Introduction to the Aircraft Maintenance Industry

Learn the fundamental aspects of this complex and standardized industry.
Introduction to the Aircraft Maintenance Industry
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Introduction to the Aircraft Maintenance Industry

What you’ll learn

Most important Organizations and Authorities in Commercial aviation
Economics of commercial aviation
Aircraft manufacturers and current market outlook
the ATA 100 standard
Aircraft maintenance documents
Aircraft manufacturers manuals
Aircraft Operators manuals
Certificates in aviation
Aircraft maintenance program
Introduction to ircraft leasing

Introduction to the Aircraft Maintenance Industry


Have a general interest in aviation!


Hello! and welcome to our introductory course on the commercial aircraft maintenance industry.We are Southern Engineering and Aviation Services, or SOENAS, for short. We are an aviation consulting company based in Cordoba, Argentina, founded in 2013 by our Director Federico Suarez. Federico has more than 20 years of experience working in commercial aircraft maintenance, both as an employee for several important Latin American Airlines and as a freelance consultant.SOENAS brings together a team of industry experts from the commercial aircraft maintenance industry, and offers tailored management solutions, from supervising heavy maintenance checks for commercial airlines to managing Aircraft lease transitions for Aircraft leasing companies.Over the years our team noticed there are certain subjects we need to teach employees whenever bringing on now people to our team of consultants, even when they’re professionals with a background in aviation. This problem is repeated across the industry.Commercial aviation is both highly standardized and regulated at a global level, and the extensive amount of documentation, procedures and agreements that are necessary to guarantee safety in aviation can sometimes seem daunting. Maintenance of commercial aircraft is no exception, and our course aims to help you understand the most important aspects of this complex and unique environment.By taking this course, you will learn the following topics:- The most relevant organizations and authorities that regulate commercial aviation activities around the world.- The economics of civil aviation and historical trends.- The world’s main aircraft manufacturers and a current market outlook.- The ATA 100 Standard for aircraft maintenance manuals.- The most important documents in the field of aircraft maintenance.- The different manuals an aircraft manufacturer must publish to communicate the correct and recommended practices when maintaining an aircraft.- The different manuals an Operator must publish, detailing its procedures to both its employees and the authorities that oversee its operations- The most important Certificates in commercial aviation, for aircraft, repair stations, companies and professionals.- How an aircraft operator, manufacturer and the different organizations and authorities work together to ensure the proper maintenance of an aircraft, through an Aircraft Maintenance Program.- Finally, a brief Introduction to Aircraft Leasing, the industry, and why it is an increasingly popular way for operators to access aircraft.Our team was worked to translate many years of our experience in the field into comprehensive courses that are easy to take in yet highly informative, no matter your background. You can expect:- High quality, engaging class animation- Pre-scripted content- Clear, simple explanations that are easy to understand- Knowledge assessments after every lecture- Real life examples of documents and certificates you may encounter in the field.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Organizations

Lecture 2 Organizations

Section 3: Economics of commercial aviation

Lecture 3 Economics of Commercial aviation

Section 4: Aircraft manufacturers

Lecture 4 Aircraft Manufacturers

Section 5: The ATA 100 Standard

Lecture 5 The ATA 100 Standard

Section 6: Documents

Lecture 6 Documents

Section 7: Manufacturers Manuals

Lecture 7 Manufacturers Manuals

Section 8: Operators manuals

Lecture 8 Operators manuals

Section 9: Aircraft Maintenance Program

Lecture 9 Aircraft Maintenance Program Part 1

Lecture 10 Aircraft Maintenance Program Part 2

Section 10: Certificates in aviation

Lecture 11 Certificates in aviation

Section 11: Aircraft Leasing

Lecture 12 Aircraft Leasing

Those interested in starting their career in the aviation maintenance industry,Professionals from a non-aviation background with an interest in working in aviation,Non-Technical Professionals allready working in aircraft maintenance who need a better understanding of the industry,Students aiming to improve their understanding of the aviation industry

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