Introduction to TypeScript Development

Get ready to build React, Vue and Angular web and mobile applications by learning the TypeScript programming language.
Introduction to TypeScript Development
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Introduction to TypeScript Development

What you’ll learn

Be ready to move onto building Angular, React and Vue applications.
Code with the TypeScript programming language.
Work with TypeScript classes and object oriented programming concepts.

Introduction to TypeScript Development


Basic computer knowledge
Mac, Linux or PC


April 2021 course update: Added an entire section that shows how to build a React application with TypeScript 4! Also added a new Advanced Techniques sectionDo you want to build Angular, React JS, or Vue JS web and mobile applications? If that’s your goal it’s vital that you learn the TypeScript programming language, and that’s exactly what we’re going to walk through in this course. My name is Jordan Hudgens, and I’ll be your instructor for the course. In addition to being the lead instructor for devCamp I’ve also been building web applications for over a decade for organizations such as Eventbrite and Quip.After you have completed this course you’ll be ready to start learning how to work with the React, Vue and Angular application frameworks. Angular 2 was rebuilt from the ground up in order to take advantage of modern development practices, and the framework creators actually built the new version completely in the TypeScript programming language. This is the reason why TypeScript is so important to learn for aspiring Angular developers.In this course we’re going to start with the basics and I’m going to show you how fun it is to build TypeScript programs. After you’re familiar with the syntax, we’re going to move onto more advanced TypeScript development techniques, such as: working with closures, object oriented programming, real time asynchronous development, and decorators.My focus for this course isn’t to teach you how to build TypeScript console applications. Instead, my goal is to teach you the skills you will need in order to build real world Angular 2 applications. And actually, this course includes the exact material we teach at our devCamp coding bootcamps prior to students going through our immersive Angular 2 course.There are no technical pre-requisites to this course. The ideal student is an individual who wants to learn how to build Angular 2 applications. I will show you how to install and run TypeScript programs on both a Mac and a PC. And you can use either operating system to follow along with the course material.Each lesson of the course is paired with the source code that I used in the lecture so you can check your work.Please feel free to review the course curriculum and I look forward to going through the material with you on your development journey!


Section 1: Introduction and System Configuration

Lecture 1 TypeScript Overview and Benefits

Lecture 2 How to Install Homebrew for Using TypeScript on a Mac

Lecture 3 Installing Node.js and NPM on a Mac

Lecture 4 Installing TypeScript on a Mac

Lecture 5 Installing the Sublime Text TypeScript Plugin

Lecture 6 How to Install Node.js and NPM on a PC

Lecture 7 Installing TypeScript on a PC via NPM

Lecture 8 Running TypeScript Programs on a PC

Section 2: Basic Syntax and Structure

Lecture 9 Building a Hello World Program in TypeScript on a Mac

Lecture 10 How to Use Variables in TypeScript

Lecture 11 String Interpolation in TypeScript

Lecture 12 Overview of Types in TypeScript

Lecture 13 Creating a Type Alias in TypeScript

Lecture 14 How to Use Union Types in TypeScript

Lecture 15 Real World Example of Union Types in a Production React JS eCommerce Application

Lecture 16 TypeScript Arithmetic Operators

Lecture 17 Guide to TypeScript Conditionals

Lecture 18 TypeScript Conditional Operators

Lecture 19 Compound Conditionals in TypeScript

Lecture 20 TypeScript Loops

Lecture 21 Introduction to TypeScript Functions

Lecture 22 Working with TypeScript Function Arguments

Lecture 23 TypeScript Arrow Functions

Section 3: TypeScript Closures

Lecture 24 Function Declarations vs Expressions in TypeScript

Lecture 25 TypeScript Immediately Invoked Functions

Lecture 26 Immediately Invoked Function Arguments

Lecture 27 Introduction to Closures in TypeScript

Section 4: Object Oriented Programming in TypeScript

Lecture 28 Introduction to TypeScript Classes

Lecture 29 Guide to Inheritance for TypeScript Programs

Lecture 30 Objects in TypeScript

Lecture 31 Introduction to TypeScript Interfaces

Lecture 32 How to Configure TypeScript Functions to Work with Interfaces

Lecture 33 TypeScript Classes Implementing Interfaces

Lecture 34 TypeScript Namespaces

Section 5: Asynchronous Development in TypeScript

Lecture 35 What is Asynchronous Behavior?

Lecture 36 The Problem with ‘this’ in TypeScript (and how to fix it)

Lecture 37 Higher Order Functions and Callbacks in TypeScript

Lecture 38 Configuring TypeScript to Work with Promises

Lecture 39 Guide to Promises in TypeScript

Section 6: TypeScript Decorators

Lecture 40 Introduction to TypeScript Decorators

Lecture 41 Class Decorators in TypeScript

Lecture 42 TypeScript Method Decorators

Lecture 43 Example of TypeScript Decorators in Angular 2

Section 7: Advanced TypeScript Features

Lecture 44 Deep Dive: Optional Chaining in TypeScript

Lecture 45 How to Capitalize the First Letter of Every Word in TypeScript

Section 8: Real World TypeScript: Build a React Application with TypeScript

Lecture 46 Generating a React Application that Uses TypeScript

Lecture 47 Build React Components with TypeScript Interfaces for Scalable Features

Lecture 48 Deep Dive: Using the Map Function to Iterate and Return Values in TypeScript

Lecture 49 How to Render a List of Items in React with TypeScript Types and Interfaces

Students who want to learn the foundational concepts required for Angular, React, or Vue development,Students aspiring to learning the TypeScript programming language.,No programming experience is necessary for this course

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Udemy | English | 7h 53m | 2.29 GB
Created by: Jordan Hudgens

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