Introduction to Windows PowerShell 51

Install PowerShell 5.1, Understand PowerShell Syntax, Setup a PowerShell IT lab, Manage Active Directory with Powershell
Introduction to Windows PowerShell 51
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Introduction to Windows PowerShell 51

What you’ll learn

Understand the Powershell command line
How to write Powershell scripts to automate redundant tasks
Install and Update Windows PowerShell
Learn the Basics of Windows PowerShell 5.1
Introduction to the Text Based Console and Intelligent Scripting Environment (ISE)
Utilize the PowerShell Help System
Finally Understand PowerShell Syntax
Understand Objects, Properties and Methods
Understand the PowerShell Pipeline
Create and Manage Active Directory Users with PowerShell
Create and Delete Organizational Units with PowerShell

Introduction to Windows PowerShell 51


The ability to run or install Windows Powershell


This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation of Windows PowerShell 5.1. We will start with the basics of PowerShell 5.1 and end with you writing your own powerful automation scripts.In this course we will cover the following major topics:The basics of Windows PowerShellWindows PowerShell system requirementsInstalling and Updating Windows PowerShellHow to use the CLI (Command Line Interface)How to use the ISE (Intelligent Scripting Environment)How to get help and find commands within the CLIGetting Started with Windows PowerShellGetting Help and Finding CommandsThe Language of PowerShell – Command Syntax, Objects and Properties, and the PipelineSetup your own PowerShell On Premises IT LabBasic Active Directory Domain Administration with Windows PowershellAn introduction to Desired State Configuration made simple!And MUCH more!Once we have covered this foundation, we will move on to writing PowerShell scripts. We will start with simple tasks before moving on to more advanced and complicated script writing.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Windows PowerShell System Requirements

Section 2: Getting Started with Windows PowerShell

Lecture 3 Section Overview

Lecture 4 The Basics of PowerShell

Lecture 5 PowerShell Versions and VSC

Lecture 6 Installing and Updating PowerShell

Lecture 7 The Text Based Console – Part 1 – An Overview

Lecture 8 The Text Based Console – Part 2 – An Overview

Lecture 9 The ISE – Part 1 (Intelligent Scripting Environment)

Lecture 10 The ISE – Part 2 – (Intelligent Scripting Environment)

Lecture 11 Setting up Visual Studio Code for PowerShell

Section 3: Getting Help and Finding Commands

Lecture 12 Section Overview

Lecture 13 Part 1- Getting Help and Finding Commands

Lecture 14 Part 2 – Getting Help and Finding Commands

Lecture 15 Part 3 Getting Help and Finding Commands

Lecture 16 Help System Questions

Lecture 17 Help System Answers 1 – 4

Lecture 18 Help System Answers 5 – 9

Lecture 19 Common Commands

Section 4: The Language of PowerShell – Command Syntax

Lecture 20 Section Overview

Lecture 21 Command Syntax Part 1

Lecture 22 Command Syntax Part 2

Lecture 23 Command Syntax Part 3

Lecture 24 Command Syntax Questions

Lecture 25 Command Syntax Answers

Section 5: The Language of PowerShell – Objects and Properties

Lecture 26 Section Overview

Lecture 27 Objects-Properties and Methods – Part 1

Lecture 28 Objects-Properties and Methods – Part 2

Lecture 29 Objects-Properties and Methods – Part 3

Lecture 30 Questions 1-9 – Objects-Properties and Methods –

Lecture 31 Answers to Questions 1-7

Lecture 32 Answers to Questions 8-9

Section 6: The Language of PowerShell – The Pipeline

Lecture 33 Section Overview

Lecture 34 The Pipeline Part 1

Lecture 35 The Pipeline Part 2

Section 7: PowerShell Providers

Lecture 36 What are PowerShell Providers

Lecture 37 How to Use PDDrive

Lecture 38 PowerShell Provider Cmdlets -1

Lecture 39 PowerShell Provider Cmdlets – 2

Lecture 40 Student Assignments

Section 8: PowerShell Arrays and Variables

Lecture 41 PowerShell Variables

Lecture 42 PowerShell Arrays

Lecture 43 PowerShell Variables Challenge

Lecture 44 PowerShell Variables Solution

Section 9: PowerShell Loops

Lecture 45 For Loops

Lecture 46 While Loops

Lecture 47 Do Loops

Lecture 48 ForEach Loops

Lecture 49 Loop Breaks

Section 10: PowerShell Functions and Conditional Statements

Lecture 50 PowerShell Conditional Statements (If Then Else, Switch)

Lecture 51 Understanding PowerShell Functions and Function Scope

Lecture 52 PowerShell Functions

Lecture 53 PowerShell Conditional Statements and Functions Challenge

Lecture 54 PowerShell Conditional Statements and Functions Solution

Section 11: Building an Active Directory IT lab for PowerShell

Lecture 55 Section Preface

Lecture 56 Should you watch this section?

Lecture 57 Downloading and Installing VirtualBox

Lecture 58 Replacement Server 2019 Download Link

Lecture 59 Downloading Windows Server

Lecture 60 Creating Your Virtual Network

Lecture 61 Creating a Virtual Machine

Lecture 62 Installing Windows Server

Lecture 63 Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions on Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience

Lecture 64 Installing the Active Directory Domain Services Server Role

Section 12: Basic Tools for the Administrator

Lecture 65 Network Stack Info Retriever

Lecture 66 Application Retriever

Lecture 67 Running Process Retriever

Lecture 68 Active Directory module Checker

Lecture 69 Scheduled Task Retriever

Lecture 70 Creating a Scheduled Task

Lecture 71 Security Check Uninstalling Media Player

Lecture 72 KB Patch Retriever

Section 13: Basic Domain Administration with Windows Powershell

Lecture 73 Configuring PowerShell Execution Policy with Group Policy

Lecture 74 Installing and Configuring Server Roles with Windows PowerShell

Lecture 75 Running PowerShell Scripts as Scheduled Tasks

Lecture 76 PowerShell Splatting

Lecture 77 Bulk Installing Windows MSU Update Files with PowerShell

Section 14: Administrating Active Directory with Powershell

Lecture 78 Creating OUs (Organizational Units) with PowerShell

Lecture 79 Creating and Managing Active Directory User Accounts with PowerShell

Lecture 80 Move all AD Users in a Group to a Specific Organizational Unit

Section 15: File Manipulation with Powershell

Lecture 81 Section Overview

Lecture 82 File Select Dialog

Lecture 83 CSV File Manipulation

Lecture 84 JSON File Manipulation

Lecture 85 File Manipulation Assignment

Section 16: Desired State Configuration (DSC) Crash Course

Lecture 86 DSC Overview

Lecture 87 Enabling PSRemoting with Group Policy

Lecture 88 Installing The DSC Resource Kit

Lecture 89 Configuring the Local Config Manager (LCM) for DSC Push

Lecture 90 Uninstalling Windows Features with DSC

Section 17: Powershell Modules

Lecture 91 Finding and installing PowerShell modules

Lecture 92 Creating a Custom PowerShell Module: Files and Folders

Lecture 93 Writing the New Greeting Function

Lecture 94 Writing the Get-GreetingMessage Function

Lecture 95 Creating the PSM1 PowerShell Module File

Lecture 96 Creating a PowerShell Module Manifest

Lecture 97 Writing automated module tests with Pester

Section 18: Course Conclusion

Lecture 98 How to get your certificate of completion

Lecture 99 Bonus Lecture

Help Desk Professionals that would like to automate redundant tasks,Beginners and experienced Powershell administrators who would like to sharpen their IT coding skills

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 54m | 5.34 GB
Created by: Paul Hill

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