IP DHCP Services DHCP configuration

DHCP, IP DHCP Services, Options Filed, DHCP snooping, DIA Etc.
IP DHCP Services DHCP configuration
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IP DHCP Services DHCP configuration

What you’ll learn

How to configure DHCP on Cisco router
Why should we go for DHCP addressing?
What is difference between Static IP and Dynamic IP allotment.
What is DHCP, Relay-agent, Options field, DORA process.
Deep dive of DORA process.
Options-89, DHCP Snooping, ARP inspection, ip dhcp excluded-address
Configuring a Manual Address Binding, IP Source Guard, DHCP default route

IP DHCP Services DHCP configuration


Basic knowledge of Networking


DHCP. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a network management protocol that is used to dynamically assign the IP address and other information to each host on the network.The Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP) was defined in RFC 903 in 1984 for the configuration of simple devices, such as diskless workstations, with a suitable IP address. Acting in the data link layer it made implementation difficult in many server platforms. It required that a server be present on each individual network link. RARP was superseded by the Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) defined in RFC 951 in September 1985.  DHCP was first defined in RFC 1531 in October 1993, but due to errors in the editorial process was almost immediately reissued as RFC 1541.DHCP snooping can be configured on LAN switches to exclude rogue DHCP servers and remove malicious or malformed DHCP traffic.IP dhcp excluded-addressUse This command prevents IP addresses from being assigned by the router’s DHCP server.Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) is a security feature that validates Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packets in a network. DAI allows a network administrator to intercept, log, and discard ARP packets with invalid MAC address to IP address bindings. This capability protects the network from certain “man-in-the-middle” attacks.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 DHCP, IP address, default-gateway, subnet mask, DORA process

Lecture 2 DHCP Wireshark Packet, Manual Address Binding, DHCP-service

Section 2: DHCP Services

Lecture 3 DHPC Relay-Agent, IP dhcp excluded-address, Lease time

Lecture 4 IP dhcp snooping, ARP inspection (DAI)

Lecture 5 IP source-guard

The one who is curious to learn DHCP and who is looking for deep dive in DHCP.

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