Introduction to Sparx Enterprise Architect

Learn the basic functionalities of the modeling tool Sparx Enterprise Architect
Introduction to Sparx Enterprise Architect
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Bert Dingemans


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Introduction to Sparx Enterprise Architect

What you’ll learn

Introduction to the basic functionality of the modeling tool Sparx Enterprise Architect

Introduction to Sparx Enterprise Architect


Sparx Enterprise Architect (trial version) installed on a computer
Basic introduction to mind maps and UML class diagrams


In this introduction on Sparx Enterprise Architect you will get an overview of the functionalities available. It is a starting point for creating models in various modeling languages, it describes how you can turn the tool in a repository. Other subjects explained in this course are publishing modeling documents, security, working in teams and maximize your efficency when modeling.This training is relevant for everybody who wants to make a jumpstart in modeling with Enterprise Architect


Section 1: Introduction to Sparx Enterprise Architect

Lecture 1 Introduction to Sparx Enterprise Architect

Lecture 2 History

Lecture 3 Modeling languages

Lecture 4 Perspectives

Lecture 5 Configuring the Desktop

Lecture 6 Repositories and databases

Lecture 7 What is new in Sparx Enterprise Architect 16

Section 2: Modeling and Diagrams

Lecture 8 Modeling elements

Lecture 9 Modeling basics

Lecture 10 Diagram views

Lecture 11 Layout and modeling tips

Lecture 12 Advanced modeling and diagrams

Section 3: Getting around

Lecture 13 Using the browser panel

Lecture 14 Model Views

Lecture 15 Traceability and relationships

Lecture 16 Searching functions

Lecture 17 Navigation cells and composite diagrams

Section 4: Publising to documents and HTML

Lecture 18 Generating documents

Lecture 19 Custom documents for flexibility in reporting

Lecture 20 Reporting templates

Lecture 21 Linked and dynamic documents

Lecture 22 HTML publication

Section 5: Working in teams

Lecture 23 Authorization in Enterprise Architect

Lecture 24 Locking content with security users and groups

Lecture 25 Working sets for direct selection of diagrams

Lecture 26 Baselines and releases

Lecture 27 Collaboration within teams

Modelers interested in using Sparx Enterprise Architect,Novice Sparx Enterprise Architect Users overwhelmed by the functionalities availabe

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 53m | 1.37 GB
Created by: Bert Dingemans

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