ISFJ 101

How to Understand Your ISFJ MBTI Personality and Thrive as the Defender
ISFJ 101
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ISFJ 101

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ISFJ 101

ISFJ 101




Have you taken the Myers Briggs inventory and been identified as an ISFJ Defender? Or do you have an ISFJ spouse or children? Do you find yourself looking, blank-faced, at those four attributes and thinking to yourself, “Well, now, that’s nice; I’m an ISFJ! But what does that really mean?” If so, then you’ll enjoy this book ISFJ 101, created by a fellow ISFJ Defender who has undertaken on your behalf a typically thorough ISFJ study and painstakingly recorded the collected information regarding the ISFJ type.ISFJ 101 is the complete ISFJ layman’s guide to understanding the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the theory behind it, the typing method built into it, and the ISFJ personality type. The book, written by an ISFJ author, tells you all you need to know of MBTI in order to understand what is meant by the outcome of your MBTI inventory, and then goes on to address practical, real-life ISFJ-related experiences and applications. The author’s decidedly respectable lifespan and personal experiences as an ISFJ give the book a practical — and at times entertaining — personal perspective which helps to bring the information home in a way that makes it relevant as well as instructive to ISFJ types and those who love them.About the Expert:Confirmed ISFJ (but with highly suspected clandestine T activity), Christian believer, and recently retired roadmom, Mary Blake is new to the field of writing with a degree in engineering, past career in computer programming and lifelong propensity for writing. She lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her remarkably patient husband, three dearly-loved grownish children who move in and out on a regular basis, an INFJ Advocate dog, and two cats, ENTJ Commander and neurotic.Mary draws great joy and strength from her faith, family, and friends; from learning; from the created world; from photography; and from writing for a wide variety of applications.


Section 1: ISFJ 101

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Part 1 – Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator

Lecture 3 Part 2 – What Is the basis of Myers Briggs Personality typing?

Lecture 4 Part 3 – ISFJ What does it mean?

Lecture 5 Part 4 – Part II: ISFJ Personal Experience and Applications

Lecture 6 Part 5 – ISFJ Personal Experience – Introversion

Lecture 7 Part 6 – Personal Experience – Sensing

Lecture 8 Part 7 – Personal Experience – Feeling

Lecture 9 Part 8 – Personal Experience – Judging

Lecture 10 Part 9 – If I Had It To Do Over


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