iOS Swift Become An App Developer

Beginner’s Guide to Learn iOS, Swift, ARKit, CoreML, App Design, Advanced Programming and Much More
iOS Swift Become An App Developer
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Devslopes by Mark Wahlbeck


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iOS Swift Become An App Developer

What you’ll learn

Submit iOS apps to the Apple App Store
Understand the basic concepts of programming
Apply for JR iOS developer jobs
Work fluently with Swift and iOS
Work as an iOS freelancer
Master Swift from basics to advanced
Learn mobile app design with Sketch
Build ARKit & CoreML apps

iOS Swift Become An App Developer


Requires a computer running macOS Sierra or Mojave


Welcome to the world’s most comprehensive course on iOS development. This course is designed like an in-person coding bootcamp to give you the most amount of content and help with the least amount of cost.NO PRIOR CODING EXPERIENCE REQUIREDOVER 88 HOURS OF CONTENTHere are some of the things you’ll be able to do after taking this course:Submit apps to the app storeUnderstand programming & basic algorithmsWork fluently with Swift & iOSApply to jr iOS development jobsWork as an iOS contractorWho this course is for:People who want to build appsThose who want to create their own startupThose looking to get a full time job as a developerBusiness ownersStudents & teenagersPeople who want to make money building appsIf you are absolutely new to programming you should start at the beginning of the course and go to the end.I’ve designed this course to take you down a guided learning path. Lectures are not broken out by specific topics. You build apps and then learn a ton of principles within those apps. So don’t skip around!If you already know Swift then you can skip the Swift section since the changes in Swift between iOS 11 and 12 are minorIf you’ve never programmed before, make sure you DO take the Swift lessons. We’ll teach you core foundational principles so you can build complex apps.Don’t forget to join the free live community where you can post questions to coding issuesHere are a few things you’ll learn:Swift Xcode Interface BuilderFirebase & Cloud FirestoreBuild a Slack CloneMaps & GPSCore DataARKit & Augmented RealityCoreML & Machine LearningTables & DataAPIs, HTTP, and NetworkingApp DesignStoryboards & SeguesSiriKitReplayKitAnd a lot more…NEW ADVANCED TOPICSAfter you master the foundational iOS and Swift principles you will want to start taking the advanced sections. The advanced topics are designed to take your skills to the highest level so you can land your first job.Some of the advanced topics are:Mastering protocols & delegatesDiving deep into Swift extensionsSwift data structuresProtocol oriented programmingReactive programming in SwiftUnit TestingUI TestingAnd moreSOME OF OUR REVIEWS”Great course so far. Definitely better than codecademy, teamtreehouse and freecodecamp” – Luke”When you’re a beginner deciding that you want to learn to code, it is by far not easy by any means. I have purchased books from iBooks about Swift and while some were better than others, it just doesn’t sink in for me like watching this course. The way Mark explains things and his analogies are easy to understand and his teaching style has me genuinely excited about learning to code.” – Jay”amazing course and teachers!awesome actual stuff here! this course prepares you for real life, and help you to get hired as professional developer. I watched this course and i got development job.” – Vladimir”I am a 15 year old developer who struggled to find comprehensive tutorials online which I could follow without getting confused because there was prior knowledge I did not know. You start from the ground up making this course useful for anyone including beginners and experienced programmers which has boosted my confidence as I know that i have built some complicated apps which shows me that I am capable of building large projects. Thanks 🙂 ” – Roel


Section 1: Getting Started With iOS 12

Lecture 1 Course overview

Lecture 2 ⚠️MUST WATCH Installing Xcode & understanding Xcode versions

Lecture 3 How to get Xcode in dark theme mode

Lecture 4 Join Our Free Private Facebook Group

Lecture 5 Building your very first iOS app

Lecture 6 Building the Hustle App: Graphics, UI, and Sound

Section 2: Intro to Programming & Swift 4 Basics

Lecture 7 Variables, operators, & how computers work

Lecture 8 Strings in Swift 4

Lecture 9 Numbers in Swift 4

Lecture 10 Booleans & conditional logic in Swift 4

Lecture 11 Constants & logical operators in Swift 4

Lecture 12 Arrays in Swift 4

Lecture 13 Loops in Swift 4

Lecture 14 Dictionaries in Swift 4

Lecture 15 Object oriented programming in Swift 4

Lecture 16 Inheritance in Swift 4

Lecture 17 Polymorphism in Swift 4

Lecture 18 Optionals in Swift 4

Section 3: Git & Version Control

Lecture 19 Git & Version Control: The fun way

Lecture 20 Terminal Basics: Changing directories

Lecture 21 Terminal Basics: Creating directories & files

Lecture 22 Terminal Basics: Copying & renaming files

Lecture 23 Terminal Basics: Deleting files & directories

Lecture 24 Git Basics

Lecture 25 Setting up Github

Lecture 26 Working with Local & remote repositories

Lecture 27 Handling git merge conflicts

Section 4: Swoosh App: Intro to Interface Builder & Auto Layout in Xcode 10

Lecture 28 Creating the welcome screen

Lecture 29 Working with frames

Lecture 30 Intro to Auto Layout

Lecture 31 Working with UIStackView

Lecture 32 Intro to segues (Changing screens in iOS)

Lecture 33 Refactoring in Xcode

Lecture 34 Debugging setValue forUndefinedKey

Lecture 35 Programmatic segues

Lecture 36 IBActions & data models

Lecture 37 Passing data between view controllers

Section 5: Profile App: Digging Deeper With Auto Layout

Lecture 38 Auto Layout for iPhones

Lecture 39 Auto Layout for iPads & size classes

Section 6: Window Shopper App: Your First Fully Functional iOS 12 App

Lecture 40 Creating custom text fields

Lecture 41 Input accessory view and IBDesignable

Lecture 42 Creating simple unit tests

Lecture 43 Writing logic for calculations

Lecture 44 Custom drawing in iOS 12 with drawRect

Section 7: Coder Swag App: Tables & Data in iOS 12

Lecture 45 Project creation & IBOutlets

Lecture 46 UITableView, delegate, and data source

Lecture 47 Creating a UICollectionView

Lecture 48 Creating the data models

Lecture 49 Working with UITableViewCell

Section 8: Intro to Model View Controller

Lecture 50 MVC in Theory

Lecture 51 Creating the Xcode project

Lecture 52 Managing groups (folders) for MVC

Lecture 53 Creating data models

Lecture 54 Creating the views

Lecture 55 Connecting the views and data with view controllers

Lecture 56 Securing the model layer

Lecture 57 Challenge

Section 9: XYZ & Listy App: Working with iOS Accelerometer

Lecture 58 XYZ: Intro to app

Lecture 59 XYZ: Creating project

Lecture 60 XYZ: CoreMotion & CMMotionManager explained

Lecture 61 XYZ: Receiving accelerometer updates

Lecture 62 XYZ: Handling accelerometer data

Lecture 63 Listy: Intro to app

Lecture 64 Listy: Building UI

Lecture 65 Listy: Creating ParallaxCell Subclass

Lecture 66 Listy: Configuring ImageArray & Populating UITableView

Lecture 67 Listy: Writing parallax function to apply to UIImageView

Lecture 68 Listy: Accelerometer challenge

Section 10: Splitter App: Working With UISplitViewController

Lecture 69 Splitter: Intro to App

Lecture 70 Splitter: Creating Project & Dummy Data

Lecture 71 Splitter: Setting Up MasterVC

Lecture 72 Splitter: Building ImagePresentationVC

Lecture 73 Splitter: Passing Images To ImagePresentationVC

Lecture 74 Splitter: Challenge

Section 11: Slack App: Creating a Slack App & Working With APIs

Lecture 75 Smack: Intro to Chat App

Lecture 76 Smack: Project Setup

Lecture 77 SWReveal

Lecture 78 ChannelVC UI

Lecture 79 LoginVC UI

Lecture 80 CreateAccountVC UI

Lecture 81 Web request and API

Lecture 82 Hosting API

Lecture 83 Locally Hosting API

Lecture 84 Creating a web request in Xcode

Lecture 85 Registering a User

Lecture 86 Logging in a user

Lecture 87 Creating a user

Lecture 88 Avatar Picker Part 1

Lecture 89 Avatar Picker Part 2

Lecture 90 Generate a Avatar BG Color

Lecture 91 LoggedIn Interface

Lecture 92 Profile View

Lecture 93 Logging in users

Lecture 94 Getting channels

Lecture 95 Channels TableView

Lecture 96 Add Channel VC

Lecture 97 Sockets and Channels

Lecture 98 Refining Login Flow

Lecture 99 Fetching Messages

Lecture 100 Sending first message

Lecture 101 Displaying chat messages

Lecture 102 Sockets and Messages

Lecture 103 Typing Users

Lecture 104 Unread Channels

Lecture 105 Where to go from here

Lecture 106 I’m Back!

Section 12: Pixel City App: Mastering Maps in iOS 12

Lecture 107 Intro to App: Pixel City

Lecture 108 Creating Xcode Project: Pixel City

Lecture 109 Installing Alamofire & AlamofireImage CocoaPods

Lecture 110 Building MapVC UI

Lecture 111 Requesting Location Services

Lecture 112 Drop Custom Pins on MapView

Lecture 113 Setting a Custom Map Annotation Color

Lecture 114 Animating Photos View

Lecture 115 Adding UILabel for Pull Up View

Lecture 116 Getting API Key from Flickr

Lecture 117 Using Alamofire to Download URLS

Lecture 118 Using Alamofire to Download Images

Lecture 119 UICollectionView

Lecture 120 Building PopVC

Lecture 121 Adding 3D Touch Peek & Pop to UICollectionView

Lecture 122 Challenge

Section 13: Goal Post App: Data Persistence in iOS 12 With Core Data

Lecture 123 GoalPost: Intro to App

Lecture 124 GoalPost: Creating Xcode Project

Lecture 125 Building GoalsVC

Lecture 126 Building GoalCell

Lecture 127 What is Core Data?

Lecture 128 Creating goal core data entity & attributes

Lecture 129 Displaying static GoalCells in UITableView

Lecture 130 Building CreateGoalVC

Lecture 131 Creating a UIViewController extension

Lecture 132 Creating a UIView & UIButton extension

Lecture 133 Building FinishGoalVC & passing data

Lecture 134 Saving goal data to persistent store

Lecture 135 Fixing dismissal of FinishGoalVC

Lecture 136 Fetching data from persistent store

Lecture 137 Removing objects from persistent store

Lecture 138 Setting goal progress for UITableViewCell

Lecture 139 GoalPost: Challenge

Section 14: Treads App: Data Persistence With Realm

Lecture 140 Intro to Realm and Treads App

Lecture 141 Swift 4 update

Lecture 142 Initial project setup

Lecture 143 Create the run log UI

Lecture 144 Last storyboard UI

Lecture 145 Map view setup

Lecture 146 Create custom slider switch

Lecture 147 Track Location

Lecture 148 Converting meters to miles

Lecture 149 Convert seconds to readable string

Lecture 150 Calculate Average Pace

Lecture 151 Pause, Resume Functionality

Lecture 152 First Realm Model

Lecture 153 Write & Fetch

Lecture 154 Display Run History

Lecture 155 Last Run View

Lecture 156 Create a locations list for poly-line overlay

Lecture 157 Realm Configuration

Lecture 158 Get the poly-line rendering on the map view

Lecture 159 Center Map on poly-line or user location

Lecture 160 Fetch Realm Object by ID

Section 15: Breakpoint App: Building a Full Stack App With Firebase

Lecture 161 Breakpoint: Intro to App

Lecture 162 Breakpoint: Creating Xcode project

Lecture 163 Creating Firebase project

Lecture 164 Setting up DataService

Lecture 165 Building AuthVC & LoginVC in interface builder

Lecture 166 Creating InsetTextField & ShadowView Subclasses

Lecture 167 Setting up AuthService

Lecture 168 Presenting LoginVC from AppDelegate

Lecture 169 Building FeedVC and GroupsVC in interface builder

Lecture 170 Building MeVC and adding to UITabBarController

Lecture 171 Creating CreatePostVC & uploading posts to firebase

Lecture 172 Creating UIView extension for binding views to keyboard

Lecture 173 Building FeedCell

Lecture 174 Writing the message model

Lecture 175 Converting UIDs into emails

Lecture 176 Creating CreateGroupVC

Lecture 177 Creating UserCell

Lecture 178 Searching for email accounts to add to group

Lecture 179 Adding users to group with didSelectRowAt indexPath

Lecture 180 Creating groups and pushing them to firebase

Lecture 181 Creating GroupCell

Lecture 182 Creating group model and getting all groups from Firebase

Lecture 183 Building GroupFeedVC

Lecture 184 Initializing group data for a group and presenting on GroupFeedVC

Lecture 185 Downloading and animating messages

Lecture 186 Presenting GroupFeedVC

Lecture 187 Breakpoint: Challenge

Section 16: RNDM App: Using the NEW Firebase Cloud Firestore

Lecture 188 Intro to Firestore

Lecture 189 Firestore project setup

Lecture 190 What is Firestore

Lecture 191 Firestore: AddThoughtVC UI Setup

Lecture 192 Firestore: Making your first database entry!

Lecture 193 Firestore: MainVC UI Setup

Lecture 194 Fetching data from Firestore

Lecture 195 Firestore: Sorting and Filtering

Lecture 196 Firestore: Updating individual documents

Lecture 197 Intro to Firestore Authentication

Lecture 198 Login Flow UI Setup

Lecture 199 Firestore: Create User

Lecture 200 Firestore: Login User

Lecture 201 Firestore: CommentsVC UI Set up

Lecture 202 Firestore: CommentClass and TableView

Lecture 203 Firestore Transactions

Lecture 204 Firestore: Displaying comments

Lecture 205 Firestore: Security Rules

Lecture 206 Intro to Firestore Security Rules

Lecture 207 Security rules: Project setup

Lecture 208 Security rules: Implementing protocols

Lecture 209 Deleting a comment

Lecture 210 Updating comments

Lecture 211 Comments advanced security rules

Lecture 212 Deleting a thought

Lecture 213 Thought security rules

Lecture 214 Where to go from here?

Lecture 215 Social Logins

Lecture 216 Social Logins: Project Setup

Lecture 217 Google Login Part 1

Lecture 218 Google Login Part 2

Lecture 219 Facebook Login

Lecture 220 Twitter Login

Section 17: FoodZilla App: Mastering iOS In-App Purchases

Lecture 221 IAP’s: Creating Xcode Project

Lecture 222 IAP’s: Creating App on iTunes Connect

Lecture 223 IAP’s: Setting up consumable IAP Tier

Lecture 224 IAP’s: Building StorefrontVC

Lecture 225 IAP’s: Building DetailVC

Lecture 226 IAP’s: Configuring UICollectionView

Lecture 227 IAP’s: Passing values to DetailVC

Lecture 228 IAP’s: Create IAPService Singleton

Lecture 229 Consumables: Making consumable purchases

Lecture 230 Consumables: Sending purchase notifications

Lecture 231 Non-Consumables: Non-Consumable IAP Tier

Lecture 232 Non-Consumables: Making Non-Consumable Purchases

Lecture 233 Restoring In-App Purchases

Lecture 234 Intro to Subscriptions

Lecture 235 Subscriptions: Exploring the starter project

Lecture 236 Subscriptions: How To Set Up App in iTunes Connect

Lecture 237 Setting up auto-renewing subscription tier (iTunes Connect)

Lecture 238 Buying an auto-renewing subscription

Lecture 239 Subscriptions: Saving to UserDefaults

Lecture 240 Subscriptions: Preventing theft/fraud with iTunes receipt validation

Lecture 241 Saving expiration date to UserDefaults & checking for active subscription

Lecture 242 Checking for valid/active subscription & handling Expiration – Part 1

Lecture 243 Checking for valid/active subscription & handling Expiration – Part 2

Lecture 244 Troubleshooting subscription issues

Lecture 245 Subscriptions : Challenge

Section 18: Touchy Feely App: Working With iOS Touch ID and Face ID

Lecture 246 SecureNotes : Intro to app

Lecture 247 Creating Xcode Project

Lecture 248 Building NoteVC

Lecture 249 Creating Note Model, LockStatus Enum, & Dummy Data

Lecture 250 Building NoteCell & Subclass

Lecture 251 Building NoteDetailVC

Lecture 252 Passing Note Data to NoteDetailVC

Lecture 253 Writing helper functions & updating NoteCell Subclass

Lecture 254 Authenticating with Touch ID / Face ID & updating information

Lecture 255 SecureNotes: Challenge

Section 19: Scribe App: Working With iOS Speech Recognition

Lecture 256 Scribe: Project intro & setting up the UI

Lecture 257 Scribe: Button design and loading animation

Lecture 258 Scribe: Adding logic to our speech button

Lecture 259 Scribe: Finishing the app

Section 20: Working With iMessege And Sticker Packs for iOS 12

Lecture 260 Intro to App – Sticker Packs

Lecture 261 Intro to Sticker Packs

Lecture 262 Creating Sticker Pack Project in Xcode

Lecture 263 Sticker Art Resources & Websites

Lecture 264 Adding Static Stickers

Lecture 265 Adding PNG & GIF Stickers

Lecture 266 Creating iMessage app icons

Lecture 267 Creating static stickers with Sketch 3

Lecture 268 Creating Animated Stickers from Sprite Sheet

Section 21: Shortcut App: Working With 3D Touch on iOS

Lecture 269 Intro to App – Quick Action

Lecture 270 Setting up the UI

Lecture 271 Creating the Quick Action

Lecture 272 Handle the Quick Action

Lecture 273 Quick Actions with TabBar

Section 22: LegDay App: Working With iOS SiriKit

Lecture 274 LEGDAY: Intro to App

Lecture 275 Intro to SiriKit

Lecture 276 Building WorkoutVC

Lecture 277 Enabling Siri access

Lecture 278 Creating a SiriKit intents app extension

Lecture 279 Configuring results in AppDelegate with DataService

Lecture 280 Handling & presenting SiriKit results in WorkoutVC

Lecture 281 LEGDAY: Challenge

Section 23: Screenie App: Using ReplayKit in iOS

Lecture 282 Screenie: Intro to app

Lecture 283 Building UI

Lecture 284 Creating RPScreenRecorder instance

Lecture 285 Configuring UISegmentedControl to switch images

Lecture 286 Starting a screen recording

Lecture 287 Stopping, editing, & saving a screen recording

Lecture 288 Screenie: Challenge

Section 24: RampUp App: Intro to ARKit

Lecture 289 RampUp: Intro to ARKit App

Lecture 290 RampUp: Resources & important ARKit info

Lecture 291 RampUp: Project creation

Lecture 292 RampUp: SceneKit, 3D models & materials

Lecture 293 RampUp: Ramp picker popover

Lecture 294 RampUp: 3D models in SceneKit for popover

Lecture 295 RampUp: 3D models in SceneKit for popover – Part 2

Lecture 296 RampUp: Detecting taps on 3D objects

Lecture 297 RampUp: Placing ramps in ARKit

Lecture 298 RampUp: Moving objects in 3D space in augmented reality

Lecture 299 ARKit: where to go next

Section 25: Vision App: iOS CoreML Basics

Lecture 300 CoreML: Intro to app

Lecture 301 Intro to Core ML

Lecture 302 What is machine learning?

Lecture 303 Creating Xcode project

Lecture 304 Building UI & custom view subclasses

Lecture 305 AVFoundation & AVCaptureSession to use the camera

Lecture 306 Tap gestures to take snapshot on item

Lecture 307 Core ML Xcode 9 Beta 4 update

Lecture 308 Downloading CoreML models

Lecture 309 Adding UI controls for flash control

Lecture 310 Training your app to speak what it sees

Section 26: Vision Framework

Lecture 311 Intro to App – FaceFinder

Lecture 312 Creating project & building UI

Lecture 313 Setting up UIImageView programmatically

Lecture 314 Creating Face Detection Request & Handler

Lecture 315 Adding & Tweaking Face Detection Frame

Section 27: Animal App: Using iOS 12 New CoreML Models

Lecture 316 Intro to App – AnimalClassifier

Lecture 317 DIY Core ML Model with Create ML

Lecture 318 Building & Connecting User Interface

Lecture 319 Setup Camera/Photo Selection

Lecture 320 Create & Process Classification Request

Lecture 321 Update Labels with Classifications

Section 28: Mobile Product Design

Lecture 322 What is UX UI

Lecture 323 3 Questions Before Designing

Lecture 324 TOPTEN: Homescreen

Lecture 325 TOPTEN: Article Page

Lecture 326 Intro to microinteractions

Lecture 327 TOPTEN: Designing a microinteraction

Lecture 328 Rapid prototyping

Lecture 329 Bringing our app to life with Invision

Lecture 330 Using symbols

Lecture 331 Audio Tangle: Feed screen

Lecture 332 Audio Tangle: Feed enhancement for marketplace

Lecture 333 Audio Tangle: Post a job

Lecture 334 Audio Tangle: Saved tab

Lecture 335 Audio Tangle: Saved tab continued

Lecture 336 Audio Tangle: Wrapping it all up

Lecture 337 Minimum Viable Product

Lecture 338 Building an MVP – Weightmate

Lecture 339 Savr: Triggers and actions

Lecture 340 Savr: Reward & Investment

Lecture 341 Social networks & marketplace advice

Lecture 342 Viral coefficient

Section 29: Computers & Code: Crash Course in Computer Science for Beginners

Lecture 343 How computers work

Lecture 344 Understanding binary

Lecture 345 The heap vs the stack

Lecture 346 Working with binary in iOS part 1

Lecture 347 Working with binary in iOS part 2

Lecture 348 Working with binary in iOS part 3

Lecture 349 Challenge: Convert multiple numbers to binary

Lecture 350 How code works

Lecture 351 Variables & storage capacity

Lecture 352 Understanding hexadecimal

Section 30: Advanced Swift 4

Lecture 353 Enumerations in Swift 4

Lecture 354 Extensions in Swift 4 part 1

Lecture 355 Extensions in Swift 4 part 2

Lecture 356 Protocols & delegates in Swift 4 part 1

Lecture 357 Protocols & delegates in Swift 4 part 2

Lecture 358 Protocols & delegates in Swift 4 part 3

Lecture 359 Protocols & delegates in Swift 4 part 4

Lecture 360 Protocols & delegates in Swift 4 part 5

Lecture 361 Swift transformations

Section 31: Advanced: Data Structures & Algorithms In Swift 4

Lecture 362 Recursive functions in Swift 4

Lecture 363 The stack data structure in Swift 4

Lecture 364 The heap data structure in Swift 4 part 1

Lecture 365 The heap data structure in Swift 4 part 2

Lecture 366 The tree data structure in Swift 4

Section 32: Advanced Swift 4 Design Patterns: Protocol Oriented Programming

Lecture 367 Intro to protocol oriented programming

Lecture 368 Writing your first protocols

Lecture 369 Creating protocol extensions

Lecture 370 Generics & protocols

Section 33: Advanced Swift 4 Design Patterns: Reactive Programming With RxSwift

Lecture 371 Intro to RxSwift

Lecture 372 What is Rx? Why Rx?

Lecture 373 How to install RxSwift into an Xcode playground

Lecture 374 Creating and Subscribing to Observables

Lecture 375 Observables: Disposing

Lecture 376 Challenge: Observables

Lecture 377 PublishSubject

Lecture 378 BehaviorSubject

Lecture 379 ReplaySubject

Lecture 380 Variables

Lecture 381 Challenge: Subjects

Lecture 382 Transformations: .map

Lecture 383 Transformations: .flatMap

Lecture 384 Transformations: .filter

Lecture 385 Transformations: .zip

Lecture 386 Challenge: Transformations

Lecture 387 Intro to app: Namer

Lecture 388 Installing RxSwift & RxCocoa

Lecture 389 Building Namer UI

Lecture 390 Using RxCocoa to Observe

Lecture 391 Adding Rx capabilities to submit button

Lecture 392 Passing values using RxSwift

Lecture 393 Intro to Versi app

Lecture 394 Creating Xcode project

Lecture 395 Installing CocoaPods

Lecture 396 Setting up UITabBarController

Lecture 397 Building TrendingFeedVC

Lecture 398 Building custom view subclasses

Lecture 399 Building Repo model layer

Lecture 400 Building TrendingRepoCell subclass

Lecture 401 Creating DownloadService singleton

Lecture 402 Downloading trending repos data

Lecture 403 Downloading additional required repo data

Lecture 404 Refactoring DownloadService functions

Lecture 405 Filling TrendingFeedVC with real API data

Lecture 406 Building SearchVC

Lecture 407 Building SearchCell

Lecture 408 Setting up SearchVC the RxSwift way

Lecture 409 Using RxSwift To Drive UITableView with Search Results

Lecture 410 Loading Github Files

Section 34: Advanced: Unit Testing in iOS 12

Lecture 411 What is Unit Testing?

Lecture 412 What makes a good unit test?

Lecture 413 Unit testing in Swift

Lecture 414 Testing Data Models (Part 1)

Lecture 415 Testing Data Models (Part 2)

Lecture 416 Testing features & functions

Lecture 417 Testing asynchronous code

Lecture 418 Testing endpoints & mock data

Lecture 419 Testing performance & benchmarking

Lecture 420 Testing & MVVM

Section 35: Advanced: UI Testing in iOS 12

Lecture 421 What is UI Testing?

Lecture 422 UI Testing best practices

Lecture 423 UI testing in Swift – Basic example

Lecture 424 Testing navigation

Lecture 425 Testing views & alerts

Lecture 426 Resetting & verifying app state

Lecture 427 Testing bug fixes

Lecture 428 Testing data in text fields

Lecture 429 Testing UI after an asynchronous call

People new to programming,Existing programmers who want to learn iOS,Anyone who wants to build iOS apps,Anyone who wants to get a job as an iOS developer,Students and teenagers,Business owners and startups

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 90h 6m | 69.52 GB
Created by: Devslopes by Mark Wahlbeck

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