to prepare for Oracle Cloud Certification
Introduction to Oracle Transportation Management OTM Cloud
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Introduction to Oracle Transportation Management OTM Cloud

What you’ll learn

Understand the key concepts and functionalities of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Cloud
Explore the powerful analytics, extension, and reporting features of OTM Cloud applications
How to integrate data from OTM Cloud applications to Oracle SCM Cloud applications
Use the knowledge and resources gained from this course to prepare for the Oracle Certification Exam

Introduction to Oracle Transportation Management OTM Cloud


Fundamentals in Supply Chain Management


Are you a newbie or a Business Analyst or a Developer or a Business user, who wants to know about Oracle Transportation Management Cloud (OTM), where it is used, and how you can pivot your Career by learning this application? If you are, then please check out this course. There might be information and videos on Google and YouTube on ERP Cloud Applications. But if you want a course which is tailor-made for the needs of a Business Analyst, Developer, Super User, Functional Consultant, then you came to the right place. Instead of spending 40 to 50 hours to learn Oracle Transportation Management Cloud (OTM), you just spend less than 3 hours and you get more. I have 18+ years of experience in Supply Chain Management and have implemented SCM Solutions for 15+ customers.In this course, I will show you how to use OTM to effectively plan shipments for Inbound and Outbound transactions. I will explain and show the end to end Shipment Planning and Execution process using OTM Cloud, Order Management Cloud, Warehouse Management Systems Cloud, GTM Cloud, and IoT Fleet Monitoring.I will also show you Tips and Tricks and pitfalls to avoid for OTM Implementation. I have shown a live software demo of some of the setups you can do in Oracle Transportation Management Cloud. I have also posted a coding exercise using Python.NOTE: The views expressed on this video/post are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 How Covid 19 demonstrated the importance of Supply Chain Management?

Lecture 3 Course Introduction

Lecture 4 Course Agenda

Lecture 5 Phases in OTM

Lecture 6 Explanation of Phases in OTM

Lecture 7 Execute Shipments & Operational Planning

Lecture 8 Multi Leg- Multi Mode Optimization

Lecture 9 Event Management and Billing

Lecture 10 Order Management Cloud to OTM Cloud

Lecture 11 OTM Cloud Demo Flow

Lecture 12 OTM Cloud Demo 1 – Sales Order Creation in OM Cloud

Lecture 13 OTM Cloud Demo 2 – Custom Order Orchestration Process in OM Cloud

Lecture 14 OTM Cloud Demo 3 – Transportation Planning in OTM

Lecture 15 OTM Cloud Demo 4 – Transportation Planning in OTM

Lecture 16 OTM Cloud Demo 5 – Shipment Creation in OTM

Lecture 17 OTM Cloud Demo 6 – Tender Creation in OTM

Lecture 18 OTM Cloud Demo 7 – Tender Acceptance by Carrier

Lecture 19 OTM Cloud Demo 8 – Dock Appointment and WMS Integration with OTM

Lecture 20 OTM Cloud Demo 9 – Shipment Completion by Carrier using Mobile

Lecture 21 OTM Cloud Demo 10 – Invoicing and Track & Trace in OTM

Lecture 22 OTM Cloud Demo 11 – Concept of Domain in OTM and Demo Conclusion

Lecture 23 OTM Cloud Demo 12 – Digital Assistant

Lecture 24 Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring with OTM Cloud

Lecture 25 Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring with OTM Cloud

Lecture 26 Introduction to Blockchain

Lecture 27 How Blockchain can be used in SCM

Lecture 28 Blockchain Use Cases with OTM Cloud

Lecture 29 Blockchain use case with OTM Cloud for Track and Trace of Shipments part 1

Lecture 30 Blockchain use case with OTM Cloud for Track and Trace of Shipments part 2

Lecture 31 Blockchain Use Case with OTM GTM Cloud

Lecture 32 Course Conclusion

Lecture 33 Bonus Lecture

Anyone interested in learning about logistics, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and e-commerce operations,Business Analysts, Functional Consultants, Process Owners, Super Users, Developers, Implementation Consultants, Transportation Planners, Operations Managers,Anyone implementing OTM Cloud or SCM Cloud projects

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