Introduction to SEO Copywriting

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Introduction to SEO Copywriting
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Introduction to SEO Copywriting

What you’ll learn

Students and Professionals will learn the basics of Writing a perfect SEO Copywriting Article. No prior experience required for this course.
In just 33 minutes, learn the basics of SEO Copywriting.
Students will get knowledge about SEO and Copywriting!
Students learning progress will be assessed through practice test after each lesson.
A comprehensive test will be given at the close of course to test the course’s knowledge.

Introduction to SEO Copywriting


No prior experience required to take the course!


Students and Professionals will learn the basics of Writing a perfect SEO Copywriting Article. No prior experience required for this course.SEO copywriting is the process of combining persuasive words that entice users to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product or signing up for an email list, with standard SEO best practices that drive traffic (such as keyword research). This copy can be found in emails, various marketing materials, product pages on a website, and other places. The process of creating content that is optimized for keywords and intended to appeal to both human users and search engine algorithms is known as SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting is different from other SEO content writing, like blogging, because the goal is to convert leads rather than get organic traffic. Additionally, SEO copywriting is less lengthy; where a blog entry might have very nearly 1,000 words, copywriting content might have not exactly 50% of that.Some examples of types of content that can be created with SEO copywriting principles in mind are as follows:Item depictionsOn location route guidelinesPromoting contentLanding pagesSite copyBrand informingCTA buttonsLast checkout screensKey Characteristics1. Online Classes at the comfort of your schedule.2. Student Support.3. Assessment at the end of each lesson (MCQs and short question answer) and comprehensive examination at the close of course.4.Course Certificate at the course completion.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Introduction to SEO Copywriting

Lecture 2 What is Copywriting?

Lecture 3 Key Terms

Lecture 4 What is SEO?

Lecture 5 What is Search Engine Optimization Copywriting?

Section 3: Job Description and Copywriting Techniques

Lecture 6 Types of Copywriting

Lecture 7 Who is Copywriter?

Lecture 8 Job Description of Copywriter

Lecture 9 How to Improve SEO Copywriting Skills

Lecture 10 How to improve SEO Copywriting Skills: Techniques

Lecture 11 SEO Copywriting Article Structure

Section 4: Practice Test

Lecture 12 Practice Test

Students and sales & marketing professionals

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