Introductory Biology

Life around us is simply amazing. I’ll show you why.
Introductory Biology
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Introductory Biology

What you’ll learn

Understand more about the natural world around you, gain an appreciation for the complexities of life and score higher on exams!

Introductory Biology


A device for watching videos and the ability to download .pdf documents is all that’s needed! (I should add, a hunger for learning and open-mindedness is also recommended!)


This course will provide students with a basic understanding of an introductory level biology experience.  It will contain video lectures and fill-in lecture notes, as well as end of section quizzes.  It is up to you how you would like to experience this course, fast-paced for upcoming test prep or more slow-paced for learners that want to take their time.                   The course will cover most major aspects of a biology experience in high school or introductory college course. However, It can be useful to students (at any level) looking for additional help or prep in biology topics.      I have 19+ years of experience teaching biology and chemistry at both the high school and collegiate level.  The course will be taught with an appreciation for life’s processes and applications to the real world will be integrated into lectures.


Section 1: Biology Basics

Lecture 1 What is Biology?

Lecture 2 What is Biology? (Part 2): Characteristics of Life

Lecture 3 Homeostasis

Lecture 4 Homeostasis (Part 2): Feedback Loops

Section 2: Building Cells

Lecture 5 The Chemistry of Biology (Part 1): Atoms, Subatomic Particles, Periodic Table

Lecture 6 The Chemistry of Biology (Part 2): Bonds and Ion Formation

Lecture 7 The Chemistry of Biology (Part 3): Ionic Compounds

Lecture 8 The Chemistry of Biology (Part 4): Covalent Compounds, Polarity and H-Bonds

Lecture 9 Water’s Biological Importance

Lecture 10 Biomolecules: Intro

Lecture 11 Biomolecules: Carbohydrates

Lecture 12 Biomolecules – Lipids

Lecture 13 Biomolecules – Proteins (Part 1)

Lecture 14 Biomolecules – Proteins (Part 2)

Lecture 15 Biomolecules – Nucleic Acids

Section 3: Cellular Basics

Lecture 16 The Cell (Part 1): Cellular Basics

Lecture 17 The Cell (Part 2): Membranes, Surface Area to Volume ratio, nuclei, DNA

Lecture 18 The Cell (Part 3): The Endomembrane System

Lecture 19 The Cell (Part 4): Additional Organelles

Lecture 20 The Cell (Part 5): Cytoskeleton, Intracellular Junctions

Lecture 21 The Cell Membrane

Lecture 22 Cell Membranes (Part 2): Concentration Gradients, Permeability, Tonicity

Lecture 23 Cell Membranes (Part 3): Passive/Active Transport, Bulk Transport

Section 4: Cell Reproduction

Lecture 24 The Cell Cycle and Mitosis (Part 1): The Cell Cycle

Lecture 25 The Cell Cycle and Mitosis (Part 2): Stages of Mitosis

Lecture 26 The Cell Cycle and Mitosis (Part 3): Cytokinesis and Binary Fission

Lecture 27 Meiosis (Part 1): Overview

Lecture 28 Meiosis (Part 2): Stages of Meiosis

Lecture 29 Meiosis (Part 3): Meiosis vs. Mitosis and Genetic Implications

Lecture 30 Meiosis (Part 4): Meiotic Errors

Section 5: DNA and the “Central Dogma of Biology”

Lecture 31 DNA (Part 1): Early experimentation to determine the genetic material

Lecture 32 DNA (Part 2): DNA Structure

Lecture 33 DNA (Part 3): DNA Replication

Lecture 34 DNA to Protein (Part 1): “The Central Dogma of Biology” and messenger RNA

Lecture 35 DNA to Protein (Part 2): Transcription

Lecture 36 DNA to Protein (Part 3): Translation

This course is designed for high-school, introductory college and homeschooled students. It will also benefit AP-test preppers.

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Created by: Thomas Amann

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