Introduction to Security Awareness Campaigns

Understanding how awareness offers tangible results in reducing the likely hood of successful social engineering attacks
Introduction to Security Awareness Campaigns
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Introduction to Security Awareness Campaigns

What you’ll learn

Choose the right security policy to begin with (if starting out)
Communicate the components and why you have them on the security policy
Use Awareness to lower risk of social engineering attacks
Communicating basic security principles
Understanding how, what and why (criminal) hackers attack

Introduction to Security Awareness Campaigns


Be familiar with basic principles of Security and Information Technology


Security Awareness Campaigns is about the components and reality of what makes awareness campaigns successful and which components are needed in it. This course will cover the basics of a security awareness campaign that is aimed at increasing security levels by addressing social engineering attacks and communicating the basics of awareness and threats companies face today. Learn the basic concepts of security awareness campaigns, quickly and easily! This course goes through relevant research into successful and failed attempts at increasing awareness, also going through complex standards and making them simple and easy to understand. The full version gives you research, tips and information you need to be successful in creating your own security awareness campaign. There are over 22 lectures in the full version that cover: Introduction to security awareness campaigns What components are needed Security Drivers Vulnerabilities that companies face Business value of campaigns Components of the awareness campaign Security Policy Laptop and Desktop Mobile Devices Data Security and Encryption Incident Response Change Management Security Organization How awareness mitigates risks Practical examples of how awareness has stopped attacks in reality This course goes through materials and actual projects and gives you the simple scoop on how to create great awareness campaigns that work and which elements you can use in your awareness campaign. It also goes through information that is also important for everyone to know, even if you do not create an awareness campaign, it will help you understand basic concepts.


Section 1: Basics of Security and Awareness

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Security Drivers of Awareness

Lecture 3 Objective of awareness campaigns

Lecture 4 Areas of Vulnerability in an enterprise, agency or institution

Lecture 5 Training & Communication Plan, Training Methods and Schedule

Section 2: Components of Awareness Campaigns

Lecture 6 Executive Buy-In

Lecture 7 The Security Policy (updated)

Lecture 8 Risk Management (Assets, what risks the company faces, etc.) Updated

Lecture 9 Logons and password security

Lecture 10 Anti Virus, Personal Firewalls and Co.

Lecture 11 Laptop and Desktop Security Guidelines and Best Practice

Lecture 12 Mobile Security Guidelines and Best Practice

Lecture 13 Secure Internet usage and secure searches as well as browsing

Lecture 14 Email Security

Lecture 15 Data Security and Encryption

Lecture 16 Physical Security (The office, other buildings, perimeter and data center)

Lecture 17 Change Management (Update)

Lecture 18 Incident Response and Team (Update)

Section 3: Deriving Value from Security Awareness

Lecture 19 Deriving value from security awareness initiatives

Lecture 20 What is Social Engineering? (Definition and certain types of attacks)

Lecture 21 Common attacks that are mitigated by awareness

Lecture 22 Suggested Reading and Research

Section 4: Course Materials and Presentation

Lecture 23 Course Presentation

Lecture 24 Course Paper / Handbook

Lecture 25 Putting it all together

Section 5: Final Exam

People who work in security, management and business,Directors, CIO’s, CISO’s, Consultants

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Created by: Michael Goedeker

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