Introduction to using Git

Learn more about using Git for source file storage and version control. Course features Git access with GUI and CLI
Introduction to using Git
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Introduction to using Git

What you’ll learn

Use several GUIs for Git
Store web projects on Github and Bitbucket
Use Git to store source files
Know how to access Git Repos using Command Lines

Introduction to using Git


Have internet access
basic knowledge of web dev


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Then this course is for you! Click “Take This Course Now” For Instant Life-Time Access!——————————————–Want to learn more about Git and how you can use it for your web projects, perfect introduction to learning to about git and how to get started with using Git.
Git demonstrated, we show you how you can use GitHub and/or Bitbucket for storage, using git to control syncing between online and offline source code. Learn how you can work with git using applications like SourceTree and Github desktop. Explore git flow and using branching for version control.  Once you see how easy it can be to use Git in clients jump into using Git from the command line.   
Git is a version control system used for web development.  Did you know that git can be a useful tool for teams of all sizes from 1 – many?
Step by Step guide to introduce new users to git!  Learn how you can create repos, add files to repos, easily create new branches or versions of you code, pull and push source files to online git storage and a whole lot more.
Are you curious what Git can do…..  I promise you if you are not using it you should be!  
If you are working on web development projects Git can help you!
Git allows web developers to store content to online repositories like GitHub or Bitbucket.  Git can be used locally as well to create branches, compare versions and more.Git is easy to use allowing you to work smarter
This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about Git.  Its designed as a light introduction to how git works so that you can easily bring it into your web projects.  Once you start using Git you will wonder how you lived without it.
The course is designed to cover 2 ways to use Git.  
1. Using git through a Git client application like SourceTree and other popular clients.  Git clients give you access to all the Git has to offer with usable graphic interfaces.  This part of the course is designed around users who want to know about git but don’t want to use command lines to access it.
2. Git is easy to access via a terminal and command lines.  Add files, create branches, pull and push content to your online repos all made easy with simple git commands. Take charge of your web project and use git commands.   Command line section of this course is great for anyone who wants to get introduced to using Commands.
Git is powerful no matter how you bring it into your projects, and by the end of the course you can decide which way you want to access Git.  Learn the basics of Git and work smarter.   

I’m here to help you learn about web development and ready to answer any questions you may have.  Enroll now and Learn Git today!


Section 1: Course Introduction & Course Benefits – Get Started With GIT Today!

Lecture 1 Git Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to Git

Lecture 3 Git What is it introduction

Lecture 4 How to Install Git

Lecture 5 Git overview resources

Lecture 6 Git Resources

Section 2: GUI Client Applications for GIT

Lecture 7 SourceTree with BitBucket

Lecture 8 Add files to Repo Pull New file content from BitBucket

Lecture 9 Fetch Content from BitBucket

Lecture 10 Create Branch flow

Lecture 11 Merging Branches Together

Lecture 12 Clone GitHub Repo to Local computer

Lecture 13 New Develop Branch

Lecture 14 Merge Branches Pull Requests

Lecture 15 GitHub Desktop Client

Lecture 16 Create a new branch

Lecture 17 Github Pull Requests

Lecture 18 Sync Changes working on teams

Section 3: Git from the command Line

Lecture 19 Get ready for Command Lines

Lecture 20 Git Resources

Lecture 21 Git setup connect to origin online

Lecture 22 Git Help

Lecture 23 Use command line to create and push files to bitbucket

Lecture 24 Clone repo using Command line Git update file push to repo

Lecture 25 Git Config options

Lecture 26 Git config

Lecture 27 Command Line Branching

Lecture 28 Delete branch merge

Lecture 29 Basic setup Commands

Lecture 30 Clone and update origin path

Lecture 31 Make updates commit and push to origin

Section 4: Conclusion

Lecture 32 Git Conclusion

Lecture 33 Git Summary

Section 5: Bonus Section

Lecture 34 Bonus Lecture

anyone who wants to learn more about version control,anyone who wants to learn how to store files to GitHub or Bitbucket,anyone who wants to explore what Git can do

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 9m | 387.71 MB
Created by: Laurence Svekis

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