Introduction to SOLIDWORKS

Learn the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS engineering and design software including parts, drawings, and assemblies.
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS
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Introduction to SOLIDWORKS

What you’ll learn

Learn the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS
Design Products Confidently Using SOLIDWORKS
Generate Engineering Drawings
Learn the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Assemblies
Understand the fundamentals of Product Development and Design

Introduction to SOLIDWORKS


Students should have a version of SOLIDWORKS software to practice and run through exercises
Basic computer skills


In this course we will learn the fundamental tools and concepts for the SOLIDWORKS engineering and design software.  SOLIDWORKS is one of the largest computer aided design (CAD) softwares globally used across numerous industries including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, defense, medical devices, robotics & automation, consumer products, construction, and many more!
This course will run through the core concepts and tools available within SOLIDWORKS to help us design and build any parts, drawings, and assemblies we may require for our specific projects.
We will start by getting comfortable with the user interface and work-space of SOLIDWORKS, move onto creating our first sketch and design our first parts.  Once we have learned a number of the core part design tools we will introduce drawing tools to generate technical or engineering drawings required to manufacture our parts.  Finally, we will learn assembly tools to help us design and build our assembly projects that contain multiple components.
By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation of the SOLIDWORKS fundamentals required to create and design your very own projects!


Section 1: Introduction and Course Overview

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 What you should know

Lecture 3 Using the exercise files

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 4 SOLIDWORKS Terminology

Lecture 5 User Interface

Lecture 6 Navigation Tools & Viewing Options

Lecture 7 File Types

Lecture 8 Creating your first part file

Section 3: Sketching

Lecture 9 Creating a sketch

Lecture 10 Sketch Tools

Lecture 11 Sketching the bracket base

Lecture 12 Relations and Dimensions

Lecture 13 Additional Sketch Options

Section 4: Basic Part Modelling

Lecture 14 Extruding a Sketch

Lecture 15 Creating a Second Extruded Feature

Lecture 16 Extruded Cut

Lecture 17 Hole Wizard

Lecture 18 Reference Geometry

Lecture 19 Patterns

Lecture 20 Fillets

Section 5: Revolved Features

Lecture 21 Introduction to Revolves

Lecture 22 Revolve Sketch and Symmetry

Lecture 23 Revolve Command

Section 6: Additional Commands

Lecture 24 Sweep

Lecture 25 Loft

Lecture 26 Shell

Lecture 27 Draft

Section 7: Drawings

Lecture 28 Creating a drawing

Lecture 29 Adding additional views

Lecture 30 Adding Dimensions & Annotations

Section 8: Assemblies

Lecture 31 Creating an assembly

Lecture 32 Inserting Mates

Lecture 33 Inserting fasteners using the Toolbox

Lecture 34 Explode View

Lecture 35 Assembly Drawings

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 36 Final Outputs

Lecture 37 Next Steps & Conclusions

Anyone who is interested in CAD,Anyone interested in Engineering and Design,Anyone interested in Product Design and Development,Anyone interested in Production and Manufacturing

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Udemy | English | 2h 39m | 868.54 MB
Created by: Justin Flett

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