iOS 14 Swift Chat Application Like Whatsapp Viber Telegram

Learn how to build iOS14, Swift 5 Chat application with Firebase, MessageKit, Push Notifications using latest xCode 12
iOS 14 Swift Chat Application Like Whatsapp Viber Telegram
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iOS 14 Swift Chat Application Like Whatsapp Viber Telegram

What you’ll learn

Developing ios 14 application
Using fiorebase
Sending push notifications
Writing clean code

iOS 14 Swift Chat Application Like Whatsapp Viber Telegram


xCode (Free from Apple)
Experience with Swift and xCode


In iOS 14 & Swift Chat Application Like Whatsapp Viber Telegram, we are going to build a real-world iOS application. And when I say real world, I mean you can use this App every day, communicate with friends and family!Unlike any other courses on Udemy, I always teach full real-world apps, when we finish with the course, we are going to have an app ready to post to AppStore. This iOS14 Chat Application can easily replace your native iOS chat app or WhatsApp.What our app will include:· One on one chat· Channels· Multimedia messages (Photo, Video, Audio, Location)· Push Notifications· Firebase users Authentication· Firebase storage· Firebase Firestore· Firebase Cloud Messaging· Custom UUCollection views· Custom UITableviews· Git Source control· the app covers many more topics its, impossible to include all of them hereThis iOS 14 & Swift Chat Application Like Whatsapp Viber Telegram is NOT a beginner-level course. You need to know your way around the xCode, be familiar with it, you have to have basic knowledge in Swift and application building. We are going to start from scratch and build the application together. All assets will be provided by me. I will type and explain every line of code. the course is around 35 hours long. And by the time we finish, you will learn a lot of new things even if you are an experienced, iOS developer.The curse will teach you how to write clean code, structure your app development, so even if you get back to your code in few years, you can read and understand it clearly.We are also proud to say that we have one of the best Support available on Udemy! Our Q/A Section is constantly monitored and all questions are answered within few hours, Sometimes we even chat with students in real-time to help them with the issues they may face during the study.Don’t waste your time on low-quality courses where you don’t even get the support of the instructorDon’t just take our word for it, check out our other courses and what other students have to say about our courses!We are so confident that you’ll love this course that we’re offering a FULL money-back guarantee for 30 days, No Questions Asked!So what are you waiting for? Click the Buy Now button and join the best iOS 14 & Swift Chat Application Like Whatsapp, Viber, and Telegram development course and let’s get started.


Section 1: Setup

Lecture 1 Getting Xcode

Lecture 2 Create xcode project

Lecture 3 Installing cocoapods

Lecture 4 Login View UI

Lecture 5 Connecting UI to code

Lecture 6 Updating placeholder labels

Lecture 7 Login sign up animations

Lecture 8 Show notifications for data input

Lecture 9 User Struct

Lecture 10 Firebase User listener part 1

Lecture 11 Firebase User listener part 2 (Registration)

Lecture 12 Firebase User listener part 3 (Login)

Lecture 13 Resend Password and Verification email

Lecture 14 Login and go to app function

Lecture 15 Autologin

Section 2: Settings Tab

Lecture 16 Creating all tabs for the app

Lecture 17 Settings UI

Lecture 18 Settings View Setup

Lecture 19 Log out user function

Lecture 20 Edit profile UI

Lecture 21 Edit Profile view

Lecture 22 Saving user changes to firebase

Lecture 23 Implementing Gallery

Lecture 24 Upload Avatar

Lecture 25 Saving Files Locally

Lecture 26 Download Image Part 1

Lecture 27 Download Image Part 2

Lecture 28 Make Circle image

Lecture 29 Status Table View

Lecture 30 Show Status in table

Section 3: Users View

Lecture 31 Users Table view Cell

Lecture 32 Creating Dummy Users

Lecture 33 Downloading Users function

Lecture 34 Searching Users

Lecture 35 Refresh Controller

Section 4: Profile View

Lecture 36 Profile View UI

Lecture 37 Profile View code

Section 5: Recent Chats

Lecture 38 Recent Cell and Struct

Lecture 39 Recent chat cell part 1

Lecture 40 Recent chat cell part 2

Lecture 41 Start Chat functions

Lecture 42 Create Recent chats

Lecture 43 Saving recent to firebase

Lecture 44 Testing create recent functions

Lecture 45 Download recent chats

Lecture 46 Showing recent chats and searching

Lecture 47 Delete recent chat

Lecture 48 Reset recent counter

Lecture 49 Showing chat room

Lecture 50 Showing chat room from Profile view

Section 6: Chat View controller

Lecture 51 Configuring Message View

Lecture 52 Implementing chat extensions

Lecture 53 MKSender and MKMessage

Lecture 54 Local Message Class

Lecture 55 MKMessage Initializer

Lecture 56 Input Bar Delegates

Lecture 57 Realm Manager

Lecture 58 Outgoing messages

Lecture 59 Saving Messages in Realm

Lecture 60 Saving Messages to firebase

Lecture 61 Loading Chats from Realm

Lecture 62 Listening for changes in Realm

Lecture 63 Incoming Messages

Lecture 64 Showing Messages in chat view

Lecture 65 Message cell labels

Lecture 66 Message bottom Label

Lecture 67 Setting Custom Title

Lecture 68 Setting text, background color and tail of the message

Lecture 69 Updating microphone button

Lecture 70 Getting Old chats

Lecture 71 Listening for new chats

Lecture 72 Test Run New chats

Lecture 73 Showing load early messages

Lecture 74 Implementing Loading more messages

Lecture 75 Typing Listener class

Lecture 76 Creating typing object

Lecture 77 Testing Typing indicator

Lecture 78 Updating recent with new chats

Lecture 79 Update Message Read Status

Lecture 80 Call update read status function

Lecture 81 Listen for read status changes

Lecture 82 MKMessage read status update

Lecture 83 Fixing bug with infinity loop

Lecture 84 Adding action sheet for multimedia messages

Lecture 85 Showing gallery

Lecture 86 Sending picture message

Lecture 87 Receiving and showing picture message

Lecture 88 Sending video message part 1

Lecture 89 Sending video message part 2 (upload video)

Lecture 90 Receive and show video message

Lecture 91 Show picture and video on message tap

Lecture 92 Location Manager class

Lecture 93 Sending location message

Lecture 94 Receiving location message

Lecture 95 Map View Controller

Lecture 96 Showing Map view and adding pin

Lecture 97 Add Gesture recognizer for audio messages

Lecture 98 Audio Recorder class

Lecture 99 Recording Audio message

Lecture 100 Sending Audio Message

Lecture 101 Download and show audio message

Lecture 102 Adding play function to audio messages

Lecture 103 Basic Audio Player explained

Section 7: Channels

Lecture 104 Channels UI

Lecture 105 Connecting UI to code

Lecture 106 Channel Model and channel cell

Lecture 107 Setup Channel table view data source

Lecture 108 My Channels and Add Channel view UI

Lecture 109 Add Channel part 1

Lecture 110 Add Channel Part 2 upload avatar

Lecture 111 Save channel to firebase

Lecture 112 Download User Channel

Lecture 113 My Channels table view controller

Lecture 114 Channel editing

Lecture 115 Show edit channel details

Lecture 116 Test Editing channel

Lecture 117 Download Subscribed and All channels functions

Lecture 118 Download and show channels

Lecture 119 Pull to reload chats

Lecture 120 ChannelDetailTableView

Lecture 121 Channel Detail Delegate

Lecture 122 Unfollow channel

Lecture 123 Channel Chat View

Lecture 124 Sending Channel Chats

Lecture 125 Fixing date label for message

Section 8: Push Notifications

Lecture 126 Creating certificates

Lecture 127 Registering app for push notifications

Lecture 128 Send test push notification

Lecture 129 Push notification service

Lecture 130 Send push notifications from the app

Lecture 131 Removing budge after reading messages

Section 9: Source files

Lecture 132 Source file

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Created by: iOSDev School

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