ISO 90012015 QMS Implementation and Auditing Practices

Practical course on ISO 9001:2015 QMS Implementation and Auditing covering insight of successful cases and experiences
ISO 90012015 QMS Implementation and Auditing Practices
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Dr. Kamran Moosa


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Last updated 2/2022



ISO 90012015 QMS Implementation and Auditing Practices

What you’ll learn

Learn what the new requirements are and how to interpret them
find out ways to implement the new changes practically
identify which management tools to use in the new requirements
draw the transition roadmap for the 2015 version
effectively audit the new requirement if you are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd party auditor

ISO 90012015 QMS Implementation and Auditing Practices


General familiarity with ISO 9000 Quality Systems


Course OverviewNumber of Sections: 19Number of Video Lectures: 40Number of Quizzes :  14Number of Additional Resources: 17 Videos and 3 supporting documentsLectures Duration    :  5 HoursCourse Approach    :  Critical analysis, practical examples and experiential sharingSuitable forQuality Managers and Professionals from service and manufacturing sectorsInternal and External Quality Assurance AuditorsManagement Consultants, Trainers and Educators providing ISO 9001 training and support to organizationsA powerful course which also lays the conceptual foundation of QMSISO 9001:2015 has been upgraded with a number of new elements to move companies to a higher level of excellence.  The course provides an in-depth coverage of the revised requirements of ISO 9001:2015 version with strong conceptual understanding.  It will also provide practical guidelines on how to implement and audit the new requirements. It provides better clarity on best practices and how to avoid common malpractices in implementation.  Effective Leadership is an important element in the implementation of ISO 9001.  The course covers useful tips and good practices and how to address the issues behind the implementation problems.  It also addresses good practices in the auditing of the standard.  The course will prepare you to understand and implement the transition smoothly and effectively. It will cover practical examples, critical analysis and success factors, and how to overcome the potential hurdles and difficulties in implementation.  The course is beneficial for a starter as well as a seasoned Quality manager or auditor.


Section 1: Course introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction of the Instructor

Section 2: Common Challenges in Quality Management

Lecture 3 Objectives & Maturity of QMS

Lecture 4 Differences between QC, QA & QMS

Lecture 5 Reasons for ineffective implementation of ISO 9001

Section 3: Historical overview of ISO 9000 standard

Lecture 6 ISO 9000 Historical evolution

Lecture 7 ISO 9001 Releases

Section 4: Annex SL: A new high level structure of Management System Standards (MSS)

Lecture 8 What is Annex SL

Section 5: New and modified Terms and Definitions

Lecture 9 Part 1: Differences in terminologies from ISO 9001:2008

Lecture 10 Part 2: Terms, definitions and concepts – I

Lecture 11 Part 3: Terms, definitions and concepts – II

Lecture 12 Part 4: Terms, definitions and concepts – III

Lecture 13 Part 5: Terms, definitions and concepts – IV

Section 6: Seven Revised Principles of Quality Management

Lecture 14 The Principles – I

Lecture 15 The Principles – II

Lecture 16 The Principles – III

Section 7: Clarification of new elements

Lecture 17 Part 1: Structure and terminology, Services & Interested Parties

Lecture 18 Part 2: Risk Based Thinking (RBT)

Lecture 19 Part 3: Applicability, Knowledge Management & External Providers

Section 8: Introduction to technical requirements

Lecture 20 ISO 9001:2015 Basics

Lecture 21 New Process Diagram

Lecture 22 Revised PDCA Model

Section 9: Introductory clauses of ISO 9001:2015

Lecture 23 Key points

Section 10: Context of the organization

Lecture 24 Key Requirements

Lecture 25 Practical tips for Implementation and Auditing

Section 11: Leadership

Lecture 26 Key Requirements

Lecture 27 Practical tips for implementation and Auditing

Section 12: Planning

Lecture 28 Key Requirements

Lecture 29 Practical tips for Implementation and Auditing

Section 13: Support

Lecture 30 Key Requirements

Lecture 31 Practical tips for implementation and auditing

Section 14: Operation

Lecture 32 Key Requirements

Lecture 33 Practical tips for implementation and auditing

Section 15: Performance evaluation

Lecture 34 Key Requirements

Lecture 35 Practical tips for implementation and auditing

Section 16: Improvement

Lecture 36 Key Requirements

Lecture 37 Practical tips for implementation and auditing

Section 17: Transition Roadmap

Lecture 38 Transition Roadmap: Step by step activities

Section 18: Challenges in establishing Quality Management

Lecture 39 QMS Challenges

Section 19: Conclusion

Lecture 40 Conclusion: Wrap up

Managers and professionals working in the Quality Departments or other departments where ISO 9001 is being implemented,1st, 2nd or 3rd party Quality System Auditors,Management consultants,Trainers and educators involved in training organizations and universities

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 55m | 5.55 GB
Created by: Dr. Kamran Moosa

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