Intune for Windows Training

The MOST up to date Instructor Led Training by Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Intune.
Intune for Windows Training
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Intune for Windows Training

What you’ll learn

How to get started with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)
Understand how Microsoft Endpoint Manager can deploy, manage and secure Windows devices
Gain relevant skills and experience to quickly configure Microsoft Endpoint Manager within a production environment
Apply knowledge gained from the course to practice exams and topical quiz questions to verify your learning

Intune for Windows Training


No experience needed; learn at your own pace.
Access to a test Windows computer (or virtual machine) – Optional; Full web-based simulations are available throughout the course.


We’re excited to bring you exclusive Microsoft MVP instructor-led training, here on Udemy!Course DescriptionBored of slides? Want to see how Microsoft Intune is configured to manage Windows devices in a real scenario? Developed and taught by a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP and Certified Trainer, this course thoroughly explains and demonstrates the basics of deploying and managing Windows devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). With the help of knowledge-checker quizzes, and practice tests, learners who complete the course will be ready to begin managing Windows devices via Intune. MICROSOFT MVP: The only Intune course on Udemy delivered by a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP. 3+ HOURS OF LIVE DEMONSTRATION: Every lesson includes a full explanation of the concept being discussed, as well as a full walkthrough of how it’s configured.NO SLIDES: Just hands-on, experience-based learning. Follow live with the instructor as you configure a lab environment from scratch,REAL-WORLD INSIGHTS: Theory isn’t enough. Practical, real-world experience makes the difference when learning about managing Windows devices.COMMUNITY VIDEOS: Bonus community videos, linked in key lessons, help reinforce the message and let you continue your learning once you’ve completed this course.END OF SECTION KNOWLEDGE-CHECKER: Each section contains a knowledge-checker quiz, to help you check what you’ve learned.Even if you have no Intune experience, this course will teach you what you need to know to get started with managing Windows devices with Intune.


Section 1: Introduction and getting started

Lecture 1 Introduction to Microsoft Intune

Lecture 2 Create your Microsoft Intune tenant

Section 2: Bonus: Easily build lab VMs

Lecture 3 Windows 11 and Office Deployment Lab Kit

Section 3: Tenant preparation

Lecture 4 Create a Custom Domain and link it to Azure Active Directory

Lecture 5 Navigating the Portals

Lecture 6 Microsoft Licensing Options

Lecture 7 Creating your first users in Azure Active Directory

Section 4: Enrolment

Lecture 8 Enrolment & Enrolment Restrictions configuration

Lecture 9 User Driven device enrolment

Lecture 10 Review Enrolled Devices

Section 5: Configuration and Compliance

Lecture 11 Create a Device Configuration Profile

Lecture 12 Create a Device Compliance Policy

Section 6: Midpoint Practice Test

Section 7: Working with apps

Lecture 13 Package and Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (Office 365)

Lecture 14 Package and Deploy an MSI Application

Lecture 15 Deploy a Microsoft Store app

Lecture 16 Review and test application deployment

Section 8: Security and Updates

Lecture 17 Microsoft Security Baselines

Lecture 18 Managing Windows Updates

Section 9: Autopilot

Lecture 19 Create your Autopilot Profile

Lecture 20 Create Autopilot Device Groups

Lecture 21 Capture HWID information

Lecture 22 Review Gathered Autopilot devices

Lecture 23 Configure Company Branding

Lecture 24 Autopilot in practice

Lecture 25 Populating your Autopilot Devices list

Section 10: Final Practice Test

Section 11: Course Complete!

Lecture 26 Well done!

Learners who have little to no experience in Microsoft Endpoint Manager will be able to learn a lot from this course,Those who have some experience of Intune will be guided through the best practice methods for dealing with common scenarios,Learners who are very experienced in MDM (either Intune or another technology) will likely learn tips and tricks that the instructor has learned from their many years of experience

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 4m | 2.99 GB
Created by: Dean Ellerby

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