ISO 500012018 Energy management system

Learn how to implement an energy management system according to ISO 50001
ISO 500012018 Energy management system
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ISO 500012018 Energy management system

What you’ll learn

Understand the requirements of ISO 50001:2018
Design and implement an Energy management system
Understand the concepts of energy review, energy baseline, energy performance indicators
Audit an energy management system as per ISO 50001:2018

ISO 500012018 Energy management system


No specific prior knowledge required
Familiarity with ISO standards is helpful
General knowledge or interest in energy management help


The course presents in detail and with examples for a better understanding,  the requirements of ISO 50001, version 2018, the world’s “common language” when discussing energy management.The videos follow the structure of ISO 50001:2018:- Context of the organization – identification of internal and external issues, interested parties and their needs and expectations. Defining the scope of the energy management system.- Leadership – about the involvement of top management and the support for the energy management system. The energy policy of the company. Roles, responsibilities and authorities. The energy management team.- Planning – identification of risks and opportunities for the energy management system and planning actions to address them. Objectives, energy targets and action plans. The energy review including the analysis of energy use and consumption, the identification of significant energy uses, variables that may affect significant energy uses and opportunities to improve the energy performance. Energy performance indicators. Energy baselines and planning for the collection of energy data.- Support – the allocation of resources for the energy management system. Competence, awareness and communication. Documented information required by ISO 50001:2018.- Operation – operational controls implemented to improve energy performance, consideration of energy improvement opportunities in design and energy performance aspects in the procurement process.- Performance evaluation – measuring and monitoring energy performance. Addressing significant deviations in energy performance. Internal audit of the energy management system. The management review.- Improvement – the management of nonconformities. Corrections and corrective actions. Continual improvement of the energy management system and of the energy performance.The information in the course is valuable to any professional working in energy management, in auditing or consulting to this standard but also to those familiar with other ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 of ISO 45001 who want to become familiar with ISO 50001.After going through the videos in the course you will have a clear image of how an energy management system should be shaped, what are  its main elements, what documents should exist and how they should be  implemented.If your company is looking to obtain the ISO 50001:2018 certification, then this course will be really helpful in preparing the energy management system so that the certification audit is passed successfully.


Section 1: Energy management and ISO 50001

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 About energy management and ISO 50001:2018

Lecture 3 Key concepts

Section 2: Context of the organization

Lecture 4 Understanding the organization and its context

Lecture 5 Needs and expectations of interested parties

Lecture 6 The scope of the Energy management system

Section 3: Leadership

Lecture 7 Leadership and commitment

Lecture 8 The energy policy

Lecture 9 Organization roles, responsibilities and authorities

Section 4: Planning

Lecture 10 Actions to address risks and opportunities

Lecture 11 Objectives, energy targets and planning to achieve them

Lecture 12 Energy review

Lecture 13 Energy performance indicators (EnPIs)

Lecture 14 Energy baseline (EnB)

Lecture 15 Planning for the collection of energy data

Section 5: Support

Lecture 16 Resources

Lecture 17 Competence

Lecture 18 Awareness

Lecture 19 Communication

Lecture 20 Documented information

Section 6: Operation

Lecture 21 Operational planning and control

Lecture 22 Design

Lecture 23 Procurement

Section 7: Performance evaluation

Lecture 24 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation

Lecture 25 Internal audit

Lecture 26 Management review

Section 8: Improvement

Lecture 27 Nonconformity and corrective action

Lecture 28 Continual improvement

Lecture 29 Certification to ISO 50001:2018

Lecture 30 Conclusions

Energy and sustainability managers,Energy auditors,ISO consultants,Management system professionals,Energy efficiency analysts,Energy consultants

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Created by: Cristian Vlad Lupa

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