IT Business Analyst Task Deliverables

BA Guide in each Phase of the Software Development Life Cycle for Successful Project Delivery
IT Business Analyst Task Deliverables
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IT Business Analyst Task Deliverables

What you’ll learn

IT BA Task and Deliverables in each Phase of SDLC for successful project delivery
Tools and Techniques to deliver quality output
Discover how to solve common project issues
Time-saving Templates to spend more time analyzing and not researching

IT Business Analyst Task Deliverables


No technical background required


Gain Clarity and Deliver Business ValueAre you new to the IT Business Analyst role?Have you ever felt too overwhelmed trying to manage requirements while keeping up with the demands of your stakeholders?Do you find yourself overworked with all of the responsibilities expected by your team from you?Are you losing confidence because you don’t have a clear understanding of your role?Are you an aspiring IT Business Analyst?Do you feel excited with the thought of working in IT, impacting people with the solution that you help implemented, and at the same time getting paid by your worth?Do you want to work in tech even if you have no IT background?With our course, you will gain confidence and clarity in the role of an IT Business Analyst and solve common problems in IT Projects for you to:-deliver business value,-keep stakeholders satisfied and-without the feeling of overwhelm and overworked.Additional content: This course includes time-saving templates for you to spend more time analyzing and not researching.Business Analysis Plan TemplateBusiness Case TemplateProject Charter TemplateStakeholder Register TemplateBusiness Requirement Document (BRD) TemplateRequirements ChecklistSIPOC TemplateElicitation Meeting Guide Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) TemplateChange Request Form (CRF) TemplateMeeting Preparation and Minutes TemplateSoftware Requirement Specification (SRS) TemplateDevelopment Transition Plan TemplateEvaluated Acceptance Results TemplateAssessment of Business Value TemplateDon’t let the pressures of your role as an IT Business Analyst hold you back any longer.Sign up for our course, get your BA templates today, and unlock your full potential as a valued member of your team.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Intro to Business Analysis (For Preview)

Lecture 3 Business Analysis

Section 2: Initiation Phase

Lecture 4 Initiation Phase

Section 3: Requirement Phase

Lecture 5 Requirement Phase Tasks and Deliverables

Section 4: Monitoring and Control

Lecture 6 Monitoring and Control Tasks and Deliverables

Section 5: Design Phase

Lecture 7 Design Phase Tasks and Deliverables

Section 6: Development Phase

Lecture 8 Development Phase Tasks and Deliverables

Section 7: Testing Phase

Lecture 9 Testing Phase Tasks and Deliverables

Section 8: Deployment Phase

Lecture 10 Deployment Phase Tasks and Deliverables

Section 9: Maintenance Phase

Lecture 11 Maintenance Phase Tasks and Deliverables

Section 10: Summary

Lecture 12 Summary

Aspiring IT Business Analysts,New to Business Analyst role,Performing Business Analysis role in the project or those performing Hybrid Roles such as PM/BA, QA/BA, Dev/BA,Those who want to have a clear understanding of what a Business Analyst does in the IT projects,Those who want to shift career in IT

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